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TAPS Ghost Hunters – Proving the Skeptics Wrong?

TAPS Ghost Hunters is one of the most popular paranormal research groups. TAPS is shorthand for The Atlantic Paranormal Society.

Its mission? To investigate paranormal activity including ghosts, poltergeists, EVP, residual hauntings, and other unexplained activity.

Sound far fetched?

Not at all.

Investigating the paranormal is totally natural to the TAPS team. So, what do these ghost hunters do, exactly? TAPS gathers scientific evidence using electronic equipment, and then determines whether a particular location is truly haunted.

TAPS Ghost Hunters

TAPS Ghost Hunters Paranormal Investigation

TAPS Ghost Hunters first became popular in 2004, when the founders, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, were featured on the Sci-Fi Channel in a TV show called “Ghost Hunters.” Since then, TAPS Ghost Hunters has attracted thousands of followers and admirers. Due to the show, interest in ghost hunting and the paranormal has exploded.

TAPS Ghost Hunters – Investigating the World’s Most Haunted Places

TAPS Ghost Hunters has investigated some of the most haunted places in the world, including The Stanley Hotel (featured in Stephen King’s famous novel, The Shining), The Bird Cage Theatre, Shawshank Prison, The U.S.S. Lexington, Eastern State Penitentiary, Race Rock Lighthouse, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and numerous private homes.

Skeptics argue that ghosts do not exist and that all paranormal activity can be explained scientifically. However, TAPS has proven otherwise. TAPS has gathered scientific evidence of the paranormal, and the TV show has helped bring ghost hunting into the mainstream.

Thousands of viewers tune into Sci-Fi Channel each week to watch the TAPS team interact with the paranormal. TAPS proves (or disproves) a haunting using scientific research tools so that paranormal activity can be captured, analyzed, and better understood. The TAPS Ghost Hunters TV show is helping people to understand how ghosts interact with the physical world, and why they exist.

Discover the Secrets of TAPS Ghost Hunters – Plus Free Ghost Videos

If you love the paranormal and TAPS ghost hunting, then you should check out Ghost Hunting Secrets.

It’s a FREE newsletter for ghost hunters, and it’s filled with ghost hunting tips, techniques, and secrets. Ghost Hunting Secrets is published by Michelle Myers and she sends you free weekly haunted locations, and tips on ghost hunting and exploring the paranormal.

Check it out, and have fun ghost hunting!


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Hello my is Frances Martinez,
I would like to thank T.A.P.S for making people feel better like me knowing there is paranormal activity
that goes on in the world.
I would like to say that I do have paranormal
activity in my home, my mothers home and on
the ground we live on.
At times it gets real bad with different
kinds of bad ghosts or spirits, when it
becomes really physical.
I know there is more than one spirit or ghost
here. We have seen black shadows, misty people, heard
heard all differnt kinds of voices, and etc.
I have four children and help take care of my
elderly parents.
Please email back if there is someone you could
reffer me to out here in N.M. I would appreciate
I know you probaly get thousands of emails
about paranormal activity in their homes, but
I hope there is someone out there to help our
family out.
I dont want to be on t.v. I would
like someone to let me know that our family
isn’t crazy or to see what we see and hear.
I know that I probaly sound like
alot of people, but I dont know where else to
I would like to please ask someone from T.A.P.S
or someone else to please contact me for any
Thank You,
Frances Martinez
P.S. I dont want to beg, but please help….

T.A.P.S i need your help me and my friend stated a ghost hunting group(PNF) we don’t know how to do anything im 13 my friend is 14

Where did you see this happen. Which one of the series did he supposedly pull a string. I watch everyone and didn’t see this. Is there just the possibly that you don’t believe, so this is why your saying this. please answer

Go and ask Catholic priest. Tell him (priest) truth about what you saw.

I would like to puke from all this garbage. I USED to watch G.H., until they started getting “poltergeist” activity everywhere. Think about this, ONLY Jason and Grant have ever experienced objects moving. They always seem to see something that the camera just misses. Why not wear a head mounted cam to help prove your case? Maybe because you couldn’t lie then? I’m sure SOME of their evidence is real, but after Grant pulled the string in his jacket for the live Halloween 2008 show, you have to be sceptical about everything. As Jason always says “when in doubt, throw it out!” now that you-tube has computer 3-d models showing Grant’s jacket getting pulled DOWN with a string in his right hand, can you HONESTLY say that he hasn’t done it before? If they are willing to fake it on LIVE tv, what are they doing during the taped shows? Editing to male flashlights turn on? Can you be sure they didn’t? You-tube has a video showing how to easily do it, so I’m sure they could. I went to a “conference” where they were signing autographs and when I asked Grant if he was “pulling peoples strings” I got asked to leave by Jason and two “security” guards , or as I call them “damage control officers” why would he be offended by that? Did he realize I was talking about his jacket pull? If so, if it was real, why the rush to get me away from the believers(suckers)? Now ask youself, if they did it once, is it likely they’ve done it before? Why no live show this year? Too hard to fake it live? Easier just to edit in the paranormal then try to create it on the spot maybe. If anyone has a problem of disbelief of what I said email me. I have video from the conference showing exactly what happened. Jaycfunnyman@aol.com feel free to defend them, I love to be on the right side of the argument! You never lose that way!!!!





Hi Frances,

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with paranormal activity in your home. I know this can be frustrating and disturbing. If I were living in New Mexico, I would gladly come investigate. Unfortunately, I am based on the East Coast in North Carolina, so New Mexico is quite a good distance from me. You can certainly try to contact TAPS—although TAPS doesn’t investigate private homes very often. Usually, TAPS takes on larger, more “high-profile” cases.

I suggest contacting a local paranormal investigation group in New Mexico. Based on your IP address, it seems you are located in Pecos, NM. If this is correct, then I recommend contacting Southwest Ghost Hunters Association (SGHA). http://www.sgha.net/ SGHA has investigated many of New Mexico’s haunted places, and may be able to help you. http://www.sgha.net/invest_nm.html When you write to SGHA, be sure to describe what kind of activity you are experiencing, and how often it happens. Their email address is ghost@sgha.net. I will also send a message to my subscribers to see if anyone is based in New Mexico (or knows someone who is).

I hope this helps you, and please let me know how things turn out for you.

Michelle Myers

P.S. If you can videotape (or photograph) the strange activity, I would be happy to post it online for you.

I was looking on the tv that some people went to Moundsville prison in Virginia that were very scared because they saw a lot of paranormal activity.

Hi Jennifer. Yes, the Moundsville State Penitentiary in West Virginia is well-known for its paranormal activity. West Virgina Ghost Hunters has a good summary of some of the reported paranormal activity. They also have a video (at the bottom of the page) of TAP’s investigation at the prison.




I am very interested in your show and would like to learn more? I have had my own experiences and would like to know how I could find out more? Thanks so much….Debbie

hay guys,my wife&I are big fans,watched the show from the begining.We want to tell you we miss your boy Brian. It just has not been the same.{BRING HIM BACK}!PLEASE. we love the entertainment.

Am watching the Thanksgiving marathon (or part of it) and wanted to make a suggestion for Steve regarding his fear of flying. There’s a therapy that’s not that well known that specifically deals with things like Post Traumatic stress reactions. It’s called EMDR. You can find out more about it here: http://www.emdr.com/ The process may seem kind of nutty, but I have experienced it myself (not for fear of flying) with pretty amazing results.

Good luck. Thanks to the whole TAPS team for taking us along on your adventures.


Hi my name is carolyn i wanted to know how can i get a hold of you guys please email me @ minnie_jenn18@yahoo.com

hello TAPS, jason and grant
i enjoy your show tremendously! my name is barbi and i am from australia, down under. “ghost hunters” has recently aired on foxtel via FOX8 channel. i watch other such shows eg: ‘most haunted’, ‘psychic detectives’, ‘dead famous’ and the likes. i have always found this field fascinating. anyways, today i watched episode RACE ROCK LIGHTHOUSE. you have a new investigator andy andrews. he along with brian, the case manager, are a BRILLIANT team! brian is my favourite member of the TAPS team. don’t ever lose him! he is passionate & serious about his work. i hope to continue seeing brian and andy.

i am unsure whether all the findings that are aired (for telly) are presented to your customer(s), however, if they are not then i think they should be. what i see on tv as presented by brian (and andy) is extremely fascinating; ALL of it should be given to the customer for his/her/their viewing. you should not edit it. it is only fair for the customer to make his own mind up too. that’s just an opinion i wanted to share. FINALLY, i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having such a show; just keeping it real, a great balance of what their may be out there: true phenomenon (unexplained happening). sincerely, barbi, melbourne, australia. PS i wish foxtel would air more of your programs and simply continue re-running them as they do with “most haunted”.

Hello my name is Kayla
i have some questions for you so…
What experiances did you have with ghosts
that made you start TAPS?
How did you get over your ghost fears?


All you would need for a ghost hunting
investigation,emf,(electro magnetic field
sweep),COURAGE!!!!!!,digital cameras,
ir cameras,and a regular cam quarter!!
I am only 12 and i know everything
there is to know about ghost hunting.

sir or Madam,
We can recover all kinds of GHOST and honted place in one stap If u need my halp so please mail me and If u have any kind of emergncy u can call me+9199155722199,91-161-2782799 and come on live chat on suyash_ent2004@yahoo.com .My Name is Anand Kulbhushan Omparkash Sood I am living in INDIA ,
Best of Luck

Love your show, but why do you need to turn off all the lites? I hate that! We have been to Tumbstone & Mertles Plantation. We experienced very interesting things at the Mertles on one of the 3 visits, we didn’t need to turn off the lights.


Tyra Terry

I love your show
im 11 and me and my friends are making a ghost hunting team i live in PA right around the red rose inn.and me and my friends need help investgating please we need help

i love your show ,the tv is all mine on wen. nights so i can watch ghost hunters . my grand mother had ghost in her house and my mom has been gone for5 years and i belive she is here with her things i kept. so you al help me by teing me the wrongs and right of this.thank you inda

i love your show, my mom passed away 5 yrs ago and i beleve with al my heart is is here with her things. thanks to you al i know what to look for . we hear doors open and close al the time my dogs and myself just ook at each other .thank you so much inda love the show

love the show!!!!!

Hey Ghost Hunters!
my name is Charly i’m 11 years old and From Carroll County Maryland. I was wondering if you guys would think about going to a Place that i’ve done Months of Research on. I have found many People that had paranormal experiences at this place. And I have been to this place about… 4 times. Its Called Henryton Hospital or Henryton Sanitaruim.Even Though I think its Haunted It would be cool for Professionals to Prove it. Its Been Abandoned for a very long time. Its Alot like Waverly Hills Sanitarium. This Hospital is “Private Property” and I think its Owned by the State of Maryland. But i have E-mailed the Owner of the Grounds and She said she would Consider Paranormal Investigaters Coming.So if you guys Could Comment me back or E-mail me back that would be Great!!! thanks!

thanks for all the good work your doing its awsome. i have been investigating some famil y and friends with e.v.p.for quit sometimeand surprizing even myself that we actully cought a evp. using my pro audio and video engineering im looking to pursue this paranormal activity. please good luck and be safe. i think there out there….

February 6, 2008

Hello every body in TAPS team,
Greetings from Pakistan,

Let me introduce myself, I am Business Analyst, and besides, of this I am a writer of Articles on Current Affairs, Supernatural issues and author of Poems in English in Pakistan.

First of all I really appreciate your work and tasks done to explore and research on Ghost and Supernatural things in the world, I often get a chance to watch your programs at Starmovies (or maybe some other channel) namely Ghost Hunters (TAPS) which really attract me to know your research and analysis tacts and ways of reserach.

In this I would like to inform you that I also made some of my research on GENE (JINN the Supernatural living thing in the world) if you will require I would definitely share with you.

I also want to request you to make your program schedule for twice or thrice in a week as I could only watch your program in Pakistan on Sunday night (at Karachi channel), that would be really appreciative to me.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thanks & regards,
Shafique Qureshi,
Karachi Pakistan
E-mails: qureshi70@gmail.com

Hi my name is Falen and i am fan of ghost hutnters to the point were my bestfriend and i are in the middle of trying to get out there and do it our selves. we have the equipment to do a whole hunt including cool edit pro for evps. so thank you jay,grant and the team for such a thrill keep up the inspiration and good work.

I am a big fan of t.a.p.s! I was so excited when we followed your van through moundsville wv. I was a little disapointed that yall didn’t find anything, but i have had some experinces my self. I love hunting ghosts, I had an experince my self when i was 12 and ive loved hunting ghost myself. But one of the reasons I am contacting you is because of a house in my area of Cameron wv. The house belongs to one of my friends John and his family. The experinces they have had range from seeing globes, seeing a human figure, finding pictures and letters, hearing a baby cry, things moving, doors moving, footsteps, someone pulling hair or clothing, moving dolls, and the worst is in Johns room someone wil come in and sit on his chest leaving him unable to move and talk. Most experinces happen in Johns room. But with this family they are like psychic. The reason i am saying this is because the moteher has seen things and had feeling I know she is kinda somethign cause she and john knew i was very sick before i knew. We were discusing this the other night on a school bus coming backfrom a trip and when i got off of the bus at my stop the others called me and told me that there was a blue globe in my seat about 5 min later. The globe moved from the seat to the top of the window and shot over to thr left and disappared. And the seat where i was once sitting and was warm from the long ride went ice cold. I have been having strange incounters and i think that ther might be a spirt folling me. I need yalls help. How can I get the spirts out of my friends house I have not yet had the chance to investagte it but i will soon hopefully and let yall know what I found and maybe request your help. Do you have any suggestions??

how can i get a job workin with you guys

Hi my name is Dallas springs and I like your how becaause it skares my little sister thats not all I like your show I watch it every wednesday night I remember when you were in seatle at that hospitol. write back Dallas

ghost hunters and ghost hunters international really really rules and really rules yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you guys rule!!!!!

i would like to become a ghost inspector i live in P.A i was wondering if there was a way you could help me start out

i would like to know if TAPS has ever investgated the former LADD SCHOOL in Exeter,RI , if not u really should



My daughter who will be 21 and lives in Salida Colorado has recently moved into a rental house. The house was built in 1904. Every since she has been there she wakes up in the night ( her eyes are open yet she remembers none of this) wakes up her significant other and tells him that there are two men in the room and to turn on the light. He in turn turnes on the light and she lays down, this happens on a nightly basis yet she remembers none of it. One of these nights she was crying during this not really awake state. She remembers nothing of this yet it is affecting her health where as she is not getting good sleep. I have been trying to research the town to see if I can find any documentation of strange deaths, etc. and am having a difficult time. I have found that Chaffe County Colorado and particularly Salida have very many hauntings yet very little information on the specifics. Can you lead me in any particular direction so that I may begin to feel at peace. I have asked her many many questions IE: is she waking up with scratches or bruises ever, does her dog or cats act strange, lots of things like that. She has indicated lights turning the color of flourescent bulbs and doors opening on their own. She has not experienced anything physically threatening. Please give me any advice that you can.

Thank you,
a very nervous believer mother
Robin Morrill

hi i just started watching you guys. my mom, she’s a big fan. she got me interested, and i couldn’t help but ask.. do you check out past celebs? like studio 54? if it was posable would you consider it? keep doin’ what your doin’. thank you!

i want to say i love you t.a.p.s i’ve been watching ya’ll from day one you people are my #1 fan. AND FOR TANGO YOU ARE SOOOOOO HOTTTTT WISH YOU WAS MINE TO KEEP!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS LOVE YA!!!!!!

Hi i would love some pointers on how to go about investigating hauntings and do you know of any groups in south africa that i could get hold of. Thanks, my reason is my own strange experiances. From shirley watts. Please could you email me with the info, thankyou.

hey my name is Jessica
and i would like to ask you some questions about hunting ghost. if you can get back to me it would be nice.

Dear, taps

can you came to my house because I think it is huntid
os if you can come see my huose I would like so paese come over

HI my name is Tamara Im now living in New Mexio
but there is a place i’ve been to in Nevada that
scared me so bad I will never go back, my husband
went back and somemore really wierd stuff happend
to him again I would really enjoy telling you our
stories and see if you would like to check it out
it’s worth your time and i feel you’ll agree once
your hear the stories. So if you would please email

My Daughter (12) and I were watching the Ghost Hunters program this evening and noticed a distinct goulish face flash on the screen while they were investigating a woman and daughter’s (very messy) home. I didn’t recall their names, however they were Catholic, had a small box w/a pentagon on it etc… Was that face put there to get our attention and spook us? It was never mentioned throughout the program, we found that odd as we watch it all the time together. Even when it turns out to be only a spider that someone screamed about, or bumping their head… but nothing was mentioned about the face! Was there some overlooked significance to it? Thanks, Dan

i would love to know the answer to this too

Hi Guys.
My girlfriend and I watch your show weekly.
We love it. The
show is run like a business, as it is.
Paranormals and ghosts
are so far outside of business, it
is so appreciated that you go after the
scinetific evidence, that weeds out the really
unexplainble events with scientific evidence.
We had an unexplained event happen in our home
on June 3, 2008 8:58PM.
On May 31, 2008 we attended a funeral in Easton
Pa. My best friends brother passed away the
week before, a 10 year struggle with a bad
heart. The heart transplant didnt happen. He
knew he was going, and prepared for death,
knowing he had a 25% of survival. Donny
was always prepared for everything.
At 8:58pm June 3,08 I was watching TV in our
I heard a cell phone ringing, I thought it was
on the television. The show was over, the
commercial came on. The phone kept ringing.
It was not my cell ring.
It went on for about 2 minutes.
I looked over at the nite stand on my girl
friends side of the bed, and saw her cell
red lite blinking, so I figured it was someone
calling her business phone.
I went into the living room to tell my girl
friend someone was calling her on her phone.
She said, impossible, the phone is turned off.
She came in the room, opened the phone, and
it was indeed off.
I told her, that phone was ringing.
I told her, go get your personel phone, and
call your business phone, and lets see if
it rings.
As she came in the room, the cell phone
began to ring again.
I said, see, I told you that if you call
your phone, it would ring.
She never made the call to her phone, as her
phone was off.
She went over to her business phone, opened
it up and indeed it was off.
The message said, unable to charge.
It appeared as though the phone battery
was dead.
She closed the phone, opened it up and it
was fully charged.
So who was calling?
My guess it was Donny, with several messages
to me, as I am close to Donnys brother,
Rusty, my best friend, and their mother Barbara
Donny had a wife, Sharon, and two young
Rusty had recently bonded with Donnys kids.
Rusty had told me he would bond with Sharon
and the kids.
Donnys message to me: Make sure rusty stays
in touch with Sharon and the kids.
Donnys message to me: Make sure my mother
is ok, as she is up there in age and nearly
Donnys message to me: I am ok, I just want
to make sure they are ok.

I called Rusty and his mom, they felt good
about this, and do believe it was donny
calling the cell phone.

I called Verizon Wireless, they said no
way can a cell phone ring if it is turned
off. Verizon was never asked this question
Is there something going on here, or is this

i was wondering if come to mcalester okalhoma becuse my old house i think it hunted with ghost please come here
hope to see you soon

Hello to all of the taps crew, My name is Kimberly.I’m one of your biggest fans. I even watch all the re-runs.I love watching Brian. I hope to see him in the up coming season.My husband took me to warwick last year for my 40th birthday. Was hoping we could meet the T.A.P.S team.I was hoping to get a picture taken with you all.Do tou ever Interact with the public?

Hi, my name is Riana, and I wanted to get a hold of you guys to tell you about the golf course I work at in Euless, TX that we think is haunted.

I think what you all do is great. I watch your show every wed. This last week I watched as you went to the Mill. On one of your programs u said something that hit me. Grant was speaking of a dark enity no more then about two to three foot high. It is called a Hank. and they are not fun they scare you alot. When I was little and even now they can visit me. I am 52 and had one lean over my bed when I was young. When they are around there are demons or a bad spirit around, this is when I burn my sage and go thru my house saying prayers. I hope this helps please feel free to e-mail me. I was given this info by a pastor that did my dauhters wedding. My little Hank wore a top hat, he had no face all black. We live in a house that was haunted. Going thru changes and growing up this hank scared the life out of me several times . Let me know if this helps. And keep doing what you do because it helps.


Pam /manatee_5@yahoo.com

I would like to share a few things that I noticed in your June 18, 2008 episode on Pea Patch Island. In the Tunnel the color changed on the Thermal imaging camera when the figure appeared. It was a light blue, and then it went to a dark blue (colder). It went back to a light blue when the figure disappeared. The feet also looked black. Maybe if you showed a person entering a room, and then leaving to see what changes would occur. As far as I know it should not get colder when a human enters. It should get warmer, right? I did notice a few other things, but I will share if I receive an email back. Thanks, Jenifer

Hello TAPS, I would love a chance to work with you. I will do anyting to prove I am worthy. I am not interested in being on television. Only to investigate paranormal activity. I have my own story where I was frightend out of my mind years ago. Please give me a chance. I will relocate and do not expect high pay! Let me prove myself. Thank You Grant and Jason! I love both of you!

my family visited fort delaware on june 21, 2008. heard a few stories but really didn’t see anything. any comments welcomed back to me.

i think steve is hot

Hey Grant,
been watching your show for some time now and just had a comment. I know you guys don’t have much time on your investigations, but I was wandering if you set up cameras in fewer locations and used DVR recording could you leave the cameras on location longer. I know that you like doing the EVP and other readings on site but if fewer people were on site maybe you could witness the owners in normal conditions and see if they are part of the haunting or something else is happening. I personally have not seen ghost and don’t disbelieve, but was wandering if this technique would show more results. Thanks for your time.


Hi everyone! Luv your show,I have two little kids and on Wednesday nights we make popcorn and watch your show from 5:00 til 9:00 four hours of pure hauntings..wish Brian was back he seems to be in trouble all the time, I think he likes it too. I’d like it to be on every night too but with new episodes. I had one experience growing up and that scared the heck out of me so I think since then I love scary movies now. I just found this page and I think it’s neat to write this. thanks hotty

We have written to you and no reply…bummer. We provided an excellent spot for your team to investigate and no reply…again, bummer.

I just have a question. We have been cleaning our grandparents house I have taken some pics and I have one out of all of them with two large orbs and I watch your show and I have had my own strange exps. But I would like to send the pic to you for your thoughts of it. Please get back with me to tell me how to get it to you. Thank you. I love your show and I watch and tape it to watch it again. I am a big believer and would love to go on a mission with you guys.

on the july 7 veiwing on sci fi net work the eastern st. pennentery grant saw something in the raftersin the jail but then he looked to the left and no one is there that is alive but u see a see threw immiage of a man with a go-tee staring at the celling as well hope they caught that image it freaked me out july 7,2008


i love the show. i watch every week. i think steve is the dreamest. keep up the good work.

i work in a skilled nursing home that was built ontop of a cemerty. alot of our a&o residents see kids playing in there rooms and hallways. they call one of them george. there is a old tombstone out back of the place with the name goerge one it he died when he was six. his big borther and little sister also died and was buried there. we even have a blind man that see the kids. i work 3rd shift when the lights are down and eveyone is sleeping we can hear feet shuffling up the hallway, walkers being pushed up the hallway, many of the staff have a lady in a whits dress going into ppl rooms, doors will slam but they are all open, doors open and close, water turns on at the nurses station all the time, a man can be seen in room 127 also there is a black showdow that cross from the chapl into room 214. they use to have funrenals there. we have taken pictures with the digital camera it looks like orbs but could it be dust? it would be cool if you guys could come out and take a look. its in pa not to far from you. look forward to hearing from you

My name is Crystal Klaft,
I first want to start off by saying thank you to all TAPS for helping people out with their paranormal activity and also for helping people believe that there is ghost out there and that they do exist.
I would also like to make an advice for a place to visit as well, if you don’t mind of course. There is a place in Traverse City, Michigan called the
Traverse City State Hospital, which is a place that shut down in 1989 and ever since then, people belive that it may be haunted. The only problem though, i will admit, is that its VERY large! There’s many buildings to this State Hospital and that no other investigators will enter the place due to its many buildings and large grounds and also, some may be too dangerous to enter due to the aging of the buildings. But some of the buildings that I’ve seen myself, have been fixed up and now are turning the place into a doctors office.
Again, this is just a suggestion of a place and I myself have heard many rumors of its hauntings and have witnessed what looked like a pacient of some sort standing in a window and then disappearing just before I could get my friend to look for herself. I thought it would be interesting to get more proof to people that it may be haunted, or it may not be.
There’s also the famous restaurant here in Michigan called the Bower’s Harbor Inn. The story is that the first being that this was a home that was built in the 1880s by Captain Bower for his wife, who happened to be very ill. Capt Bower hired a nurse to help his sick wife, but then ended up having an affair with the nurse. His despondent wife then hung herself in the elevator shaft. The other story connected to this award-winning restaurant was that it was willed to a woman named Genevieve by her late husband, but it was all he left her. The rest of his assets were left to his mistress. Genevieve eventually died in the house and it is said she still hasnt left. It is believed that she still walks up and down the stairs, blows out candles and her image has been seen in an antique mirror that hangs in the ladies second floor restroom. But the sad thing is that when my family went to go visit that place, we asked one of the staff men that worked there about the mirror and they said that it broke at least a year ago. We also couldn’t enter certain rooms at that time as well to see if we couldn’t find any proof to it being haunted because there was two weddings goin on, so we couldn’t stay for long.
Bowers Harbor Inn is probably the number one place I wouldn’t mind if TAPS didn’t visit to prove or disprove to see if its hauntings are quite real.
I understand if you’re not able to make the drive or anything to the area and all, its understandable. I was just bringing some suggestions out on the table for TAPS, if its okay to do. But either way, when and if you get this message, then all I can say for now is thank you for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate it.
Thank you.
From, Crystal Klaft
Traverse City, Michigan

Hi guys, My name is Chris Lutz. I was wondering if you’ve ever thought about going to the Belle Meade plantation in Belle Meade Tn.? This place has so much history to it. It was built in 1853. I’ve been on tours there of and on my whole life. My wife and I have seen what we believe to be ghosts there. P.S. Your show is the best on tv!! Thankyou. The Lutz family

Why do you guys always do your investigations in the dark? A lot of times, people see things when it is light.

hello my name is brandon
i have heard stories about a place in somerset county in shanksville pennslyvania at the crash sight of 9/11 united 93 crash site the guards that work there at night unexplainable things happen that includes a large group of people heard walking there at night and there security trailer door has been knocked on and they open the door and no ones there also recent photos set up there at a memorial revealed several orbs. one of the guards say he heard a mans voice in the cab of his truck ask “So What Now”?

I found this on shdowland.net but they say its haunted so can u check and see with the guards that work there would let u put it on a future show I would really want to see if its really haunted

THanks peace

I just wanted to let TAPS know about another ghost hunting tool I have discovered. I know my apartment is haunted but it doesn’t bother me. I think it is becuase I talk to the old lady. she doesn’t play with our thermostat anymore since I started leaving her a throw to keep warm at night. Because I know she’s here and I feel comfortable with her I often test things out around the house. recently I was using my postal scale to weigh small packages i was sending out and my scale which is usaully very accurate started acting funny. it the wieght would jump around. unable to find a source for the inacuracy I took the packages off the scale and started talking to my ghost. I asked her to push on the scale. and it jumped a little. I repeated this but to me it wasn’t a big enough jump to prove anything so I showed her how to push on it and how far the numbers went up. It did suprise me a little when I asked her to push it again and the number were consistantly higher. I thought it was neat and could be another tool for hunting ghosts.

I have personally seen and heard ghosts.I have not only felt their presence but have been physically touched by them, if anything it gives me peace that I know we dont just fade away when we die.Keep up the good work you ghost hunters and I will keep watching.

I have had a lot of dealing with s ghosts or you should say the paranormal, my most recent was when my brother in law passed away quite suddenly.Steve and I often spoke about my experiences and he thought that I am a sensitive.He always joked around that if something was to happen to him he would come visit me.Two nights after he died, i was laying in bed alone, my husband was away, I was watching tv, when suddenly i felt him.I sensed him.the back of my pajama top rose up as if someone was blowing cold air up it.It lasted for just a minute.then fluttered back down.I was laying on my side facing the tv there was no fan blowing on me, no logical reason.The very next day, it was crazy I was trying to take a nap, the fan went off, the tv came on, I finally had to sit up in bed and say “Steve “Everything stopped.it was like he needed me to say his name out loud and acknowledge his prescense.I told him we loved and missed him.I asked him if he liked the song I had chosen for him”Spirit in the Sky”.And everything settled down.I feel very blessed that I have been given a gift that many people turn their back on or wont even use.Both of my parents were sensitives.It seems to have skipped alot of my brothers and sisters.Mom always told me if you ignore something long enough someday you wont have it.I have always been drawn to rent haunted houses.Or maybe the ghosts are just drawn to me.

In the international series, the episode
“shattered Spirit” there was a question asked
if there was a woman present. The next question
was “Can you tell us your name?” The E.V.P did n
not pick it up but my wife and i clearly heard
a whisper at first sounded like Olivia, but
after watching more of the episode could
possibly be Amelia. If possible can someone
from T.A.P.S please respond to the email
above to let us know if we were acurate

Hi T.A.P.S, Jason and Grant
I grew up had many strange happen to me. I have see real flesh which are not human! and couldn’t believe showed to my wife before we marriage! she realize that I am not crazy haha believe or not?. I believe that paranormal trying kill me many times. also I got pictures which are paranormal! I am Deaf and which special from God which I still not understand what God treat me? of course I got many blessing from him! my name is “heeheeluck” hope heard from you.

do you guys have a direct line

i tell ya what can i get a t shirt and how long do i have to see contract paraphenellia everwhere but in front of me and also why doesnt anyone call me directly ? 20 a day is absurd and will someone please stop the madness

Hello all
Enjoy watching all your paranormal investigations shows here in England. My best investigation so far was the Crescent Hotel built in 1886.The footage you captured of a figure standing next to the fileing cabinet in the morge was fantastic. Your investigations are the best I have seen. good luck and stay safe.

there is a town in jefferson texas that people clame to be haunted.it is a little town.this town is very old! there is an old hotel that people have stayed in and complained about things moving around and making noises. the whole town is haunted. there is also a house that people complain about seeing a little girl standing in the window then instandly disappearing. the people of the town leave a babydoll for the little girl. there is alot more stuff that goes on in this town. please help this town out.

I just want to say that taps is great.
International ghost hunters is bad so bad. The
lead guy and his side kick they dont even seam
to take the job serious. There more busy tring
to debunk things than investigating. Sorry
I will not watch that show no more. Jason and
Grant you guys rock very professionallove to
work with you guys if you ever come back to
louisville. Please do something with the guys
with international there just boring and all
they get to investigate and it seems like
there wasting it.

My family and I are BIG FANS of the show.
However, we are not too thrilled with “Ghost Hunters International”. We miss Jay, Grant, Donna and Brian. We would love to see more shows with them instead of the “Ghost Hunters International” crew. Sorry, it’s nothing personal it’s just the little skinny guy kinda gets on our nerves and the guy that’s in charge of the investigation always has a look on his face like he’s confused or he just passed gas.
It’s a great show. Keep up the good work.
Looking forward to seeing more of the ones we love.


i recently viewed a movie,”death of a ghosthunter” in which the movie claims that a paranormal investigator named”carter simms” was killed.any truth to this story or is this a scam to make money like the blair witch project.also is there really a haunted house called the masterson house.

hey guys i love your show i have watched it from the beginning and what drew me to your show is that you dont just assume the place is or is not haunted. I really wanted to tell you that I am what i call a sceptical mystic in other words I dont just assume that every strange thing that happens is paranormal ither so thanks for being of like mind as me. I am from Arizona near NM and would verry much like to become a ghost hunter and a part of the taps family


I have been looking for A LOCAL Ghost hunters, also tried to look up history. We live 1 block from our local cemitery. Live in Michigan city, Indiana

heyy my name is shauna i watch your show all the time i live in N.J in a town called Blackwood. theres some really haunted house here. if your thinking do i belive in your show, yes i do. something happen to me at one point. i was like 8 years old and i woke up and there was an old ladys face ON MY PiLLOW!! so i turned my head then turned it back n it was still there….
so i just punched the hell out of it.
well i dont know have a good day or what not.. 🙂

I love the show, but I have questions. Why do you do everything at night when your interviewees at hotels, inns and taverns tell their occurances happen during working hours?

Why do you interview on location? Your show displays you reaching out to the spirit world asking them questions, trying to get a rise out of them; so it can be uderstood you either know or believe they can see hear speak and understand. If this is so, then advertising your intensions with an interview before the investigation would signal the ghosts to stay clear until you leave… especially if they do not wish to be detected. You are hapy with a noise, when the owners and employees tell you they see aparitions.

Try going in as a contractor to remodel. Leave your camera, hidden in a can of paint, behind. Interview some place else; then go through as a tourist. just a thought.

The Excelsior House in Jefferson, TX has has many claims of hauntings, like water faucets turning on and off and many others. Stephen Spielberg supposedly packed up his camera crew and left in the middle of the night. The Jefferson Hotel just down the street used to be a warehouse to store cotton for the steam ships has had many wierd happenings. I would love to know the truth about Jefferson, TX

I would love to see y

I just watched the episode investigating the train station. And when you were actually communicating with a spirit using an emf you would ask a yes or no question and when the answer was yes she would make the lights blink . Either you are idiots or it is fake. Because I would have asked all kinds of questions. what is it like to die. why are you still here ? why here and not Florida on the beach? can you go any place you want or you stuck here? I think you guys are fony’s or you would have asked those questions and what else makes me think your fake is that you try so hard and make such a big deal about debunking everything..Either Stupid!? or FAKE FAKE FAKE

hey taps i think PKC is crazy they would never make a day in the ghost hunters world we really need help though plese emal me

I want to back my last letter up I do believe in the paranormal it is vary real that young kid from Penn state dose a great job but he gets experts and really helps the people out.I just don’t think that TAPS people are qualified at all. Good luck to you all don’t call taps call Penn state paranormal dept.

dude, taps rocks! i love your show!i want to work for you!!!

TAPS should check out ths H. H. Richardson Insane ASlym in Buffalo, NY


Hello Jason & Grant and the wonderful crew at TAPS. my family and I are always tuned into your show when it airs on Thursday nights. We are concerned and missing Donna. If you have to time to drop me an email on how she is doing that would be great. Please tell her to keep strong and to keep her head up. We are awaiting her return to the show w/ her bright spirit that she has.
Thank you from Lexington Ky

i think it’s so cool what you guys are doing i wish I could meet you guys.

I just wanted to know if you find that there is a ghost at a location, do you do anything to help that individual make it to the other side where they belong? I know many people don’t believe in ghost, but I don’t see how anyone cannot believe this. After watching your show since it has been on, I know that if you were unsure before, your not now. I would like to see you guys go a little further in the future shows, to see if you can help these souls that are lost. Do you think this would be something you might consider.
Might be something to think about..


Teresa Wilson
Hephzibah, GA

hi guys.
i just want to say great show. my mom and i watch it ever week.
we have had a few things happen to us my hole life but it dosn’t ever bother me.
we found it ezer to name the ghost as some might call them.
so any time any thing happens that i cant exspan i just tell fed as we call him. that i know that he is there. and we wouldn’t hear any thing for a few weeks.

I love to watch the show. Now I know that the
things that I saw when I was a young girl where
not just my imaination running wild and even
as an adult I have seen some unexplained things.

Hi, I’m Candice I am 20years old in nc.I’m a
normal person of course, but I am also a very
spiritual person, u can call it “medium” or
whatever,but I have some VERY xtreme experiences with
things that can’t be explained ever since I was really young.I just know things, my grandmother has the same thing,I believe it comes from our indian heritage, spiritually, u just wouldn’t even believe the things I could know & what I’ve been through, I would like 2 let someone know about my experiences,not just “ghosts” I mean the real deal.

hello, this is Candice again, I was sitting in front of one of your invest. in front of the post office off of main st. in kannapolis,nc. I know alot of places u would be interested in nc, I’ve lived here all of my life.have yawl heard of old salem? well, thats not the only place, that old red brick 2story house off of main st, is a good one also.lol.u can reach me at ncousins@carolina.rr.com

I have a picture of a image taken with a digatal camera of my Grandson in the pool, and a very strange object is above him on the camera, if i send it to you can you analyze it.

Thank you,
Bob Cucunato

I would like to see taps check out Dudley town in CT. the enter is hounted and a ded zone, The entier



Dear Tap’s Team,
I got into watching your show faithfully on the Sci-Fi Network and I was really excited that you investigated The Buffalo Central Terminal in Buffalo, Ny. As a kid, me and some of my childhood friends have rode our bikes down the old train tunnels and got spooked and booked outta there as fast as possible. I now reside in Calhoun, GA and I’m glad that you have proved what we thought as kids about the Terminal. You guys are great. I hope you go back there to the terminal because I believe you would find more If you had more people investigating. There is a place in Adairsville, GA called Barnsley Gardens Resort that you might want to look into also. I heard stories but never experienced anything except the cold chills. But anyways I appreciate what you guys are doing and if you ever pass back through Buffalo, NY The Buffalo Psychiatric Center’s closed off wing may be a great choice it’s just as creepy as the Terminal. Good Luck and Happy Haunting

Your show is the best on tv. I have had a some experiences myself, and I would like to know more about ghorst.
Cody Raleigh

Hey! I’ve been watching your show forever.
It’s amazing what you guys can find.
I’ve been thinking that my house is haunted, really.
Because my dog freaks out constantly, barks at the walls, and I always see things.
It’s not illusions.
Tonight, my door closed all by itself.
There was NO draft whats so ever.
And there are always warm spots in my room.
My house is really old, and I think it’d
be great if you could come out and see it. I’d really like to know if there’s something here, and what it’s here for.
It’d mean alot.


my name is casey piccioni, i wanted to know if i could work with u guys please give me a call it would mean alot to me if u called- (856)875-1677 New Jersey, williamstown 1056 blackhorsepike = my adress appartment#N7

Hello T.A.P.S

My name is Ashley, and I watch your show every Wednessday. I have seen many episodes but I know that I have also missed a few as well. I was watching a show on Sci-fi about the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky. On the show there were many witnesses who, during the show, went through the building on a ghost hunt. They claimed to see things and hear voices but never tried to disprove them. They also had quite a few EVP’s, but I was skeptical because it was not performed by you guys. I think you would have a great night of investigating at this place because of the thousands of deaths. If you have not already done an investigation here, I was hoping you could maybe hunt this sanatorium because I’m very interested in what you may find. Thank you for your time, and keep up the awesome work!

Ashley Asendorf

I saw the show of the USS Hornet investigation where contact was made with one of the spirits who seemed to be answering direct questions. Why didn’t they ask interesting questions like, why he was there? Was he at peace? Did he need prayers or other help? What his name was?

i have a good place that i’d like Ghost Hunters go come and take a look at.

how do i go about doing that?

Guys, I have to say that during your live Halloween special of 2008, you really let me down. I could not believe how off the cuff rude you were to someone who happened to stumble across your investigation usurping your face time. I mean, “Leave!” I point this out because that guy is us: the public. What you did to him, you did to all of us. A little manners never hurt anyone.

If it just so happens you had run-ins with him before that were not aired, we were not privy to it, and only saw what we saw. Again, I am not impressed by your civility to other people. I used to really enjoy your show, but now find myself asking what I see in it.

hi my name is whitney i sent you a pic i think you have good helping tools email me back

There were posts regarding “Brian”. Even though he appeared fascinated with the paranormal, it was definitely noticable that he was unreliable, had authority issues and difficulty in getting along with other TAPS Members. It is such a shame because I believe that in the future (if he corrected his negative traits)he could eventually prove very valuable to the “original” Taps Team. “Dawn” on the otherhand, always seemed to have an “egotistical” air about her, along with “difficulty” in being friendly to other female members in the the Original Ghosthunters. Fortunately she was only transferred to another group and not dismissed. All replacements have been great! Better than those that were there previously. The show is wonderful and I enjoy watching it now even more than I did previously! Kim

Hey TAPS team! I am always watching your show, repeats or new, every wednesday. I am 13-yrs-old. Your show is crazzzzzyy!You are all goofballs and you are such an amazing team. You are a joy to watch. I really want to buy some of your merchandise but I don’t know where it is sold.Boys you are outstanding! Girls you are outstanding also. I would love to meet you guys. I like tuning in and watching an episode when there is really strange evidence. Voices and thermal are my personal favorite!Well, just telling you guys how much you rock and what a joy you are to me.thanks for reading!!! :]

I am a believer. There is a Lincoln Era prison located next to the Maine Youth Center in Portland that you should check out. It housed the insane and criminal youth for a long time. You must check it out. I have been there with some friends and what I experienced there made me sick with fear. I can’t find the words to describe what a I saw and felt. It seemed as if some one tried to push me further down the stairs. There was no one behind me and became very cold all of a sudden. We all felt. It was like it or they were right in my face. We were standing there when all of a sudden this terribly putrid rotten smell came over the area. It was awful. We were on our way out of the building when someone looked back down the main hall and saw three little orbs in the dark way down the hall. Again it is in Portland Maine and it is freaky.

So ok we have things that move to one place or another in the middle of the night, we fill weird at night like some one our thing is there, we have things on tope of a shelf that almost fell on me and we put it back up there and tried to recreat how it fell but we never figered out how it fell.

My husband and I watch TAPS all the time especially since we ourselves have paranormal activity going on in our home. We have experienced chairs moving, objects on our kitchen counter moving, voices such as children laughing, odors appearing and quickly disappearing such as flowery perfume odors and odors of someone baking like pizza, chocolate and then they quickly disappear. We have had cold spots in certain areas that come on suddenly then disappear. We have felt a very strong presence and have seen orbs shoot across the room. My husband and I have experienced these incidences at the same time so I know we are not crazy. My daughter who is 10years old came down from her room and said she felt someone gently rub her back but no one was there.
I have experience pulling a chair out from the kitchen table and watching it slide right back under. When I tried to pull it back out it wouldn’t move and felt like dead weight as if someone was sitting in it. Is there anyway you can help us verify what is going on or is there someone you can refer us to? We live in Staten Island New York. Please let us know. Thanks.

hi i love your show a lot

HEY! My name is Nikki Jo. I’m such a big fan of taps and everything about it. I never went through anything and I really i would. I would love to do what you guys do it seems like so much fun! I watch your show every wednesday of everyday. You guys are pretty cool. I love getting scared. I dont have any questions or anything but keep up the good work! Im a fan!!

Hey Taps Team!

My name is Ally. I am fourteen and I am a HUGE fan! I love your guys’ show, Ghost Hunters. I watch it every Wednesday. I was just wondering what your guys favorite investigation was and if you guys are ever going to come to Missouri?

I have a question,can ghosts follow if you move to a nother house?P.S.I am 9 years old!

you guys rock i see your show every wednsday im a big fan of paranormal activity i am your bigggggggeeeeeessssttt fan

Hey I really love you guys my mother does too. I dvr your shows just so I don’t miss any and then I have a tapsathon I start to get scared cause I start seeing things out of the corner of my eye but then I remember some of the things you debunk and laugh at my self.

I have a couple of valid suggestions for TAPS to maybe improve the viability of catching paranormal activity as well as query as to why certain equipment is only used randomly instead of continually during the investigation? Can you tell me who to email my questions or suggestions to?

I sure hope someone can help me find this site. Some time back, my kids got me fired up to watch Ghosthunters. Since I’ve always believed in the paranormal, they figured I’d enjoy it. Following this, I was surfing some sites and found a group that I believe was a TAPS group (not THE Taps) or called themselves ghosthunters as well. Anyway, it was a house dating back to the Revolution, and had more than 4 or 5 ghosts, all varied in age and sex. It was the closing comments on the case that continue to bother me. I think they got an evp or one of the sensitives with them heard the ghosts come to the perimeter as the hunters left and say, “So, are we getting out of here?” I’m bothered because I inexplicably burst into tears with a sudden realization that ghosts are former fellow human beings and not here for our entertainment.My acceptance of the paranormal has moved up a notch. I’m not looking for the site to admonish anyone, just want to remember the house and location. Does it sound familiar to anyone? I think it was a large wooden house and I thought it was somewhere in New England…could be wrong though. Thanks, Fran

My daughters and I are big fans of your showl We’ve all had many experiences too. What I was wondering is if you could have a separate pay per view channel like the Penn State Paranormal Society has on A&E. Sometimes I am not home in time and I wouldn’t know this ahead of time to tape it. Anyway, thanks for all your hard work in the field–it’s beneficial to a lot of people–not just entertaining. I always look forward to your shows.

Hello my name is c.j. long I am trying to get ahold of one of the memebers of taps for someone that is having paranormal activity due to a son that killed his wife and killed himself. its to the point where people are trying to leave the house and such we would like someone to come in and see what they can find out about why they are sticking around and talk to them. The young boy that is living in the room that he grew up in is talking about suicide himself its like he is transfering his feelings to the boy. if someone could get ahold of me that would be great. This is not a joke please someone forward this if possible.

Love you guys show and i have a great place for you guys to cheack out. Its in Italy Via France.it is said to have 3 evil monks haunting it.

Hello when i was a little girl i started to belive in ghosts because one night i had slept ooover my aunts house and my grandmother who had died when my mom was 18.I had saw her standing in the door way in full red and white strips going up and down and she had a cancer cap on and she was looking over me because that night my mom asked her to watch over me.

Hi I really love watching T.a.p.s I have had my own enconters of ghosts sinces I was 5 so I know they do exsist, oh and can you tell G.H.I about a place in japan the is a game called Fatal Frame that was made by real story and it’s has lots of activty there it’s some type of mansion in japan some where.

Hi i was wondering if there is anyway shape or form that somebody could join the taps team i myself am a firm believer of the paranormal and i would love to actually get together with a team and travel inspecting different haunted locations. I have seen the paranormal from the time i was 6 and nobody ever believe me that ghosts were real let alone be right in our own basement. if somebody could please comment or email me back to this that would be great. thank you charles bailey you can also reach me at death166057@hotmail.com with further information.

hello i have 3 teenage girls who love your show and would love to meet you guys.they actually went to your office to find out you need an appt. so they took pics near your trucks. i was wondering if they could meet you. well their on school break next week.please let me know

hi my name is Christian and i have s spooky place for you to visit in New jersey. the place is called Batsto historical village(i don’t know if you ever heard of this place before)?the place consists of over 40 buildings that still are standing to day. and this place used to be making iron and bog ore from time to time .there has been one death on the property .the man who died is Joesph Warton who died of a heart attack in one of the buildings and many more people still roam all over the place including their pets which sometimes they ate when theres no more food left for the winter. I’M STILL WONDERING IF YOU HAVE GOT THE PHOTOS THAT I SENT YOU? Thank you god bless have a wonderful day

hi my names chris from uk i think what you do is great but i dont think you put enough time into your cases as ive seen you leaving the site on a numours time bowt 1:30 am as seen by the clok on the wall from what ive heard most things happen beetwen 1200am and 400am so if you could comment on that that would be good thanks

dear taps im 14 and trying to start a paranormal group but i go to a christian school and when i try to find people they laugh and call me a witch and that really hurts cause one of my ancestors was killed in the salem witch trials and it makes me feel like they want to burn me at the stake any advice???

Hello my name is Eric Williams,
I live in Massachusetts, and I believe I know about a place you may be interested in. It is called the Bridgewater Triangle, myself ,and a few people have been there a few times. They say that it is haunted, And hockamock swamp means, The Devils Swamp, Also the word Hockamock is an indian word which means “Place Where Evil Spirits Dwell”. I was wondering if you would like to investigate. Please let me know, i would appreciate it if you looked into it thank you

hello my name is josh,
I want to do an evp at my house but im afraid i might opening a door for more paranormal activity.I dont know if i have ghosts or not and that is why i want to do an evp. if you can tell me what can happen for doing an evp i would be greatful. thank you for the time.

I think you should visit the Amityville house.

If TAPS spent a night in the Amityville house I think that would be the ultimate episode !!!!

You guys are so great to watch. I just can’t get enough. I’ve been watching for a couple years now and it’s great!!! Thanks. Poor Steve, I totally know how you feel about spiders I’m the same way. I wonder how you get buy sometimes. lol..You and Tango kill me. You’re hillarious.

Keep up the great work!
Wendy Kreienbrink
Can’t beleive I’m writing on here but I had to. Does anyone from TAPS even read this?

Jason,OR Grant i have had a light in my bedroom and it came on by its self i went to turn it off and it whent off as i steped in the doorway there is an old fuse box tha is tied into the new one in the garage.will that have any thing to do with it?

If you guys don’t start to show something on your scifiseries, they will drop you. I have talked with many faithful followers who are about ready to drop you like a hot orb

I would love to see TAPS perform thier own investigation in the location where children of the grave was made. It would be big.

Hi, my name is luna. i am a 14 yr old girl form new jersey but i currently live in texas. I have been interested in the supernatural world since i was a little girl. I love your shows and watch them every wednesday. I really want to go on a paranormal investiagation with you guys. I always look for things to scare me. I dont get scared that easily but I am not that skeptical. I just love the paranormal and really want to experiance something. You guys rock! Thanks for all the help to the U.S. citizens. Peace!

It is Luna again. What happened to brain? he was one of my favorites. My favorite is steve and tengo(u guys are also my fav). they just have fun on their investigations its really cool.

Hey taps, my name is Anneliese and i’m 16 years old. I know you have been to a lot of places. There is one one place that is known to be the most famous house in america also known to be the most haunted. Its called Amityville Horror House in new york or long island. It will be so neat if you go there as one of your episodes. No one that I know will never miss that episode for sure.

hey im 14 and i have been very spiritual with
the world. im a wiccan and have been wanting
to meet you guys. i belive in every thing out
there, “what you see is only half of what there
is.” if u could get a hold of me that wuld be

We bought a house in Nov and we have had some things happen since we moved in. Our 6 yr old granddaughter had beads wrap around her neck and leg. She had the marks for days from it, we have had dark figures moving around in the house. My daughter had a set of champayne glasses on her dresser one exploded. When we first moved in we had a camera and everything looked good until we went to the first bathroom when we did it would get all fuzzy when we turned away the picture would be clear. I saw a large black figure standing in the first bedroom. We had a security system put in and twice it went crazy. Ever time we try to do any changes whatever it is seem to come out. We fear that the doorway is a large mirror attached to the wall in my granddaughters bedroom is the portal that it is coming from. About a week ago my granddaughter took a picture in my daughters room and there was a face in the picture. there are a lot of things happening here my grand children are afraid to go down the hall unless they turn on a light. Can you help us.

I have a problem I keep hearing voices in my room when the fan is on at night and I keep having the same nightmare over and over again. Could you call me at 330-203-2070. Please call.

you need longer episodes

Hello, my name is Jim Slawnikowski.
I am submitting this comment after my freshman year at Dominican University in River Forest Illinois.
Now I have been watching your show on SciFi ever since it was created, and I was wondering if T.A.P.S. had any interest in going through haunted Colleges. I know many colleges have folk-lore and other activities such as pranks and stories that get passed on and on, but I feel Dominican is something “different.” If you do a little research you will find that the College, once Rosary College, has had some paranormal aspects hidden in its past. I know from talking to the Dean of Students that Discovery wanted to use Dominican in a show featuring “haunted colleges.” The school declined the offer, but i feel REAL investigators could make a different face for the whole “haunted” name. Our theater was built over a barn that burnt down with a father and two children, along with this, many rooms in the older parts of the school have had activities which are unexplainable. There is also a room in the Power Hall Dormitory that has been sealed off, know the figure heads of school decline the story for why it was sealed off, but it has been told that a Nun committed suicide in said room and it was then sealed off, the sealed entrance to the room itself feels spongy compared to the rest of the concrete walls, and some students hear crying and knocking from the former room itself. I feel that if T.A.P.S. ever feels it would like to come to Chicago again, and take a look at this interesting College please let me know.
Thank You very much for your time!

my cell phone recorded ghost and they were talking to us

hi. i am 13 years old. i was in my room and i head someone say ”help me”. i head it on my sell phone and it did not soud like my famliy. and there was nobudy in my room. and i saw a black sadow. i need your help i need to know the truth. if there is something in my house.

You any seen a half of what I have seen with my eyes. You will find more. Good job and good luck.

Hi I’m Michael Jordan Gonzalez. I’ve been watching the sci-fi t.v. show of the ghost hunters and I am completely impressed and amazed. So I’ve been wondering if any of you folks could give the founders of taps my message and tell them that I’m completely interested in what they do. I’m really to see them so that I can work for them. So please, see if you guys can email this to them somehow, please. I’m really anxious to meeting with them. Ok, bye and I’ll be waiting for your messages.

Hello my name id Darla, I would like to share an exsperience i have had recently and get your thoughts on it. Friday night I was sitting on the couch talking to my husband on the phone, my front door opened and what I thought was my son came in and walked up the stairs, he had short hair, tall, skinny, jeans and no shirt. I told my husband our son had just came in from playing outside so I was going to get off the phone and go to bed. As we were saying our goodbyes for the night the door opened again and my son came in and started talking to me. needless to say I was a little freaked out since I could have swore I seen him go up the stairs not 3 mins before. I had him check and there was noone up there. Then lastnight I was in the frontroom watching tv flipping from chennel 12 to 56. I had been on chennel 56 for awhile and decided to see what was on 12 when I did this the screen went black like the tv was off and you could see a figure in the screen from the waist up, i looked at it, chanced the chennel then changed it back and it was still there so I hollered at my husband and he came in and seen the samething. in the lower left hand corner of the screen it said, “medicad wont pay for it” i changed the chennel then went back to that station and it was back to normal.This is not the firsttime we have seen things in our house. But it kind of bothers me becuase my mother is 78 and has not been well lately. I wonder if itis someone trying to tell me something.

hey taps im a big fan me and my friend started a ghost hunting group but im 13 and don’t know a lot about this we don’t know what kind of tools to use please help


Hi TAPS Um, do you remember the episode with the huge Hospital and the two guys were in the Mentally Challenged Facility um, when they heard the noise and started into the other room, if you looked in the background, a door was swinging back and forth check over it and see if it was just my thoughts not me actually seeing it. Please email me back thelastgoldenskittle@yahoo.com thank you

I have been dealing with ghosts most of my life. My problem is the fact that I can’t get people to understand why I do this and to help me. I live in Yuma a very small town and most of the time I am doing investagating on my own. I want to know how I can get some people to help me with some of the cases so I am not working alone all the time.

And I have a story of my own. I live with my mom because I am still in high school and I know of a few people that have died in the house I am living in. I am constantly hearing voices, doors moving, and sometimes something unexplainable will touch me on my head or shoulder. Due to watching Ghost Hunters, I know that sometimes you can explain the happenings. But I have managed to not debunk a single thing, not even the voices. I really need help with this one.

A ghost hunter in training,

you guys talk to much during your investagations learn to shut up and listen shutn up!!!!!

i do like you guys but you need to shut up during investagations shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u r amazing i am 13 i luv u all i hav seen a few spirits and the more u see them the less scary it gets most ghost hunters r faky but u guys r the real thing i went 2 belle meade while on vacation and saw orbs in the grave area how cool i was a little upset that i didnt see anythig in the home all though it did feel pretty heavy in certain rooms i was mad they wouldnt let us in the attic or basment and the stairs were so windy and dizzy! please write bac ur so awsum

I L-O–V-E thisshow and i would like to join you some day—Love your biggest fan Rachel Padgett

i have a old 1928 house that was once a kkk house i dont know if you have herd about it but there is alot of strange thigs gowin on there is no power on the house but at night the up staires lights will come on and you can see someone standinge there but there is no floor there it is made or stone off the side of the nuse river and it also has under ground tunnels its name for the house is tar heel club house it is in raleigh north carolina and we would love for you all to come and see what is gowin on thanks so much my name is paul winters you can call me at 1919 266-1480 or email me at palwal27596@yahoo.com i hope to here from you soon thank

idea? how about making a electronic wigge board with (the box with the lights that pick up energy?) nd put it together so that itch letter sepertly lights up when it get close to it nd a motior screen above it so it will write it out for u ??


Hi my name is Leann Garza and i would like to know if you guys would come to my house cause there is a lot of strange unexplainable things happening in my house.From seeing shadows,cup holders spinning by themselfs,dark figures going in and out the walls,loud banging on walls,and wierd sounds at night!!! If you would contact me A.S.A.P. i would appreciate it very much.

we need your help strange things have been
going on in our house for the last ten years
we hear people saying hey to us cds flying off of walls and very very often my kids see a guy in a top hat.the pass two weeks have been more active

my number is 760-977-8651


dear taps i am a big fan and my friend gave me this and it was weird and i am 11 its called thewhaley house they have heard footsteps and seen ahang man and some people have been chocked and voices the address is thomas whaley hoase musame 2482 san diego ca 92110avenue havneg street telephone 619 298 2482

gidday grant and jason and crew love ya show it great keep up the good work good to see ya in oz one day i bet there are some ghost here.do you have a fanclub iso how do i join

I would like to get a hold of you. I need your help.Please call me @ 716-384-4004.I watch your show every week, U are great. Thank You…..Melinda

Hi I was just wondering if TAPS has ever investigated The Ladd School in Exeter, Rhode Island. If so where could I find information on their investigation.


hey my mom love u guy and she would love to go a hunt with u guys so if u get this plz call 1 309 371 4116 plz and thank

Hi I would like to know if you do any research in michigan I am a firm believer in the REAL hauntings I myself have experienced a few strange events in my life some of which happened in the home where we live I have watched your show with a very high interest in the research aspect of it do you ever have someone from the general public participate in a research if so I would be very interested I will sign whatever needs to be signed just to enjoy a haunt with your team
thank you for time

love ya show guys and girls taps rocks

Hi I’m from detroit lived here most of my life and have also had various inter-actions with the paranormal including an actual visual incounter (and I was not the only one to see it) when I was 12 your show is the only one that I consider true and I love the way everyone in the show responds to the encounters they are actual reactions not a made up script I thank each and every one of you for the honesty and the giggles you provide on occasion thank you

yes im am having problems with a certian spirt around me my name malynda htat about all i want say until i get to talk to someone can you help

yes im am having problems with a certian spirt around me my name malynda that all about all i want say until i get to talk to someone can you help

Hello TAPS crew , just wanted to say my girls and I LOVE your show. I just finished watching the episode at Fort Mifflin(2008) and I really think you need to go back to that place. There has been 2 episodes that I have watched where I have had such a overwelming feeling , the first one was the live halloween special and Fort Mifflin. When you guys were casemate 11 you said that you thought you heard him say (i would like some water) I thought it sounded like Officer Bulister or something like that but it differently sounded like officer first . Thats when you asked for their name. I know just love the show and it sure seems like there is plenty there to study. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work guys and gals.

to grant and steve and steve gonsalves i love the taps team it is my favorite show i wish it was on more than once a week im the biggest fan and i love the way steve messes with tango all the time and gets him scare too you guys are tops for me thanks for doing this show i live in florida and i loved when you guys came to tampa to the cuban place in ebor city.

Is TAPS going to be doing a halloween live special this year? If so where?

Hi T.A.P.S im vary interested in your guys show im 16 years old and live with my grandmother and i’d like you guys to contact me if you can i’d like to tell you about my experance i had just a few days ago and see you you can help me out – elizabeth



I really love the show every Wednesday!!! But I have a comment. Jasen I realize is the leader, but he is best at the equipment and truely Grant is the brains. Please let Grant speak to the clients more because he is excellent at explaining the paranormal and really has better PR skills. Jasen is really good, honestly but Grant has it mastered. Please realize that many of my friends who also watch TAPS brought this to my attention. And for a better show, they are correct. Good Luck inthe hunt and all of you please stay safe.

I was just watching tonights episode, 9-16, and it was the one in the New Jersey court house, in the records room. I have an idea- pherhaps in a previous time , there was a doorway where the entiy/ shadow weht thruthe wall of records.

Hello, my name is crystal. I moved into my house 7 yrs ago with my husband. I knew at the beginning that the house had a sense of something in the house becouse a couple of the rooms i would not feel comfortable going into. I closed the rooms off until i had my daughter 4 yrs ago. We had strange things start going on in the beginning like doors opening by themselves, object moving and hearing old music in the night. When my husband would be gone at night i started hearing heavy footsteps, hearing my front door open and close (door has bells attatched, i also have heard a women talk to my daughter, a small child has talked to me, I have seen a women in my dining room, and two children outside, all have clothing that would have been worn in the 30-40’s on a farm. I have had a vase thrown at me and something will some times climb on my bed during the night. I am not really scared of ghost but I would like to know who these ghost are. Could you suggest someone who might be interested in investigate my home?

I believe in the ghosthunters, and what they do. and to all the skeptics your right, unless you’ve experienced anything like the paranormal, then why should you believe.

try to contact the ghosthunters [ TAPS ]. you might not be in any danger, sounds like they are inteligant yet harmless, but still for your child safty, i would have them come and investagate. the reason i say this is because, I’ve lived in several different haunted homes but the one that stands out the most is the house I lived in 6 years, ago my children, boyfriend and I lived in it for 5 years. in that time things progressed from friendly to evil to the point that my boyfriend who was sweet and giving became hateful and rude he would’nt sleep at night just during the day and if we woke him he would start screaming at us. one night when he was going to be gone for the night fishing, I went to bed, I always slept with my bedroom door opened when he was’nt there, so if my children needed me i could here them. on this night I was not quit asleep when I heard my middle son say Mom, when I looked over at the doorway i saw the silouette of what I thought was him, when I asked him what was wrong he ran towards me jumped on my bed, and held me down. when I finally pushed him off, I got up turned on the light, I looked over to the bed to see that no one was there. I would’nt sleep in my room for 2 weeks. other things started progress even worse over the last few months that we lived there, to the point that i could’nt take it anymore. when I should have called them. and got help because i found out that they can sometime follow. thing still happen from time to time around me, but at least my children and my boyfriend are o.k now. he’s back to his old self again and yes, we’re still together I won’t let whatever it is come between us.

i just wanted to tell ya’ll i love the show. wish it was on more.

I was wondering on how to contact TAPS. My family owns two businesses here in New Hampshire, and the one, which is a bed and breakfast, is going to be in New England’s most haunted or whatever. But no investigation has happened. But many people have reported sitings. The other business we own is a funeral home that my family currently lives over. And my family has heard several different things. So if it is possible to contact them so they can investigate them so our family can finally understand what is happening?

Natasha Karschner

hello taps, rhonda here from australia we love you down under. Im a firm beliver in the paranormal ive been seeing spirits since i was 4 years old and my son does also. we love you heaps and hope you come and investigate australia soon. take care xoxoxoxo

If you are ever in Iowa or close, we think it would be great if you could visit the house in Vallisca. I’m sure you have heard or it and the tragic axe murders. It’s been said to be haunted and it would be nice to get Jason and Grant with all their equipment to see what they can find. They must know someone in the mid-west they can come visit and make a detour through Vallisca 🙂 Just search the internet for Vallisica, IA and you can find plenty. We love your show and watch every Wed. night. Heather & Jesse

Hey, I love your show so much that I even made a theme song for it. It’s amazing ! I play electric guitar. All you guys need is a theme song for your show. let me know ?

being an avid ghost hunter i have to say i love your shows they are the best. keep the shows coming i watch them all the time, i have had a few paranormal experiences in the past and i am most definatly a true believer.
from sam (england)

I love watching the show every chance i get. keep up the great work.

Hi im paulie im from a place call kugaaruk.Im wandering whats is your
most creepest place you been to?
My creepesy is the Hamlet gym and the
work shop…

So,send me a email at paulie_illuitok@hotmail.com

can you tell me if the story of carter simms is true [death of a ghost hunter

im 13 where can you buy a evp recorder oh do you have any clup for kids

I know we are not alone !! last night at 2:30 am my cell phone started taking pictures and recording at the same time while my family and I where sleeping,and my phone is not broken.

Please, keep me informed of new shows and locations. Thank You


how do u know if a sprit is with u that is a family member like my mom she died last year i would like to know if she is at peace or not i feel like she is trying to tell me something about her death

i wondering if sprits can let you know if thier not at peace my mom passed 4 days after she was in the hosptial and i dont think that what the doctors said she passed with was right i believe my step dad had something to do with her death i would like to know how to go by finding out if she been trying to tell me something i have seen things that she does when i ask if she is here with me like i will have a candle burning and i will tell her to blow it out if she here and it will go out and no windows are open and no wind is blowing please i just need to know if she trying to tell me something i know she is still here i just need to know if she at peace please can you help me thank you

TAPS team….my daughter and i were told that we are mediums…we both experience some amazing things and some horrible. We experience paranormal activity almost everywhere we go and tho we both think its a great gift…it can also be a hassle trying to live a normal life in todays world. Not only do we experience human form we also have experienced animal form spirits as well. The good, the bad and the ugly…lol! No matter how many times we move there are more experiences. We have come to the conclusion that every house cant be haunted so therefor they must be coming to us. We get very little sleep…night time seems to bring them out more so my question is…any advise on how to just cope with this? Its not like we can talk about it openly. Most people think you’re crazy.Its as if we can also experience their pain…live what they did but its very brief. We dont have equipment to ask questions to communicate so whats the best thing for us to do? Thanx, Sleepless x 2 in Charleston, SC

Hi Taps me and my friend want to know wat stuff we need to do to make a ghost hunting group like you guys?
*P.S can we contact you when we find any of our first ghost?*
Thanks from,

Thanks so much for having Meatloaf on the program. He brought the much needed touch of saying “Please” and “Thank you”. I enjoyed watching his politeness and sense of humor. And remember—those spirits were once people too! Thanks

Have 3 very distinct voices on tape and would to have you hear them. They can be heard clearly over the phone. They were recorded in my home by my 59 year old sister. Only three of us at home, myself, 67 and my husband 80. They were recorded on my sisters digital recorder. Please call me at 256-301-0049, Jerry Paasch.

Ever thought about investigating Conneaut Lake Park Hotel in Pennsylvania which is believed to be haunted?

Hi sir…
i m Deepak from Rajasthan (India)
i hvent seen ur tv prg., bt i have a desire to know & to see more abt this & to make carrier in this..
how ghost hunters & paranormal powers works ? could it be taken as a carrier?
i expect & ask u to guide me & help me to know more..


I have a picture that has a very distinct abnormality. How can I upload it to you so you might be able to see it?

have u ever whent to winchester house yet?

With work & kids keeping my busy as a Single Mom, I look foward to your show every week! Keep up the great work and for keeping it authentic.

My wife is a huge fan of TAPPs and i am asking if you ever have guest to go with you. I would love to have my wife visit with your team if that is all possible. I am a plumber in Nacogdoches TX and i didnt get my wife nothing for her birthday so i am in the dog house!!!!! It doesnt hurt to ask. Thank you for your time

hi my name is april n my boyfriend we whatch your show every time it comes on we are big
fans of yours show , we was woundering how
to apply for a job n we heard about your
academy please send us info on that !

i would love to go to the ghost hunters academy, can you tell me how to apply.
i love your show you guys are very professional and truthfull,
thank you keeley

I am also interested in joining the acadamy with the ghost hunters too how do I get with them?

yes I have been wanting to get intouch with the team at taps ghosthunters in warwick RI in N,Y how can I get intouch with them? Please write me back at cmitchell_0195@yahoo.com Thank You! connie mitchell in Georgia


Tonight during the reveal at the Congress Theater ,I am not sure if it was somebody or if it was a ghost but something moved across the balcony from left to right. This happened about 20 to 30 seconds before Jason pointed to the balcony and said they had seen stuff moving across the balcony during the investigation.I am curious as to what it might be.If anything is found would you please let me know?My E-mail address is darlabates67@yahoo.com

Dude!! I thought it was just my imagination. I saw it too. COOL!!

Congress Theater
The clicking sound that no one could figure out on the audio, was made by the guest doing the research . She had a black thing in her hand and kept making it make that sound.

I love your show I never miss it.Also I just love Jason and Grant.Very handsome men.Keep doing a great job.I’am one of your biggest fans.


Hi my dad works for the St.Louis air national gad him and the other employs belive that there is a goas in the sho.p so we wanted to know how to get a ghost hunter there before they close the bace down and neverknow if there is ealy a ghost in his shop. pleas email me back at saradare222@yahoo.com

Hey I’m from Australia and I watch your show i am a firm believer that there is more to life than what we justjust see and in the paranormal. I grew up in a street where the whole street has paranormal actitvity from the same entity it travels from household to household and i have seen it moving in the bushlands around the street. It can manipulate things, like move things touch you speak to yo, turn electrical equipment on and off. Footsteps pulling hair all kinds of activity. It’s a blue silhouete of head and shoulders about 5’10. A friend of mine told me that I have a negative spirit attached to me. Since i’ve moved the activity has followed me is it possible for them to follow you wherever you go and do you have any idea why it would do that?? It’s kind of creepy for me because I had a very intense experience here the other day where I think it was trying to communicate/play games and don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. I would love to work with you guys it would be awesome but i’m in oz 😦

we watch your show and did you know if you have food out at night that you actract spirits


Hello t.a.p.s crew i would really want to see you guys and ladies go to Valisca Iowa more details on that go to http://WWW.Valiscaiowa.com or look on google.com it’s freaking creepy.

After watching a couple of episodes of Ghost Hunters, I value your work even more. I don’t see running, shouting (Oh, dude…look at this/come here) and I don’t see any evidence of debunking – I believed very little – perhaps they should watch your show a little more!

Please bring Donna and Brian back. I really miss them. They are great at there work. Please let me know why they left.

First, let me say that I have been a long time fan and watch you guys every time I can. I would like to ask you a question… have you ever thought about using your voice on a tape recorder for the spirits to hear you better since you hear them better on a recorder? Just a thought.

Just watched segment about Eastern State Penitentiary & the figure up on the darkened walkway looks exactly like someone sweeping or mopping the walkway….Can even see the back & forth motion & I believe even the shoe soles when walking away from the spot previously occupied during the mopping. (Or sweeping.) It does however seem to be speeded up, but in the spiritual world, I’ve read it is a faster vibration than ours. Jason- take another look at what seems very obvious when I keep seeing it on T.V. How interesting! Thanxs- Jane Barnes………

hi its caitlyn ur biggest fan and i belive that
ghost exist and t.a.p.s is the best ever i want
to be a ghost hunter when im older and it
would be a honer to do an investigate wit
them thank u

hey there T.A.P.S i got a great investigation for u guys and i want to
help it is at the prison in granet ok
one of the wings is haunted they have seen full body apprerations shadows they have heard foot steps they have heard voices and alot of other stuff yall need to cheak it out and plus i want to be a ghosthunter myself it would be so kewl i swear thats wat i want to do ask me some questions on my myspace caitlynw02014@yahoo.com lovein the show yall are the best ever u guys are my idols luv u keep it goin!!!!!!!!!;)

Jason & Grant,
I enjoy your program and so does my 8 year old. My one concern is that there is alot of foul language in some of your shows. My 8 year old goes to Sunday School and knows these words are not something we should say. Could you please try and keep some of this language out of the show.
Thank You,


I had to leave and go to work so I missed an episode I have never seen. It was the one where 2 people had scratches show up on their body, and they left flowers in the basement for a woman. If anyone could tell me what episode this was and what season it is from I would really appreciate it.

hello, I am curious to know if you have investigated the house in amnityville? and if in fact there really is a house related to the amnityville horror?

Is there a TAPS group in Australia? How can I join or start one in Melbourne?

hi i live n opelika AL 36801 my email is dlikins2003@yahoo.com i would like 2 find use equipment 2 help find spirits and ghost,don’t have a howl lot of money but if u have any broken or very used equipment i may b insisted n it please let me no. we would love 2 help fine them down south.

Jason and Grant,
I was wondering how someone would get a chance to be on Ghost Hunters acedamy ? My daughter is 21 and has been interested in the paranormal for quite some time. Her interest has peaked greatly in the last 2 years because her Grandmother passed away . She was extremely close to her “BABA” and is still upset about her passing. My daughter used to go to the grave yard at night and sit at her grave. Not sure what she is expecting or wanting, but maybe she needs to work with you awhile . I think she is searching for answers . How would she get on your show , if only one or two days ? Could you please contact me ? My name is Melody and you could e-mail my back . Thank you .You both seem like great guys , real family men ,honest and compassionate. I look forward to hearing from you,

hi can u please come and see my sister she is a big fan if u can email me at Sgarvin997@yahoo.com please contact me she is a BIG fan she love u guys if steave tango j and grant can come please and thank u

Hey there everyone,
My name is Amy McKain and I’m 22yrs old..(as if that matters)I recently moved into a home that I am now thoroughly convinced has paranormal activity. Many many things have happened. I have done EVP sessions and caught EVP’s… some way more disturbing than others. I have been trying to get a hold of TAPS for a couple months now. Their phone number doesn’t work, and neither do any of their email addresses. I have tried emailing numerous times. I also sent a request in through their website. I’ve mailed them twice now- more recently I mailed them a CD I made of all the EVP’s collected. Activity seems to really be picking up and I think it may be trying to hurt my family. The most disturbing EVP I got I didn’t understand until I downloaded Adobe Audition recently. It’s a male voice. I say.. “We just wanna communicate” The voice says “I told you, I killed my son and now you know…. But…… I can’t……hide.” I’ve now seen apparitions running down my hallway, lights turn on upon request and the gas turned on by itself in the middle of the night engulfing the entire house. I know TAPS received my latest package as I had it tracked and signed for. But I don’t know if they have listened to it or just threw it into a mail room. I desperately need their help- I know they’re busy but I have no where else to turn. They are the only ones I can trust. Does anyone know another way of contacting TAPS?

Amy, where are you located?

There are many “GREAT” Paranormal Investigative teams located just about anywhere that have been doing this sort of thing longer than TAPS.

Given your situation I would not wait for them to contact you, rather Google Paranormal Investigator / Ghost Hunters in your area…and get help!

If you would like I would be happy to help you find a professional “NO COST” investigative team in your area, just reply to my comment here if your interested.

I have been doing Paranormal research and investigations longer than Jay and Grant have been alive… : )

Good luck with whatever you decide to do !!!

Dennis/ Founder MVPs

Thanks- I’m in Reno, NV.
Things were okay for a couple days and last night I kept hearing whispering and loud bangs in my room that I have no idea where they were coming from- it kept me up all night!

Hey Amy,
There is a group of paranormal investigators comprised of University of Nevada, Reno and Truckee Meadows Community College students.

Nevada Student Paranormal Investigations or NSPIsite 0n the web…

This group may be able to help you and there in your home town…

I hope the don’t omit the following info.
http://www.nspisite.webs.com/ contact them there maybe they can help.

If you need more help contact me at dennis@simplyghost.com and I’ll do what I can from here…

Good Luck,


My mother claims that there has been paranormal activity in her home ever since they have built it. Many professional electricians, plumbers,and tillers have all said the same thing, in all our years we have never seen anything like this. Lights in the home work on and off depending on the guests that show up. Nothing electrical ever works properly. In their garden on initial tilling , he thought they were tilling up gravestones, had never seen that kind of stone before, and once a metaphysicist was at their home and said that it was a sight of a lot of native american activity and that they weren’t sure what that new dwelling was so they tried to come in. There have been so many odd coincidences that I do not have the space to even write about them. My mother is convinced that there is a strong paranormal avtivity in her home that she has dealt with since the construction, but her children and grandchildren are tired of being scared when we visit to sleep upstairs or be alone in the house. without someone else around. Just recently my mother found a brand new newspaper lying on the counter top when she got home from work dated August 28th, it was the end of October at that point and she claims that it had not been read and neatly folded. To their testament they burn old newspaper frequently, so for that to show up on the counter is very unusual. By the way that same date of the old newspaper happened to be the same date as my grandfathers birthday (my moms dad). As far as strange occurances, I have heard loud thuds that have shaken the whole house (like two sumo wrestlers falling on the ceiling above). I have witnessed electronics and lights suddenly work or not work for no apparent reason and the occasional prickly feeling on my neck as I walk upstairs. If you have any feedback to all of this please let me know. We are all very curious to know if this is something real. Please contact me at 518-729-4883 or email at kelj10374@yahoo.com
Thank you,
Kelly Brenneman

you guys do a wonderful job i find myself not being as affraid of the unseen and unknown as before i dont watch much tv iam a single mom with three boys who always have questions!!! but i never miss your show!!!

we have a problem with what is believed to be a
spirit bothering a 8 year old girl. Could
taps please contact me at
leial0404@hotmail.com it has become a real
problem and has sent her to the hospital.

To Steve and Dave :
I have watched your academy program twice , and I think the Blonde should go . She throughs the hold team off . I think she should be willing to be part of going through the first time , and not trying to be better than anyone else . she has an out , because she hasn’t taken the first go through . Actually all of the group is wasting your time . They seem like they feel that they are smarter than Steve and Dave who are their teachers They even mention it that they are five hard nose people . They don’t seem like anyone wants to follow , or be a team member . They will never fit in with the Taps group . They will have everyone even Grant ready to kill them . You are wasting your time with this bunch . If the two girls think they are special than let them go . You can see them not willing to work with the group . Right now I think I am spoiled watching the group with Grant & Jason . Jason would of punch one of these girls out if she talked to them the way they act with Steve & Dave . Get rid of the blonde , and or the other Girl they are not team people . For now I will not watch them and their attitudes . Hopefully they will shape up . I enjoy the Taps show very much , but the smart punks with Steve & Dave have to go . Sorry But keep up the good work . God Bless
Roger Palco

listen all you sceptics out there these guys are not fakes I have seen first hand all the things TAPS do because my nephew does the same thing and yes I was sceptic too but not any more. I think they take the fear out of it by explaining what is happening, not like the idiots in the UK ‘Most Haunted’ where they scream and faint and are so ‘OT’ you cannot take them seriously. I would love to see Grant and Jay visit some of these places in the UK. I am from the UK and we are over here on our 3 months holiday as we have a house here in Florida, but I won’t miss an episode as it’s on everyday on sky tv there. Must find out which chanel they are on on bright house tv.

Hello, I must say that I love TAPS. My family and I watch it every Wed night. The investigators are so down to earth and not running around and screaming. BUT, this Ghost Hunters Academy is just AWFUL! It has made Steve and Tango look like REAL JackASSES. If this is to continue then bring back Brian! One JERK is as good as the next. Come on ! You had such a great show, please get back to it! I hate to see your show disappear. But if you keep up with this Crappy “Acadamy” stuff then we’ll tune out. Thanks, Louise

hello my name is kristin and my nephew braydon has resently been seeing something in his house. He was sitting in the basement with his mom brittany and he ran to her and said turn the light off and she asked him why and he said the big man said so and she said what big man and he replied by walking over to the other side of the basement and pointing saying that man while his finger was moving and he sed the man in the water and when his finger was done moving he was pointing by the water tank but the scary thing is is that he doesnt know what a water tank is so to say that he saw the man by the water is just not natural. He also told his mom a couple days later that the house was bleeding. He also saw a picture of himself and said thats me im dead i bleeding. So im very scared for him and his mother didnt know how to get a hold of taps so please i know you dont do house cases very often but im scared for their own health and well being. Please contact me at my email address if you would like to further question me…Fresh02Def@aim.com
please taps we need your help.!

I have an EVP that was recorded after my D.V.R. Turned on by itself. Odd thing, I was carrying it into the bathroom, so the evp actually is discussing what was going on. Not a joke, and I know I couldn’t have turned it on and hit record by accident, it was on lock. Nothing freakier than hearing a ghost exclaim “did he wipe” after you get at of the bathroom!

Hey john..
do you have your evp saved? I would like to hear it. I caught a crazy/creepy evp in my home as well. Some guy talking about how he killed his son… and it was caught in my room none the less.

Yes I do, just send me an email at brokenbad53@yahoo.com and I’ll send it to you, I also have some creepy photos

Did you ever receive my sound files? If not email me at brokenbad53@yahoo.com and I’ll send them to you

I also have pictures that are in 3-d form that were taken when my dog barked and ran in front of the camera as the picture took. All black except for a 3-d type skull face

hey i wonder if stalingrad is haunted.. it was one of the most horrific battles is history. maybe taps could investigate there if GHI hasn’t already

I’m having a ghost problem…but it only happens when everyone is gone or sleeping and I’m not the only one noticing it my aunt and grandma are to we live in Ottawa K.S. I really need your help because I’m home alone right now and I’m so scared that I have a knife in my hand!!! i know that wont help but stil please let me know if you can help!!!!

my name is floyd blankenship and i go ghost hunting and i would love to start my owen ghost hunters in somerset kentucky and i dont now how iv got a bunch of evps and PICS AREREDY

Hi my name is ricky o would like to thank u for the best paranomal activity series and i dont miss no programs and i would like if u can take a look at linda vista hospital in los angeles thanks

my name is janice wigley i live in maysville, oklahoma i need some advice concerning a problem i have at my house. i live in a small town and am trying to find out how to make sure that i get rid of my ghost or what ever it is please help me call at 405-867-5083 and leave amessage. me and my boyfriend have something that makes noise at night and he had something that told him to get out of the house we have been locked out of the house. it dont happen every night but it sometimes wont let me and him sleep in the bed together and it scares my dogs. his little 6 year old daughter has seen stuff too when she comes over.

Not sure if this note gets to the reight people or not, but going to post it anyway. Am watching your investigation of (I believe) Slater Mill?

The town sounds that you captured seem to me, to be saying “Oh No” or “No No”. And the name seemed to be “Richard”

I am trying to contact TAP Ghost Hunter I live in Stockton Ca. There is a town about 45mins away and they have a castle there called Preston Castle. That I think they should visit its in Ione California

I am a professional combat solider Us Army Ranger for 20 years and you are by far very professional and refreshing to see this in your methods !!! Thank you

Boys, I think you may be missing a big part of your mission. I don’t think you’re thinking about how you’re talking to these people (ghosts). I prefer to think of them as people in the past tense. They are still people, though. In the first place they were alive WAY before we were usually so, you have to take that into consideration. Also, during their time alive they may have been limited in their English dialect (either because they were from another country or they were mentally retarded if they knew English at all, or just because they’re from a different period and no-one really knows how they talked except from books!). In other words, if they were mentally ill or developmentally disabled, they may not understand the word “communicate”, for example. And, if they are developmentally disabled they may not even understand the word “talk”. I know. I worked with these people for a year. The people I worked with could not communicate at all except for facial or physical expressions. Many people of a bygone era didn’t know such words unless they were wealthy and could afford a good education. I would say that it may be easier to talk to them if you communicate at their level. Today we are all more educated and used to hearing these expressions all the time but, the people you are trying to contact, I would hazzard to say, are not. Try to put yourself in their shoes and think “what would have been the “standard quo” as far as education and communication at that time or even what the people who couldn’t afford education, how would they communicate? What would they say instead? The people you research are not usually rich or of means. They are usually the throw-away people, with no education, no proper schooling, no etiquette. They were unwanted and they knew it. You might do a little research into the way people communicated back then and more importantly, how the mentally impaired would communicate because they do. Not just the mentally impaired but, the mentally unstable. They can communicate, you have to figure out how to communicate with them. Think about it. Communication is the key……….

I find this highly offensive. They don’t know the word TALK?! TALK for goodness sakes!!! Small children that have yet to enter school know the word talk. Have you watched the show? They investigate all ranges of places. Just because someone is a spirit does not mean that they were unwanted or “throw aways.” Most people are simply attatched to the places in which they “haunt” (stay) and/or they feel that they have unfinished business there – weather it be something as simple as they wanted to live to see their children to get married and have children (so they stay to see it) all the way up to wanting their murder to be investingated furthur. Some may not want to accept that they’re dead or may be too afraid to “go in to the light.” Yes, the English language has evolved over the years and yes some spirits may not even speak English, but I would wager that most are able to communicate at a basic English level. They ARE people – so try to be a bit more respectful please. I know you’re trying to help but please just think about it. Thanks.

please respond its freaking my patients out im sure its not bad but the man in black was only seen when someone was passing now hes disturbing the stable patients

Hello my name is Samantha,
they place where i work we have a lot of criminal records with evidence and we have and very weird things happen. Seeing people behind us, hearing footsteps coming up the satires walking around, feel like people are watching you. Just weird noises. I just would want to know what you think about it. Thank you samantha

it all started in a town named The township of Blaire which is located north central MAryland 2hrs away from washingtion D.C Where there are a few sites that are either cursed or haunted for ex.

Coffin Rock in the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville. This is the site where five men, who were searching for the missing Robin Weaver, were found with their bodies tied together at the arms and legs. Each had been disemboweled and were in an advanced state of decomposition. Strange markings had been carved into their faces and hands
if this Catches ur eyes they have there own website http://www.blairwitch.com/main.html
The Website also tells u about 3 people in 1994 who was video tapping this and was plainng on staying for 2 nights and never returned home and have not been seen since then it took 10 days until they called off the search but only found there film n their car
theres also been 2 Tourist group that went there too but one of the tourist group died there with also strange marcks on them too
So if u do decided to go there u might want to bring cell phones and make sure u have copes and DON’T GET LOST

I have watched GH for years. Loved them until they went to Mansfield. They said it wasn’t haunted. I went there. I have pictures & EVP’s. Activity doesn’t start until around 4am. They didn’t stay long enough! Sorry guys! On my way to Moundsville. GH said that it wasn’t haunted. If I come back from there, with proof that it is haunted, I will know that I am a better hunter!

Folks :
I really enjoy watching your programs . This is and has been my life long dream to beable to contact the spirits and lost souls . I did enjoy the academy , and actually new who you would pick to move forward . I also enjoy GHI . They have been to places in Europe that I have visited , and for GHI try to see if you could get into the Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle . This is what the Disney World Castle is cpied from . It would be Great . There’s alot of History there .
Roger Palco
North Ridgeville Ohio

Hi! I just wanted to say that my husband and I watch the show all the time!!!! We love it!!!! At first my husband was scared to death thinking about ghosts and such but I have had experiences off and on all my life!!! The latest thing that we have had happen in our family is at my parents house… When I was growing up, in the early morning hours and at night you could hear a noise coming from the hallway that sounded like something running. This went on for years and years and my dad would always make up excuses! One night about 6 years ago myself and my boyfriend at the time which is now my husband were in my room and we heard a loud thud and then the running noise. We jumped up and looked down the hall and at the same time my step mother did as well. We never found anything that could have caused that or the running. Now lately, I have a 2 year old little boy and he says that there is a dog that is in the hall. The thing is, my parents dont have a dog!! The more this goes on the more and more he gets scared of it. It apparently stays in the hall and only small children see this thing. My parents have seen things but never something fully, just little spots that move around and such things like that. I just didnt know if you could really have animal spirits. So now that my son is seeing this and other children are too, the noises that we used to here now kinda match up and make more sense!! Just wondering if this is even possible and if so, why can only the children see this??????

Is there a reason that you do not wear small cameras on your head so we can see what you are seeing when you see it?

I love watching TAPS. I hope they continue to be on tv for a long time.
I hope to some day meet the Taps, team
and tell them to my story of ghost thank you for a great show
Jackie Davis

Everyone needs to go to youtube. Last year’s Live Halloween Special. Strings!! I watched GH for years, till I watched it on youtube.

Tasha alot of people on youtube make endings or add things to prove people wrong or right believe me I do it.

I was just looking for Waverly Hills in ky.I’m going up there all night and need to see if you have any thing i need to know. thanks Evelyn

I am 11 years old and I tell my mother I see things and stuff like that she just rolls her eyes at me.So I have a question well a few.Could a ghost hurt you?Why when people become ghost they don’t act normal?How can we tell that a TV show about “ghost” can really be real if they say it is?I hear children come in contact with the spirit world than grown ups.Can’t you add kids to your group?But kids who aren’t lil,chickens to sit in the dark.I am not I try to spot ghost with my friends but they never see them nor do I see them when they are around I see them when I am by myself like I prefer it although I like to have someone with me becuase all the “questions” to ghost are not answered as like that is the real answer no buts.Why do ghost act scared of people when don’t they know that “they” are the scary ones to us?Can’t they have a normal conversation with someone without these lil,words?Well I wanna know so much I want to be a ghost hunter myself but I want to be one now.I want to prove to my friends I am not a crazy girl like they think I am.You know I have always wondered this,okay they say in cherch if you are bad you go to Hell if you are good you go to Heaven.But if there are so many ghost around this world and if some are good and some are bad what are they still doing here?Is there a Heaven or Hell?Is Earth Hell?Are we living in our own nightmares or is Earth just one grate big nightmare of the Devil or is “he” really controlling this world?
Sorry to be all freakish like that but ghost lead all down to this.

How can youtube fake a live broadcast?

Hello Grant I am a ghost hunter living in Elmira I will tell you about a haunting at a church in Burlington pa it is the Burlington methidest church. A team of ghost hunters from ghost hunters inc caught on camera green mist forming behind the pulpit. They also captured black clouds in the middle of the pew plus a couple E.V.P.S Plus a couple ghost hunters got thrown against the wall.I don’t have the contact info of that place. Paranormal investigater Robert Gildea

Ever wonder what happened to Donna? You need to read about WHY she isn’t with Ghost Hunters anymore! She knows about all the lies!

Hi there gang,my name is Austin and I had my first paranormal run in as a child of about six. I guess it might have been more of a run in with a form of demon in a way. Any how my family and I kept it to our selves for a while do to us all thinking something may have been wrong with me. Then good old Ghostbusters hit main stream and I started my education on the supernatural since my fear turned into interest as to what was really going on with me and the world. Then after the GB2/RGB cartoon hit and left without much desire to (know) about the world of ghosts we all seemed to just let it all go without any questions. Then suddenly you guys came into the picture (as well as some others) and we’re all back in the game. Not to mention with a new GB game out and a possible GB3 in the works the door to the supernatural has swung wide open all over again. Thanks a zillion guys for everything you do. One last question, how coulkd I possibliy join/ get involved with you guys or something like it?

Hello my name is britney im 19 my dogs go crazy in the night in my home in decatur il i have two dogs that chase things that arnt there me and my mother moved into this home last september 08 my father passed away in our old home but are dog then passed away a month later she was old doors open and close with no drafts in the house or windows open i just wanted to know do you think my father could have came with us to are new home i have seen many things in my new house they are the same size and always look the same all but they have been blue, white, red and even black so do you think its ghost some have walked in front of me or besided and at me but have never moved things like glass or things in the house but doors !!!!

My Dad and i have been expierencing some weird stuff that no one can explain. My step Mother Knows the people that used to live in the house they recently passed away but they werent in the house when they passed. Examples, I recently switched into a bigger room and it happens to be the old owners of the house room before they passed and my dresser drowers open on their own and my close get messed up in the middle of the night, Also, i have been getting really bad headaches when i try to sleep every night since i moved into the room. We were woundering if you could give us any advice.

Went to Spokane Falls Cemetery with 2 other friends last nite, just to walk around and took a few pictures. Not all the pictures had dots or so called orbs, I have a few befor and after pictures, I would like someone to look at them.. Any suggestion

My husband and I have learned alot from TAPS. We believe we have 4 ghost. One is a female u can only smell her perfume. #2 is a prankster, #3 just stands around and observes, #4 he comes and goes he likes to sing. They are all very respectful and cool ghosts. We invite them to stay as long as they stay out of our bedroom and our bathroom. So far so good. Oh and they have to stay cool, no mean or scary stuff. So far so good on that also.

I love you’re show!!!! But you’re hair always look very oily. It’s not like you don’t know when you’re going to be on camera.

i need to get rid of a ghost!

Hi, Tabs -Team, this is very simple fun-post(mail) from Germany. I see you every
night on our TV. Your work is exciting, I
am always fascinated. You – are all very
sympathic, with courage and – important –
humorous. I look forward each time to the
evening with you on TV. Sorry, my English
is not so good – I hope, you understand me.
Cordial greeting from Germany. Anne.

My husband and I did a private tour of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and I think I captured something in a picture as well as an EVP. Is there a way to get it to TAPS to analyze it for me?

Dear Jason and Grant,
My husband and I have lived in our home for 32 years. It wasn’t until last April when my husband was taken seriously ill that strange things began to happen in our home. While sitting in the living room, our lites would come on. We have also had cold spots, and the smell of cigerette smoke.

Lately things have died down and I kind of wonder if our spirit has moved on–as we would like him back.Do you think he will return? My husband is to soon recieve a kidney(serious surgery) and I wonder if the activity will pick up.

Thanks for the great programs.


I think that Taps is a great show and I think that it should be on more often. I am having having trouble trying to find the main website where I can talk to Grant and Jason and I am having trouble so I am hoping that some one can help me or I hope that you can give me the main website where I can talk to them and hope that I can ask questions and hope to get some answers to some things. Thanks

Hi my name is Cyndee I watch your show every week if not I have it recording for later. I have some question about some of the thing you do. I still don’t understand why you trun off the lights.How can you see shadows in the dark? On one of your shows you were in a Sanatorium were Grant saw a ghostly shape 2 rooms down in the dark in hospital cloths crouch down then gone? People say they see them in the day light as well at night with the lights on? I have also notice that when you see something your camera man has the camera on you the hold time? Wouldn’t it be better if he was behind you so he can catch what you are seeing? Sometimes I am wondering if somebody is planning a trick on you,for some of the places do echo? I’m not saying that paranormal doesn’t excise there has been a couple of times I have felt and seen, I have been told that I have a over active mine. When a client tells you what they see and hear, sounds like they been watching to much Ghost movies? Thank you for your time hope to hear from you about my question. Before I go I want to say that I get a kick out of Steve and Dave, the way Steve jokes around with Dave. Steve, Dave head sets are not pink and white they are candie red and white. Thank you

Ghosts are real, I used to see my great granfather on a regular basis as a child. He was a soldier in WW1 he was my protector and sometimes he would use my eyes to see and communicate with my family who would be scared out of there wits. I could write a book on this..children are usualy the ones that a spirit will reveal its self to.

I think the show is great But I’m a haunted person which makes me sensative to the paranormal my first time was at 4 years old I’m intrigued by the paranormal

Hello my name is Lucy and I love your show and I would like to work with you just once. Im sensative to the spiritual side I guess you call it a sixth sense I call it being haunted myself my first experience that I remember was at 4 years old.I know I could help somehow I wish I could have gone to the lunatic asylum thanks

How do you apply for a job with you here in Ft,Myers Fla We have hauntings in Florida too

hey im amanda..i have ghosts in my room one
night i was recording something on my camra….and i caought a mans voice…it sadi get out of this
house…my email is emokitty485@yahoo.com
please email me

Hey Jason first off i’m a huge fan of Taps i watch you guys every week even the reruns. The reason i’m writing you is that I’m a paranormal investigator myself in Bucks County in Southampton. I’ve been experiencing voices coming out of my speakers of my computer when there is nothing playing at all. I then hear its again 2 weeks later but this time some voice which sounds like a man voice is callin out my name. On May 3,2010 I heard a ladies voice right behind me. It took me by surprise and it’s making me feel uneasy.

How come no one has investigated Guyana in South America, it has many paranormal reports of hauntings and SIGHTINGS, I myself have grandparents from there who have encountered spirits.

Me too but i live in new mexico also and thats alsobeen apping to mee

I love your show.

i just wanted to say that the three main guys are hot.
julia tornfelt
i had a few cumunications with ghosts my self. its pritty cool

if the rooms are cold how can a ghost leave a hot thermal image ? it is an awesome show.

I am convinced we have a ghost in our home. My 7 year old son has heared and seen many paranormal activities including foot steps, tapping, someone sitting on his bed, ect…He doesn’t know that I also have heard and seen simular things including many shadowy figures, being woken up out of a deep sleep by voices and a constant creepy feeling of being watched. I believe the ghost is not specific to the house but rather to one of us or a peice of furniture. I’m just wondering if their is an orginizeation in my area that can debunk my fears. We live in Ontario Canada. We love your show and appriciate your honesty when providing feedback to the client.

That is happening to me every house I live in so maybe it has an attchment to me or soemthing I own because it happens to me even at friends houses. But the one thing that I would do is tell your son it is just your imagination because if you tell them it is a ghost they might feel unsafe in the house and maybe never be happy there>

Perhaps it’s the ghost of your father who passed in 2010

id just like 2 say iv seen people claiming 2 b ghost hunters but the only people too do so in a proper way is use keep up the good work.

Love your group, love your show. I live in
central Iowa and am interviewing for a group
that hopes to be affiliated with your group.
Wish my friend and I luck!

Hey I am a 12 year old and I LOVE the show. I now alot about ghost because my friends house is haunted and I had something pull my hair and grab my shoulder!!!! How old do you have to be to go to Ghost Hunters Acadmey.I think that it will be really cool if I could go!!

I was spending the night at my friends house and I got really interested when a shadow cross in front of me dissappered and then I got knocked to the ground!!! Someone said that shawdows are bad entitys and glow entitys are good is that true in most cases. What if a “ghost” is following you around for most of your life what does that mean because everywhere i live I have had a feeling that someone is watching me and sometimes when I am alone I see things fall of shelfs and shawdows darting from room to room. I think that some sort of spirit has an attachment to me and my mom doesn’t beleive me. I am really getting freaked out. But at my friend kinda old house deaths have happened there which has explained alot about that.

I want to know what I have to do to get in touch with them, My kids are scared and I don’t how to get a hold of them. I need help!

I know of a place that you should think about investigating, numerous great stories from employees that work at an old Inn, but I do not know how to email you directly. Does anyone know how to contact these guys?

I beleave in the parinomal, i have see my grandparents as plain as if i was looking in a merror the day we barried my grandfather. i know my mom has exsperiaced someone tuoch her she will not beleave tough. i love your show. if thefarm house was still standing i would call you i always new something was there the house was over a hundred then it is a lot older if it was still there. I know you will just pase this letter over i wanted to tell you i am so proud of all of you and the work you do for other’s .

my son and i have been doing some investing at fort william henry in lake george all summer and fall last year(2009). we have had some crazy things happen to us there! We have been investing for several years now.I think taps would get some good evidents there!

Finally a television show I can really relate to. I’ve had experiences myself.It’s so nice to know I am not alone. You mention on the show you’d like to go back to certain places to investigate further. Do you ever? I’d like to see here and there a follow up show on the places you have determined are haunted. That would be cool. Keep up the good work everyone. Thank-you for putting this show together it’s comforting and educational for people who are really having experiences.

Hello,I would like to suggest a building that I believe would be an interesting area for TAPS to investigate it is Morris Memorial Nursing Home, it was previously a crippled childrens home/hospital it opened in 1928 when it was donated by a very generous man because a member of his family had polio. The children varied in age and conditions, some were in iron lungs there were surgeries performed there as well as daily exercises and routines. In later years it became a Nursing home for the elderly and at one time housed 180 patients. There was a farm etc.so it was a self sufficient facility there has been many reports of sounds of children crying, talking, movements, shadows. Hearing footsteps,shuffling etc. the facility closed about two years ago and now stands empty,actually it would be a good back ground for a horror story as it has a tunnel and cubbyholes..at one time it had a tunnel to the out side thru the side of the hill that they supposedly had moved slaves through. the building has a lot of history thought you might find it interesting it is located in Milton,West Va

I don’t believe in the idea of a “god” but because of some things that have happened in my past I believe “spirits” are around. How do you feel about mediums?I thnik some people actually can communicate with the dead but they charge outrages fees.I mean if you have a “gift” that you didn’t attend years of schooling to develope or need special equipment to to allow you to feel and sense spirits then why charge $100, $200 or more an hour? Would you have any ideas on how to maybe contact a loved one who has passed without it costing a bundle of money? I enjoy your show and have watched since the beginning. I really like how you try to debunk things first and not just jump in and tell people what you THINK they want to hear. I know you are busy but a comment or possible answer would be appreciated.Karla

please can you help? i got a ghost that moves things and tips things over. i need help to remove it as it is getting stronger.

I follow your program,even when its reruns. I can’t stand ghost hunters as they never show what they’re after-just the guys eyes lighting up under their lights. 100% fake.

i would like to know which of you live in fall river mass.you gave me your phone number and i have lost it.i do need your help now.

my name is joan kasoff please contace me about a case in maine. my phone number is 207-326-0660 this is urgenet
thank you

Which episode shows the little girls EVP saying they dont want us here?

My dad just passed away before this last christmas suddenly. my 2 yr old son and i were looking out our window and he said to me that there was grandpa i asked him if he missed grandpa he said no he’s right there. is it possiable for a spirit to travel. we live in a different town than what he lived in.

I just wanted to comment that I watch your show every week and I really enjoy your show. I get together every week with some of my friends and we ghost hunt. We have been doing this for over eight years and we love doing it. We are all very much into spirit and have believed this way pretty much our whole lives. I have one friend who helps us that has a been a physic for twenty years and is very well known throughout the midwest and with several police departments. She has worked with them for years helping to solve cases. We have a lot of fun doing this and we have lots of cool experiences. Actually, Cyndy the phychic friend I was telling you about speaks to people who have crossed over to spirit and has done this over twenty years. We all love your show and find it to be the most entertaning paranormal investigation show on T.V.

Blessings Always
Tammy Conover

Hi Jason and Grant!! I’m Dolores and I live in Saipan not (Spain). I have been watching your shows and I just love them so much. It would really be cool if you guys would come out here in the CNMI and do your ghost huntings here since we also have lots of paranormal activities as well. I just hope to see you guys come to Saipan and let everyone know that our Island exist. To point out our location, it’s a tiny dot that you can barely see and it’s close to Japan and Guam. Thank you and I hope to hear from you guys about journeying out to a totally different and new place.

I watch taps all the time. It has actually helped me come to grips with the an awful incident that happened in my parents home when I was little. I do believe and have been very interested in ghosts and why they are still earthbound for years. One place that I would love for taps to investigate is the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, MO. Three members of the Lemp family commited suicide in the mansion. It is now a restaurant and numerous people have stated they have had experiences. PLEASE investigate Lemp Mansion.

Your faithful viewer

if you guys want to talk about some realy cool local ghosts, come down to rome, georgia. their is a ghost living in the rome little theiter in down town rome. her name is ruby, shes a 7 year old girl who was hit by a car in the 1800’s while going to the theiter to whatch a movie. when she was hit the people around her gatherd to see if she was okay, shee got up off the street and went into the movie theiter, the man who cleared out everyone at the end of the day found her dead, in her favorite spot in the theiter, in the very front of the theiter on the right side, the third row of the front and the third seat on the right. people have seen her ghost wondering around sometimes, she takes things from people but she always gives them back. in my own personal experiance i used to play with ruby when i was 7 years old. if you want more information e-mail me.

My name is Megan Shields, i am 13 years old, i have had the most experiences in my home and my little brother (Nick) is scared, he does not like to admit it though.
We have heard footsteps, voices, shadows, and i am the only one seen the ghost who look like people. Once i mistaken one as my mother.
Please help, we would like to know if anything is here or who is here.
We live in Northrigde CA.
You can contact us at…

Hi im a big fan of taps and would love to meet them i have a friend who has met you her name was Amy and she was with sepia of North Carolina so please email me back

Thank You


The Drake House Museum is haunted by the ghost of the General there it is located in Plainfield NJ the former police chief Ed Santiago as a care taker there and spoke of the strange goings on there

Hi my name is Debbie I live in iowa had you ever concidered investigating the Valisca House where several murders took place

hi my name is elle and i am a massive fan i watch the show every time its on but my mum dont believe the show but i do 😀 im doing a school project about ghosts and i was wondering have u got any scary experiences or if u have every been scared
from elmoelle 😀

Hey guys do you work with mediums? people with spiritual gifts? lastly how often does this ocure?

So we don’t beleive at all, and have never had an experience. We live in a five year old home in Arizona not some historic place. Last night my wife wakes up (yes she WAS asleep) says she had an aweful nightmare that someone was standing in the bedroom watching. She said she got a huge chill and woke up. She got up ,s o I joinde her she told me of her night mare. We left our btahroom where we smoked, and hit the bed. AS WE DID, a Bang game from there, the light flahed on then went off, and I looke up thinking she is in bed right? A shadow exited the room. I then looked to my left for her, and she was staring wide eyed next to me, and asking what the hell was that? I asked our daughter if she was in our room, she was sleeping. The sound and the light imulated my wife when she comes to bed, same noise from the ash tray and she turns off the light, not on then off, but similar. We both heard and saw the same thing. Any suggestions, ideas? We tested the light, the ash tray etc… we had JUST laid down. She daid in the dream she was scared, the thing seemed evil. We are already planing to move, I have a new job in New Mexico. WTH?

Hello Taps I was just wondering if you see this i know a supposed haunted place in Canton PA, Bradford county. The place is called 7 steps and is supposed to be haunted by countless ghosts and a young boy who was struck down by a train…. If you are interested please notify me at my email address. Thank you.

Hello my name is John and I live in Decatur Ill. And I think my house is haunted! My 2 year old daughter will not sleep in her bedroom because she says she sees a man in her closet. My other two children are fine sleeping in the room but her. This is not the only incodent that has accured their has been others in the home. My wife has experienced doors closeing and opening, she has heard foot steps coming up the basement stairs and nobody is their and hears voices,blue balls of light flying from one room to the next and then disapears, she has seen shadow figures and felt something or someone touch her. We have the old pull sting lights in the basement and the chain tinked against the light and nobody has been their. A lot of this did not start until we started remodleing our home and we have not finished because my wife does not want to make what ever it is mad. Her brother sleeps down stairs and he is deaf and he has also seen blue balls of lights. We also hear things walking through the house at night. My wife has also felt something touch when we are in bed asleep. Our house was built in the 1930’s. What can we do to figure out weather or not our house is haunted. please respond we possible. please and thank you. P.S. our 2year old is scared of her room that she sleeps on the couch in the frontroom.

John again you can contact us at jbilyeuclark56@gmail.com

I am from eastern KY and heard that vehicles marked with the TAPS logo were spotted in Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder KY. Just wondering if this is true, and will there be an episode. I HOPE SO!

In the lighthouse episode on the military post when the guy felt and heard footsteps go right by him there was also movement shown on that section of floor but no mention of it, what gives, or am I just seeing things?

Jason and Grant: Please jump on board and have the people in the passenger seats using the walkie talkies. It is sooooo dangerous to be distracted driving. I know: my Brother-in-law lost a nephew to this problem. PLEASE be good examples for your younger demographics. Thanks guys!

what can i do when ghost talk to me.i live in ky i walk in a grave yard at night time i see at lease 4 ghost 2 men 1 woman 1 young girl i here them talk to me but it scare me some time.

You guys are the best hunters, but I wonder why your producers don’t watch the other ghost hunter shows. Sometimes they find sites where there is real activity. Then you cound see if you too could investigate that location. It seems that would increase the chance of finding something good. Also why don’t you take a dog on investigations. They seem to have a real sensitivity to the paranormal.

I havebeen living with ghosts for 11 years. But now they are getting real nasty with me outback in the garage and yard area. I had Clintonn County Paranormal Investigators here over two weeks ago and they still have not gotteen back to me. They did have alot of things happen to them and their equipment. Four weeks ago I was going to ccut a dead section of the apple tree down and the ladder was jerked out from under me(it likes this tree). I explained to it that the dead part of the tree had to be cutr out. The next day I had no problems cutting the dfead part down. Wednesday I built a fire for a weiner roast and when I put two branches of the apple gtree on the fire, I was pushed into the fire. A hand went on the back of my head and shoved my face into the fire. I was able to push myself out with my left hand (2nd degree burns on my hand) face got scraped and eyebrows, lashes and hair burned. I wwould surely like to have help with this problem. Thanks Ron Ash

I have been investigating the paranormal for years now. I know I’ll never loose my passion for “the hunt”. One of my favorite EVP’s was captured during an investigation while I was useing an EMF detector. For a long time there was nothing. No sound no answers to any of my questions. All of a sudden my EMF detector started to buzz. As the sound grew louder and the needle rose you could hear a male voice say, “What the F–k happened!” then a quieter female voice said ‘Who is that” Who knew we could surprise them??? If your interested in hearing it please let me know. I also got a great EVP from The Waverly Hills Sanitorium. There is a paige for a Dr. “Dr. Sanderson Call,” something. That last word was not clear to me. You all have my dream job!

What does TAPS say about,YOU TUBE saying Donna LaCroix gave you up as FAKED shows and videos?

Hii you guys please read 🙂 My names Michaela and im a huge fan with Ghost Hunters ( T.A.P.S ) and Ghost Hunters academy . I know im only 14years old but i have been interested in the paranormal since i was young i have had one or two small expieriences but nothing compared to yours . Here in Killarney Co. Kerry Ireland dont have much paranormal studies and i have always wanted to do an ivestigation like yours . To do something like ye do the investigation the analysis and the reveal its all just so exciting. =20 I hope you get this and reply to me at kla@live.ie. Yee are really my heros :] x

We were looking for some different opinons on this picture taken by my sisiter at her new apt. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please send me a contact e-mail to my email Add. so i can send you pictures.

I would love to have a chance to become a part of the TAPS experience.

Have you ever thought of investigating Mesa Verte in south of Durango,Colorado.
I think that would be very interesting.

I love your show taps, watch every week.I’ve had experiences after my son’s dad passed away so I know it’s real.

I would like to know how to go about getting you or someone else to investagate activity that is goin on at my daugther’s house and at least three other house on the same block. they have all been seeing things and having activity. I feel that this could be a very interesting case since it is at lest four houses that are having the same activity.. Any help..

Are you needing more Paranormal Investigatiors I would like to do this I know how to Drive spirits away or destroy them. I am an American indian that works with Spirits and other paranormal and I can get them to talk?

I just finished watching the fort Tycondaroga episode I dont know Ghost I do know soldiers.Where the lady was in the field by the woods,instead of being melow,and saying lets communicate, have a Man there who is familliar with the period Military commands.And can sound like a seargent,Such things as form ranks,Fix Bayonett and so forth might bring u results you want verses nothing,Soldiers respond to soldiers,and there Seargents before civilians

Hello my Anna Bowman,

I really enjoy watching your show! Always thought that it would be cool to experience something paranormal but never have!! I live in Watertown Newyork a place thats full of history I have heard of paranormal happenings at Thompson Park people say that there is some kind of vortex located in the park somewhere near the bathroom area also there is 2 indian burail grounds there. People say that it could be one of the most haunted areas!! I would love just to investigate but unfortuntionly the place closes at 9. There is all sorts of information on Thompson Park on the internet if you would like anymore information.
Thankyou very much!
Just everyone wants the truth is it just made up and rumors going around or is this place really haunted?

ehyo from ellie and sam in bideford(england) lol bideford is so boring and it would be nice if all the ghost hunters come to bideford

Ever thought of investigating the ground zero site.

Why is it,that some people can see and hear ghost and others like myself cannot. I do belive in ghost and the strange thing is, about 4 years ago my wife and two kids (age 2&3) woke me up screeming. I ran into the living room where I saw the fear in my familys eye’s and my wife pointing at a orange glowing ball that I was unable to see.
My wife left me becouse she and other say that there is evil there and I didn’t want to move.

i have a picture of a friend and her brother and i seen some thing i dont know what it is and i want a nother opinion on it.

I love you guys,everybody and your show.I hope Steve and Tango will be back this season!!!

i am very empressed with your show. i myself had a experience twice as a child. it scared me bad and has never happened. i would love to see more of your experiences that shows actual evidence on film.

I have a question ( perhaps 2): For the sake of making the show more captivating, do the investigators (any) overly puff their para-normal experience for the camera and to pander to the viewer’s desire to prove the existence of hauntings? Why are all the investigators, except Jay and Grant, under the age of 30 years, is it to appeal to the younger viewer?

what does a person have to do to jion your team?

Does Taps actually drive clear across country to investigate a haunting? Whye don’t the fly?

its not the sterling hotel, its the stanley hotel

how do i prove my house is haunted? ive had psycics tell me stuff about my home and have had many personal experiences. including shadows, being touched and items disapearing. we have a bedroom that no one will sleep in because of the eerie feelings that we get when we go in there.






i watched ghost hunters wed. night i saw what looked like a man standing aginst the wall in the hall of fame building.i thought i was a reflection , but when i came back to the same spot it was not there.thought you should look at it again.

hey taps,i have been haunted my whole life no matter where i am i can get evps with ghost voices at knight,ive been poked touched,had my name called and my wifes name was herd with no evp even when im at a friends house i hear there name called,ive seen ghost in full and half full ,shadow people,doors opened then closed,foot steps,and even had my night stand rock back n forth till finally it just fell over and to much to list here.ghost need help of some kind,thats the most herd evp.( help )cabinets doors slamed so loud ,well you just get used to it but it is a cool feeling when they pass threw you its like aw thats cold but feels nice to,i used to tell them to get out and that i pay the bills here,ooo one time i was doing evp and when it was played back they were having a birthday party for some guy named tom with piano playing and singing happy birthday a lot of ghost will reply to my ? when asked too.at knight get your tape recorder go to your bed room start asking ?s play it back and you can hear them..well i got to go , from joe in fl

so have i and i know that they are there the taps team are looking in the wrong places they need to include the public and they will see alot more xxxxx i understand what your saying, have you taken a pic with total lights round you? xxxx

where is brian and how is donna

i am your number 1 fan, i love tango he is so funny, when vewing your show i had a thought that you should start asking the public about what happens in there houses bec ive had a ghost living in my house for about 3 yyears and i have talked to it and cought stuff on cam, so people in there own houses need help and are having really good effects that would help improve your show more, i feel this is impartant bec i would love to see you in other peples houses you will see and find more than you bargined for belive me xxxxxx loving the show please concider this application as moveing your show farwored (sorry carnty spell) try uk ansley hall ive seen things happen there myself xxxloving the show and number one fan emma you all are great xxxxxxxxxx

god i would love to go on just one time with the taps team bec i think i can get them to talk to us, i feel them when they are orund and i could help please could i come missing steave and tango were are they xxxxxx

We love the show, But,,,We would like to see more of what you are seeing around the room and not so much of you walkin,talking, laying around. You are all very cute but we know what you look like and would like to see less of you and more of the area you are investigating And seems like alot of repeats,, where are your new shows and the new kid from the school that stevc and tango taught, Havent seem any of them lately Also would like to see the results a little better BUT LOVE YOU ALL THE SAME KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, oh what about contacting chip coffee and his phycic kids coming to help you out, they can acually see and speak to thim would be interesting to see this gathering of all of you. Have you thought about going to key west to see Robert the doll,


It’great. Are you going to do a live show for Halloween this year? It would be fun to watch.

you guys are great, thank you for proving so many skeptics WRONG! lol thank you for so many years of complete entertainment and total SHOCK when you guys do catch something! love what you’re doing…i do a little amature ghost hunting myself!

Hi, im amber from ohio and i just wanted too say i would love t o meet you guys, my best friends mom has met you guys already Tammy Graves. Yea how could i get ahold of you guys to talk to you??

I really love TAPS. I am having some issues in my home. In my boys room there tv changes channels on its own,the closet door opens up by itself, my two boys are very afraid to go in their room by themselves. When sitting in my living room you hear footsteps upstairs. You get a very un-easy feeling, in my bedroom the closet door will open by itself. Can you please help???

i really wanted to be apart of your group big fan

Hey Jason & grant why dont you have energizer btty. company help fund your show by saying thier product when your batteries run down or drained of energy from some type of spirit, it happens all the time so mention energizer when you are changing them. (Let me Know) PS: love the show (<:

PS: notify me on your answer about energizer (Thanks)

I really enjoy watching TAPS, you guys are awesome and sometimes wish I had the chance to do what you guys do, keep up the great work.

son geniales!!!!!!!!!Los otros programas son poco creibles.

thorne wood castle
also known as rose red have you ever thought about checking this place out or have you already? if you have what season was that?

dos taps hunt ghost in the daytime

I was looking for a way to contact the research team.I have site that I think validates research.It’s called The Berry Hill Plantation.It’s located in between Eden,NC and Danville,VA.Growing up I was always told of many strange occourances and was almost killed by a tractor trailer on Berry Hill road a couple years ago.Some of my friends and I found ourselves lost on the property back in 1996 and just got turned around and realized we were in a place we shouldn’t be.The property has many tales some of which I found on Forgottenus.com.From war to cemetary to tales of the occult this place surely warrants investigation.

please help i have kids and we just been living here 3mo. we are fixing it up , and alot of stuff has happened to the pont that i had to see a doctor. im not crazy , just never experinsced this before!!! call 1-620-285-6549 please call !!!!!!!!! shannon quimby

i am verry interested in the paranermal and want so badley to go goast hunting but want someone experenced to go with me so maybe i can understand these feelings that i have

I would like to know what happened to Steve and Tango? The show is not as interesting as it was the others on there really seem quite programmed to say what they say and act the way they do.

i love what you are doing and enjoy watching!

Why dont you show the scariest house you guys have been to like a jail cell or the witches house road its hugly scary

Hello TAPS Team!
Got some great news for you, on one of your investigations, season 6 “Spirits of the Night” you investigated a home that the family thought there was some activity there. You experienced it yourself. Look at the timeline approx 24 mins 45 secs into the investigation, Jason and Grant were asking the spirit to knock so the guys could find them. The camera spanned around the room and there is a shot of the stairs. Watch as an apparition walks down the stairs. I was like WHOA! You can see it if you watch carefully. Keep up the good work! Also, I loved that one episode where you guys were investigating the old armory I think it was and the disembodied voice said “You don’t belong here.” and Grant’s hood was pulled as he tried to walk away in different directions. That freaked me out. I am sure it did you guys as well.

I think it is really crazy that TAPS can sell us their products, that in CANADA we can watch their TV shows, that we can support them in that way, but when it comes to lives web shows, we Canadians are banned……I will not be watching anymore. I feel like it’s ok to spend money on them but never mind us when something good and FREE comes along….I for one am disgusted and will never watch again.

I need help I have been knockeed down twice, I have seen an aborition, I had a conversation with what I rhought was my father through a blinking light bulb. Many other things I could tell but tonight I had a heater thrown at my head.
That was it for me.

Hi Guys:

I am a fan of your show – love all you guys – well tonight I am going to investigate a friend’s house, I have some equipment, a recorder, video recorder, and a voice box and an EMF reader. I am hoping to pick up some evidence and if I do and if it is haunted could you guys check out the place for a TV show once I get evidence? I am told that there is a little girl in the house and the friend of mine’s dead grandfather visits her. Any way hoping to get some evidence and send it in to you.


There is one Cemetery in a little town called Evart Michigan…The Grave stones actually light up in the night…There are several stones at random that actually glow…There has been numerous scientific investigations done and no one can figure out why they do it..Books have been written etc.. There is an old story of a gentleman that used to light candles to light the way for the lumber workers to get home by after they would visit the local bar..The Cemetery used to be a lumber camp…The guy was the cook of he camp..and his son used to go to the saloon after working hard all day..The father was so worried about him he used to light the candles to make sure his son would get home safely… On the way home one night the son fell into the river and the father came looking for him and saw his son was floating in the river…The father not knowing how to swim jumped in to save him therefore both drowning..Ever since then 175 years ago every head stone put into the Cemetery at one point or another lights up..
There will be at least 3 to 4 head stones a night lite up…
There was a piece by our local TV station 9 and 10 for Halloween and sure enough they themselves seen it…It would be great to investigate this Cemetery…There is also a local legend about Ghost Creek in Marion Michigan..and at a certain time of the year of course at night..you can hear the screams of the men who died from a train accident…You can see their lanterns and hear the screech of the train as it derails…
Very interesting stories I grew up on..

hi just like to say i like the tv show you all are cool

To all who have been touched by a ghost…
I just wanted to see if anyone else would describe the experience as feeling like ripples of water. A few months ago, a hand or something entered the center of my back and it felt as if a small puddle of water was rippling outward in varying temperatures.

FOX 8.COM if you haven’t seen it,, check it out, in a Savannah Cemetary. Caught on tape by a young man from Ohio on vacation…

I truly believe in all this but what if someone that is really into it brings them home?

Hello Jason and Grant

I appreciate your going into these different haunted locations around the country and even over seas.
With every show I watch I connect with the individual entities and move them on so they are no longer haunting the home or establishment you visited.

So if you are getting any feedback that the ghost activity has come to a conclusion at some locations after you have been there…..I am the reason why.

One of the shows I watched today was in reference to the Orleans in Cape Cod.

Also the Grebzky home, actually don’t remember how to spell their name, but they were very bothered by the activity.

Keep up the great work of showing me where there is paranormal activity. I appreciate it very much.

I saw one of your shows about 3-4 years ago and you had gone to a white building that was an old court house or building was a ghost seen haning from a rope in the middle of the room. This building was where many people had been judged and sentenced. About a year later you went back to the same building and there was no activity what so ever on that episode.

I am the reason why. This is what I do.
I move them on by simply inviting them to flow through my body as it is a portal for transitioning eartbounds/spirits/in-betweeners/ghosts/poltergeists, etc.

Sincerly Rick

I got some real footage of some what I l
Think might be ghost is
Ts a little creepy

I would like someone to come check out a cemetery I went to with a camera I got footage of real ghost too

Jason, Grant and staff. I enjoy your program very much.
I do, however, have one little comment. When you are filming in an area – I wish you wouldn’t have the camera on you so much as what we want to see. Have the cameraman scan the areas more than showing your faces.
I also would like you to check on the Deerfield Museum in Deerfield MA.
I was there to tour the museum in 2007, I was in a room by myself, took some pictures in the room using a digital camera. When I saw the pictures, there was a large picture of the side of a face and ear, like a double exposure. I would like to know where I can send the picture to have it viewed. I realize since it was a digital, there is no negative to inspect. Maybe you could arrange a tour of the museum to see if there is anything there.
Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your show.
Thank You
Phyllis Boyse
Grove OK

I was wondering if there has ever been a report where anyone has seen orbs. I have seen a orb with my very own eyes. it was early in the morning and i didnt have bright lights on. the orb floated past me. it looked just like it looks in pictures except i was visually seeing this. i have also been hearing things, but nothing that made me more scared than seeing this orb. can you let me know if this is possible.


Hello T.A.P.S.,my name is Bobi and I am from SC.I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your show and watch it every week and record it to make sure my husband and I dont miss it.I am married to a REAL skeptic and can not convince him of the paranormal.I’ve experienced activity since I was 13 when my grandfather passed and experience it now more now that my grandmother has passed.My son is 13 now and I hear him in his room talking to someone and he tells me its his great-grandfather(my grandfather)whom naturally he hasnt ever met and his great-grandmother(my grandmother)whom he was very close to.I know he is at least talking to my grandfather because he tells me things that my grandfather had and did that no one has ever told him.He tells me great-granddaddy told me to tell you that when I get older he wants you to give me….(which is something I have of his).I know they are here,but I know there’s something else here too,mostly inone certain bedroom.It’s always fely so gloomy in there and I get this eery feeling when Im in there.I’ve heard a mans voice in there too and at those times my husband isnt home,so I know its not him.I’ve told my husband about it and told him about the shadow I see in the hallway,so we’ve tried the flashlight technich and like I thought,it turned on on que.I’ve tried to do e.v.p. and I don’t ever hear anything,but I normally hear the mans voice when like I said my husband isnt home.Is there something I might could try to get a clear voice or name that I might have missed?I’ve heard that ghosts and spirits typically “shy away”from skeptics and I’m thinking thats why he dont ever see or hear anything.I was amazed that the flashlight actually turned on that night.Is this true about the skeptic thing?Do they shy away?Weve went on an investigation of our own before in an historic cemetary where confederate soldiers are said to be buried and caught things on the tape and I showed them to my husband and he said I was seeing things.There is a place here in SC that is said to be SERIOUSLY haunted and I think it would be awesome if yall could come investigate it.I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to investigate sometime with yall!!!I say it every week.I probubly sound like a broken record by now on that subject but I do..I would love to come with yall and investigate sometime!!!Give you guys a run for yalls money with another red-head on the team for a night…LOL.Oh another thing…..Those cases you haul the equipment in…..the Taps on them are wearing out so if I can get an address,I want to make your cases some new letters….It’s my career and I wanna make em.Please email me back with the answeres Ive asked if possible…THANK YOU

I would like to know if it would be possible to have someone investigate a house in the country here in Texas. It is called “Windmill House or County Road 409”. The original house is there and the windmill has blown down in recent years. When there was no wind blowing here (a rare case but it happens) if you stepped on the property the windmill started spinning. I’ve been out there at night and you get a feeling of dread and heaviness. You can hear sceams and there have been reports of a Demonic Bible in the house. I don’t know that cause I didn’t go into the house but out there you could feel someone watching you. I’m not afraid of the country at night but we were there in the summer and it went from the 80 degrees it was to ice cold in spots. I was literally frozen in place. I don’t know if you could help but if you could get me in touch with someone to contact I would appreciate it. It’s a place in the town of Merkel, Texas and is very well known by the kids and the people in the town.

It started out with me seeing movement in my perifial vision and I know I spelled it wrong. The next thing that happened blew me away, I had the door in my shop one night open including the latch. Then they started touching my hair which they seem to like to do that because they do that alot until I tell them to stop. I was holding my cat and she was watching something behind me it was clear and as I watch her eyes move from one side to the other she growled and started hissing and ran off. I has seen three spirits move at the same time, one does like to chase our cat and this time I saw the figure chasing her in my upper perifial vision and also saw this figure the day before, one of the spirits also brought their cat which I also saw this cat and both my wife and I have a cat jump up our bed and looked and there wasn’t anything there and I have heard a cat walking upstairs and checked and it wasn’t either one of our cats, we hear footstep, they make noices all night which really bothers my son. I wasn’t scared of these spirits until yesterday, when I am in the bath tub and this spirit push a object in the tub or tried too, and I caught it and it did it again so I yelled stop doing it and instead it made the tower in the toilet reservoir, the cap come off and the lid of coarse kept water from going anywhere but I could tell he was trying to get my attention and I just want to be careful, I not scared unless they start throwing things at me, hurting family or my self, I have been around ghost all my life, I have many experiences outside my home. I just need some help communicating with these spirits and finding out what they want. Please help me.

Ineed help with a spirit that might mean me harm. please help.

i need someone’s help trying to get rid of some ghosts. i was told there is a demonic spirit here. and we need them out. Someone please help me..

Jennifer – TAPS identifies paranormal activity, they have no ability to get rid of them. If you are interested in emailing me, I believe I can help you get rid of the ghostly intruders. They are really just amatuers when it comes to really understanding what paranormal activity is all about.


i don’t really want to get rid of them. i want to find out why they are there.

if your able to email me drpepper1921@aol.com

I was wathcing one of the shows when they were at the house that was in CA, where Sharon Tate was murdered, and what I heard on the recording was “Why are you doing this”, listen again to the recording and you will see.

My family and I just watched the episode of the area surrounding the Tate/LaBianca killing 30 or more years ago. We found it very disturbing to hear the coversations between you and the spirits. We hope you will contact a priest or someone to go there and communicate with them to help them cross-over.We hope this is possible for their sakes.

Jason or Grant remember the place you guys investigated where jason was in a motel room or hotel that was haunted by a woman and a boy. Jason slept in the room and the covers were pulled off his feet and it dint look look his other foot moved. Why dont you guys set a camera in there all night and stick a dummy under the covers and i dont mean tango either and see what happens, wont take much and just one camera. Thanks me in Texas (>:

Hey guys we seemed to never get a reply and thats sad. We are giving you ideas to covert you from millionaires to billionaires but nooooooo you seemed to dont care. Here is a ghost you can work on its called the Holy Ghost which is real. Alright will see what happens. )<:

why you dont ask them , why they dident cross over, and ask why they are still here
do you realy d this,or is this is just a show
because when you tell them your not going to hurt thim , thats funny ,they will hurt you a lot more, taps if your on the up and up
be care full, playing with the dead , that shouldent be there,

I do watch your show from time to time. I am really sceptacle though. I mean…to those of us that truly have had “experiences” it seems like hogwash.
I used to have so much paranormal experiences that happened to me. For years and years and years. Stuff that would knock your socks off.
However, after having a Near Death Experience” 5 years ago….
and turning my life over to God….
I haven’t had ONE paranormal experience. Not one. Makes a person think.
So, it makes me suspicious of anyone claiming to see things…just because you are looking for it.
Maybe you should think about it…before faking it. You may be playing with some people’s spirits….and I don’t think Jesus apprecieates that. (Sorry..spelling…)

I have personally meet Jason, Grant and Steve from TAPS back in 2007. They are sincerely interested in proving the existance of life after death.

I have even molded our scientific side around some of the techniques they use.

However, we work differently than TAPS.

Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators™ of Florida are Haunting Resolutionists. We bridge the gap between spirituality and science; merging mediumship and technology. We determine what the issues are. We share all of our findings with our client. We then solve the issues. When children are involved, that case becomes our priority.

The only problem I see with TAPS is they really never seem to help anyone…they only either prove or disprove (debunk) paranormal activity.

EXACTLY ,NOW WE ALREADY KNOW SOUL IS THERE ,we should try to make equipment to talk with them, we know they are their, why should waste time in proving or disapproving ,SIR i admire your work sincerely, if u share your findings with me i would be happy , i am also interested in finding ghosts(souls)

I like your episode . But how can i comment more because i just know thing that what it is but dont have practical experience.Eager to comment more if you reply me

Please please I beg of you to help me ! There is alot I dont understand . My husband passed away a year ago but I think he is here with me now but i am not sure but yet my dog seems to know that he is here . My husband passed away in Florida but since I have moved back to Ga. with his ashes and i think he is here but how can he be if he passed in Florida? He was my soul mate sent from God and I just need to know how he could be here if he passed in Florida. PLEASE PLEASE hwlp me to understand if he is with me in spitit or not …I dont know maybe I am just going nuts from the love I have for him tho today being the year mark of his death of a heart attack my dog is acting like something more is here than just me and him so please help me understand . You are the only one I feel I can trust with the answers that i need …Please find it in your heart to help me ….Jackie Summers

Hello we think we got a case on our hands in south wales. if you are intrested to investigate it out. please email us if you want to seek it out. we have many reasons why we think theres a ghost in the building.

MY name is susan,i have 2 children,i live alone with them in a small town in porter maine.my son just recently moved out because he couldnt handle all that is happening here.my 6yr.old will not sleep in her room because something keeps waking her up and she is very scared of her room,so i started sleeping in it and like her something keeps waking me up also,i here foot steps every night around 2 ish.ive seen a little girl around 4yrs old running around my house and she humms songs.there is also a dark figure that stands in front of my front door,he doesnt do anything but i see him all the time.down stairs is my temp.bedroom i was laying in my bed when a large hand balled up and started to push me across my bed.we are very scared to be here and we have no other place to go.please can someone help us get these things out of our home.i can even have people stay the night ,they always end up leaving before morning comes.can you please,please help us.

“Great question, but many that die don’t realize they are dead. Worth asking though.”

I copied the above statement from another website. My question would be, “Who on earth would know this? Does your crew ever ask spirits/ghosts questions like “What is it like where you are?” Are you in Heaven> Hell? Who is your God? Do you have a God?
Can you see yourself? How can we see you better? How could we communicate with you better? Can you go anywhere you want to? Are you stuck here? How? Why?

Hi, I would love to watch Ghost hunters. I would like to asked if u put the camera which u hold it light off then u may be able to catch ghost. Jst try!! Coz i believe Ghost dont like light…


i went too the —***REMGINGTON MANSEN***—experienced cold spots.took picture and SAW MY FIRST GHOST LADY WINDSOR eons ago…when i devloped my pictures!!!a lady in white victorian sytle dress. she was sitting a victorian stly chair.


I love your programmeand record every one so I can sit down and enjoy. My only querry I do have is I can never experience any noises of footsteps voice phenomena as the music that is playing in the background of your programme is just so loud. Any chance you can prevent this being played.

Hello I trying to get a hold of TAPS I have a rent house that I lived in for 6 years and I had alot of experiences and now I purchase the house across the street and the people that lives there now have had stuff fly out of their hands lights on and off and bodys floating around in the kitchen. They are over 7 people that have seen things at this house in the last 8 years. Please can you help me get in contract with them

When ghost hunters first aired on sci-fi the show was set up much different than it is now. taps mainly investigated people’s homes instead of historic locations. I remember they had a demonologist and when they found paranormal activity, they would have craig do a house blessing and a clearing/protection prayer with the family. now all that happens when they present the client with any activity, grant steps up and says “there’s nothing you need to be afraid of or worried about here, they’re just people.” which is good to say every once in a while but not on every investigation. it seems now they only go and investigate non-haunted locations where they can debunk claims of activity. this makes the show incredibly dull, boring and not worth watching. we, the viewers, want to see real hauntings and i wish they would only air episodes where they got evidence of the unexplained. they should change the title to “ghost hunters: debunked.” i’m wondering if they specifically choose locations where there are no reports of negative entities.

Are they afraid some of these spirits might follow them home? that’s the chance you take when being in this field. also, why don’t they use any new equipment to aid in capturing the paranormal? they’re so predictable; grabbing a flashlight and unscrewing it a little so that it takes little energy to turn it on to attempt spirit interaction. then they use the laser grid to which they have yet to document any evidence with. why not use the ghost box and the PX device. other paranormal investigators have had great success with the ghost box and the PX to which they’re able to document real spirit comunication. are they afraid to use these devices for fear of negative spirits? many paranormal investigators realize the risks involved when doing an investigation so they can document any unexplained activity. also, it seems steve and tango are just on there to be funny and do dumb things. rarely do they ever capture anything. jason and grant seem to be the only ones who have any experiences on most of the shows. i think it’s hilarious when they actually go to a haunted location and experience activity. it scares the crap out of most of them.

i wish they would do away with OSI’s (on-site interviews) because they just repeat what has just happened making it completely redundant and a waste of time. I know there have to be several people who used to enjoy watching ghost hunters a while back but are frustrated with the direction the show is headed and where the show has been for the past two years. also, please get rid of the sound effects. this makes it difficult to hear the real activity that’s going on. sound effects doesn’t make it scarier. we want to hear what they are hearing, that’s what makes it scary. i hope the producer’s of this show, and the taps members read this comment and change some of the things that has ruined this show

Hello TAPS im Jordan, im 12 years old and i live in Colorado and I was wondering if you could come to my gradnparents house because we have alot of paranormal activity here like noises and sometimes we will even see things and that would be great if you could come and check it out. Always Jorda[:

Dear taps I have met a few of you at the Taps Convention at the Bellview Biltmore,I was the waitress Linda from Massachusetts the ex Hilltop waitress.Thanks for the t-shirt by the way I love it! i neeed to ask you do ghosts follow people?I left he Bellview Biltmore and worked at the St.Pete auto auction for two years and all this weird stuff happene there also.The one guy I worked with said none of this happened until I got there.Lights going off and on,cars driving around and no ones in them.I used to talk to Maisey every morning and I am wandering why all this weird ghosts stuff keeps happening every where I go.Last night we drove home from a visit to Boston when we passed the Payne River in Georgia me and my husband smelled death big time! He usually humours me so he said he smelled it to.What the hell is going on?

I watch your show alot with my boyfriend. I would like to ask you would you be able to investigate my aunt home in mississipp? Her home has many many history on it. Slaves used to live there and some where trap in home trying to get out and couldnt. A lady died in the home but she doesnt know which room. They are experience noises all the time. Things are being moved and birds comes in there house and they dont know how they are getting in there. They have snakes, lizards that comes in. Please contact me because they really wants some explaination on what is going on.

I have been to the Hotel Alex Johnson/2010.I did’nt see anything paranormal but had some unusual things happen with the elevator.I would press floor six and end up in the basement for example.Many problems with the elevators.Maybe with the power on you might experience different things.Creepy place.There was a tour group the day we stayed but outside of the lobby we never saw anyone.Luggage was everywhere but no people.Just weird and our cell phone kept changing time zones and dates.

plz watch this and tell me wat u think 5 peope in my house have heard this and its in the very begining of the vid before i say anything or even move so plz tell me wat u think it says we all think it says “i am right beside your bed”

I have just recently in October 2010 started leasing a 18th century building that I renovated and turned into a coffee shop/cafe.
During construction I took pictures at verious stages and have orbs present in quite a few.
My contractors have stated that when they would work late at night that they would hear things and feel like they were being watched.
After we opened we had a ribbon cutting the following Thursday. They coffee shop was crowded with employees, members of the Chamber of Commerce and the mayor. Multiple pictures were taken that day. Low and behold even with the crowd and being in broad daylight one of our friends showed up in the ribbon cutting pictures!
One afternoon we were standing in the kitchen on one side of the room by the sink and across the room a bowl fell off the top shelf! No one had been over there and nothing had just been put on that shelf!
They are not threatening or a menace. In fact I feel like they have looked out for and protected us in a few instances.
I am just wanting to report it and get it verified so we can get advertising out that we are a haunted coffee shop so I can share this with other ghost buffs.
I would love someone from T.A.P.S. to contact me about this or whatever organization would be able to do the investigation and help me get registered in my area.
Thank-you for your time,
Debra Like

Just watched the Mackinac Island episode and it was mentioned that you might head back. If you do, check out the Soule Choix light house, known to be the most haunted light house on the Great Lakes. It’s about an hour west on highway 2 in the upper penninsula. Guliver Michigan.
I’ve got some great photos and know the story and where the old light keeper, Willie Townsend is buried.
Love to hear back from you.

I am a huge fan of the show but notice that the investigators seem to see things that the camera people don’t catch. I think it would be worth it if you attached little cameras to your head like miner lights. This way anything that the investigators see that camera will pick up.

Hi TAPS I think my place I live in now is haunted D: plz come and investigate

I have some very strange things happening in my husbands house. I have had a paranormal expert who works with Maryann Winkowski
from the show “Ghost Whisperer” , and am still having paranormal activity. It is begging to affect my animals. Can someone help me please. THIS IS NO JOKE. I am truley scared now. cree

Can you please help me?/ I have had my house cleansed by a friend of Mayann Winkowski(from the show ” Ghost Whisperer), and I am still having paranormal activity. It is truley scaring me. It has begun to affect my animals. Is there anyone who can help me??

hey ghost hunters i have a case for you i live in a place that has ghosts and my house has a ghost and i want to know what to do about it email me back please i need to know what to do

andrew rhodes

my husband and i and my stepdaughter and her boyfriend went down a haunted road where my husband grew up and we were taking pictures and captured lots of orbs then i took one of my stepdaughter and this thing appeared in it we can not figure out what it is. there was no moon out or lights anywhere we were on an old bridge. if you are interested in seeing the photo email me and i will send it to you.
thank you
christine rowe

Hi my name is Samantha and I want you to answer is. . . so for 3 weeks I think there is a ghost in my room the story the first time it happen I was in my bed sleeping and I woke up,couldn’t move and it felt like it was right next to me I could feel its body like it was sleeping with me the only word I could get out was the word “What” and after I said that out loud I could feel it turning and the pressure it was holding on my arms then It was gone, I could move. I got up after that and started hearing “grrrr” and there was popping sounds with it. when to the bathroom and was like what should I do? When back to bed. That night I had nightmares of someone killing my family I really couldn’t get any sleep. Another time I woke up because I heard voices at first I was like am I going crazy or something that night i put a cross in my room and I walked out of my room came back in and I had stuff on my desk that somehow was shape in a cross it freaked me out. Today I was sleeping in the morning, I was tired and I very weird dreams” I was hinting from something that wanted to kill me and it felt so real and even said in my dream is this a dream.” woke up and there was something on me like it was hugging me and I couldn’t move at first I thought it was my sister because she had to leave to go back home, I finally got up and no one was there and plus my door was closed and locked. And my sister left 2 hours ago. There are more stories but there not as scary as theres ones. The other ones I just here voices and I think I saw something but I don’t know what I saw if that make sense. I’m 21 years old and I go to community college so most of the time im alone in the house I just want answers what should I do?????? PS my parents don’t believe me.

I am becoming a ghost hunter and I need help. I have a few friends helping me.

Have you folks ever investigated Salem, Connecticut’s Gardner Lake? Apparently people hear piano music coming from under the water (yes, there is a drowned house — containing a piano — down there).

I would like to thank the whole team of taps for providing great entertainment on tv. Watch the shows all the time over here in England. Do believe that there is something on the paranormal and ghosts. Am more interested though in the mechanics of ghosts and how they do they exist?

It seems ridiculous that the shows trying to find ghosts continually darken the places they are investigating. All of the witnesses seem to see the ghosts when they are awake with lights on. I would like to see if the TAPS team will try to do investigations with the lights on. It could be that the ghosts do not know they are dead and may be afraid in the dark.

The first actual ghost I ever saw was when I was a child in Salem Wi. My mother saw full bodied apparitions in the same house. The ghosts were believed to have been a man that murdered his wife then hung himself from the staircase. So when your show started in 2004 it was one of my favorites from the first time I saw it on TV.

great site

Hey, TAPS, I love your show especially since I visited one of the places you investigated. It’s a lighthouse down in Florida called the Pensacola Lighthouse. I was just wondering if you could tell me some of the things you guys experienced.

I would like to make a few suggestions that I feel would make the show more believable. It would be nice if you wore head camaras and stopped showing so much of the investigators instead show more of the areas that you are investigating. It would also be nice if less background music was played or better yet no background music.. When the music is played the viewer cannot hear what the investigator is hearing. It would be so nice to see what is being investigated.

One more note, I worked in a place called The Adobe Resort in Yachats, Oregon. This resort was built on an old Indian meeting grounds. I have personally had experiences when I worked there. The other place is in Newport, Oregon on the bayfront. It was once used as a bar and dance and music place across from the docks. I do not know if it has been redone or sold, its down the street from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. I am sorry but I don’t have a name. About seven years ago I went with a group of people from the Moose Lodge to see about buying this place. When the group of us walked through it you could almost feel every spirit that inhabited the place. An eerie feeling that I will never forget.

If you wish to talk with me about any of this you may call me at (360) 425-8152, I currently live in Longview, Washington.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my thoughts.
Kimberly Francis

I am a big fan of ghost hunters. You guys are awsome.

I am a 40 year retired law enforcement officer with several years of investigation work plus being a police chief for 25 years. I am an avid watcher of you program. I would like to make a suggestion on obtaining communicating evidence while doing your investigations. The current electronic tablet such as the Ipad and Xoom have sensitive touch screens. By placing one of these devices at a scene and invoking a document for entry or a search screen the tablet produces a keyboard on the screen. The investigator could ask the person that they are trying to communicate with to touch the letter on the screen to spell out their name or relay information.

Lee A. Bynum
953 Crescent Dr
Independence, Kansas 67301
Phone 620-331-6863
Email ljbynum@sbcglobal.net

Thanks Maureen,
I will pass this on as stated.
From: Reeniekinz@aol.com
To: KRhea31888@aol.com
Sent: 6/16/2011 3:46:52 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Bernard Joseph Heenan Milford and Arizona

Hi Russ,
When I was in my late 20’s I work for Bernie and his daughter Pat Heenen.
Now my sister and I run the same farm. Here on Trilogy.
Every since we have been here I have seen a small man walking hunched through the barn.
My sister has seen him and my niece saw him too. We yell out hello but there is no one there. My hunch is was th is it is Bernie because every once in a while we smell cherry tobacco. He was a pipe smoker.
Well me and my niece were in the barn two nights ago and we were chatting and sweeping the floor. When all of a sudden we heard a mans voice. As plain as day making a four syllable statement. The fan was running so I couldn’t hear the words. My niece looked at me and I looked at her and we both said did you hear that??
Then the hair rose up on the back of my neck.
And that’s my story and I am stickin’ to it.
Talk to you later
Thanks again

In a message dated 6/16/2011 11:49:40 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, KRhea31888@aol.com writes:
Hi Maureen,
Below for your eyes only is some info on Berni. Please send me a little snapsis of what you and your relatives have experience at the Heenan farm at 2839 Trilogy, Milford, MI. I will pass it on to Ghost Hunters (TAPS).

Russell J. Rheaume

Special Inquiry Company

Hey Guys

I enjoy your show…but haven’t you already established that there is paranormal activity? ok so i would suggest trying to get more information out of the ghosts..
It gets boring to the audence just watching each week the investigation of proof…We need no more proof……Now what we want to know is why they are here and what intrestests them…I think the ghosts are getting sick of all the investigators that keep asking for proof of their exhistance…I know I would if i was a ghost…the voice machines that spell out the words and talk for the ghosts that is very interesting…and the ghosts seem to respond…lets hear what they have to say..where are they are they in a different realm or what??? Please do more talking to them and give them a chance to answer…We want to hear what they have to say…
Thanks Sincerely Judy from Michigan

well grant jason tango steve im a really big fan of what you do with taps i would love the experience…….i watch ever programe that come on with taps i think its brilliant ye are the real deal i would love the chance if me and my girlfriend could meet ye cuz we are really big fans …..all the best with the future of taps from gerard o callaghan from ireland limerick city …just said i would write and say that cuz i love showing my support to brilliant programes

TAPS I need you help I don’t know if i have a spiritual gift or not but i keep seeing things and just a few minutes ago something opened my cd-rom with out me even asking. I was just doing my normal computer thing.I just saw an orb before it. Pretty big but not huge. It sometimes happens in my room but not alot. I’m not sure of seeing a black figure run right through a wall too. I don’t have an thing like an ojini board. Just myself up stairs with my bunny. And I just am upstairs mostly because the upstairs actually belongs to me. TwT

I have the most compelling footage of the proof that orbs are not dust, to this date. i also have all original footage of a bottle cap floaing on all axi’s ( X,Y,Z ) from behind me,. It takes about three ( 3 ) seconds to leave the screen (relatively) CLOSE UP!!!! all un-edited. taken with a camera phone and i still have the same phone.. full details upon request….But….. no camera’s of any kind unless given permission by the owner of the building. if you do not believe in the after life do not reply. for if you do, when you see this footage it “WILL” change youre perspective on this subject. rossco.burns@yahoo.ca i will show what i have. toronto meetings only. but BE WARNED this footage is conclusive to the pertaining subjects. ” DO NOT REPLY IF YOU WANT YOUR BELIEFS TO STAY THE SAME “

hi my name is Alexus and i was just wondering what could they do ? well Taps I mean . well i was just wondering because i live two houses away from a funeral home and i had took a picture of my daughter and son and it had to orbs or whatever you call it . And i was shocked cause i thought it would of been dust and when i had blowned it up to bigger sized , there had been two faces in them i was just wondering if you knew what i could do or if taps could do anything near pennsylvania.


i believe there is some thing you can do about orbs and other paranormal activity. ritual protection from the area you encounterd the first orbs. most times the ” ghost (s) ” are looking for recognition that human and spirits desire. look through your old photo’s and try to pinpoint when and where the orbs started. if the orgination is near a time when you were near or passed through localy considered ” holy ” or “sacred” land or structure, it is my suggestion is to contact that area’s blessed people and ask for a clearing or cleansing from local beliefs. symbols that are offer spiritual protection, may be usefull depending on your level of belief in that symbol. as for me i have proof that orbs use us as transportation to get from one continent to the next. or more possible we are a playground for the deceased. dreams do have a purpose and i believe the latter. i have video of two orbs exiting my upper torso ( not from the front or back but the middle ) you can see the orbs change shape from flat to round as they exit, they then dance around for two seconds and exit to the left of the screen. have you ever dreamed of some one you dont know or met or ever seen? or dreams that are not typicle to you? i ask these questions to send awareness. if you know they are there then they might only want to say hi pass on a message. dont play with uija. then they will be more agressive and perhaps turn molevalent. ask a sensative to ” feel ” the intent of the spirit. depending on how intense the ” feelings” are, you can either, live with it or ask for a clearing. as for me, the seven spirits that stay with me offer a sense of adventure. so i live with them.

Hey, my name is Jeff Baron and I am one of the owners of the Blue Parrot Cabaret here in Morgantown WV.
For over a year since we renovated and began operating our club we have been experiencing unusual activity.
Ironically, the unusual has become so frequent it has become the usual.
We have seen apparitions, experienced objects being moved, heard voices, and generally a “I am not
alone” feeling.
We would like someone to look into this activity and verify or refute what we are experiencing. I mostly have young
women working here, and they get jittery after an experience.
You can contact me via email at fubar172@gmail.com or call the club at (304)241-5622. We are here to at least 2 am.
Jeff Baron

Dear jason and grant,

My name is Paul Joseph and I am 12yrs old. I am a big beleiver in ghosts as well as a big fan of your show. I just wanted to know if you could one day investigate old fort niagara in one of your new episodes.

if so, please leave a message for me on facebook.com and my profile picture says rko if you don’t find it. thank you

hey jason and grant, its me paul joseph again. i was just wondering if you have trouble finding me on facebook that you could call my phone number [297-2989] or [716-990-1777]. and i also love your show very much. thank you

Hi, My name is Marsha i live in Brookville IN. i was just watching your show as i always do i love it, but i saw some thing on the show you did at Hill View Manor in New Castle PA, aired 8-31-11.And no one said any thing about it but it looked as if Maddie saw it also, I just like to know what it was i can’t belive no one had any thing to say about it or you all idi not see it lol . I just like to know, And i still have the show on my DVR.
Hope to hear from you about this.
Thank you
my e-mail marsha_king1@yahoo.com

hi my name is angel and my mom loves your show, my papa doesn’t believe that ghost aint real so i wanted to know what can we do to make him believe they are. thank you for your time

taps likes helping others out.

i have many ghosts in my home. i need help with this problem. things go missing all the time. drawers and cabinets open themselves. it is always cold. i have detection devices that go off all the time. i have a recorder of ghosts speaking. his name is mike, but for some reason there are many more. i dont know why they are coming. could you please write me with your opinion? thank you lisa

i also forgot to tell you that i have seen the ghosts and shadows of some. i also have pictures of orbs. thank you lisa

i had recently stayed at my mothers home for 9 months. I have heard stories of her house being haunted I even experienced some of the haunting 30 years ago but forgot of it. I even wrote it off. Until I had to live there again. I experienced (every night) thumps on my bed shaking on my bed an awe full smell, I also experienced This thing crawling up on my bed and all over me every single night. It made sounds in my ears and loud bangs under my bed. I video taped it with my computer I got a mist that came up on me and pressed its self down on me you could actually see the sheets crush all around my body. to the shape of my body. This thing would shove me to wake me. after it was finished you could see the sheets go back into place. I got so used to it I wasn’t afraid of it. Now my niece sleeps in that room with her lil girl of 4 years old.No one believes me. they think Im nuts.the smell smelt like mold or an old broom or old fruit cellar rotten musky smell. this thing would jump on your bed like a cat would come out of no where and pounce.then sneakingly crawl up on you. then smother you. I ask it its name it wouldn’t tell me it then breathed loudly in my ear i said how rude you can breath but you cant speak. Then the noises under my bed again loud thumping, I guess I made it mad…. My Mom and I got into a fight she threw me out. My boy friend in whom does not believe in ghost heard a voice a mans voice, Laugh loudly and say you are kicked the freak out of the house.. Only the other four letter word. He said he heard this I did not. I live in Greenville pa My mom wants help there 37 coal hill rd greenville pa 16125.

Hi my name is tracey and l live in new south wales and my house is haunted. it star of small thing like someone walk up and down the hallway and there a people standing in the doorway and for about 2 days l feel like the ghost come in my house is not ok like went l’m by my self l feel like someone show me and one time the light went out for 5 min and it feel like someone right next to me and there the light come back on it scay me a lots and my husband yesterday my husband come home from work and l meet him out side and he c a people stand at the front of the old car we have park he mine it me and went l get to him he say to me were u come from and l say l come from the front door my love and he say to me who standing at the old car and l say sorry my love it not me beacuse he say to me look one min the people stand there and the next min the people gose and l have a small dog outside the night before my small dog he going off my husband went and look and there no one there and onetime l mine my sister up because l pot wash on the a people walk right by me and l mine it my sister so l say to her what u doing the dog be feed but no anwer so l went out say to say her what the go u not want to talk and when l went out there no one there and one time l sleep and she mine she talking to me and went l get out of bed she going y u no anwer me for and l say to her l get a out of like min go and she say to me so u no standing in the kitthen door way and l say no and there about 4 day after l going to make a coffee and my sister say to my husband u c there and he say what because l walk in like 2 min after she c a people walk down the hallway and went the in a min. l get photo of the ghost in it l’m saying u what do l do is there a way l can c what the ghost want please email me back asap. thank you so mush for ur time today

Tracey, get yourself a digital recorder and just turn it on,press record and ask questions…what is your name?? What do you want?? You can also get yourself 2 small flashlights and twist the back off, so that you barely touch it and the light will come on..you can ask Yes or No questions that way. If they interact with you,then you have might have an intelligent haunting. If they do the same thing over and over with no interaction,then you have a residual haunting. But the thing is that you need to communicate through the digital recorder.

I **LOVE** Ghost Hunters!!! I watch every chance I get and I am constantly trying to find “reruns” online but never can, just excerpts. I would love to meet those guys and go on a hunt with them. I live in Spiro, OK which is close to Fort Chaffee and I think that would be a lot of fun to explore!!! I even got my 6 yr old son into it!! He loves to watch the marathons with me!! I believe and have had personal experiences myself.

I took some pitchures at the old sate hospital in bartonville illinois,that is said to be haunted,they have a web site,but have alot of orb pitchures some gold in color and some very large,just wanted to have a few looked at to validate what it was I got pitchures of.In all that night from a tour starting at 12;00 to 3;00 am I have 17 amazing pitchures.It was a crazy night noises,shadows etc.

Hi T.A.P.S, there is a old resthome that has been out of business for about 2 years and abandoned. My dads grandmother and great grandmother have died in there. its pretty creepy… i have been in there and gotten chills:/ this place is called Cedar Knoll Resthome and it is located in Grass Lake, Michigan Hope u can check it out:)

I have been wandering what ever happened to Donna and Bryan. How are they and what are they doing now? I know Bryan left because of family issues. But, why not have stayed on as a sub or something? Why hasn’t Donna come back does she still have health issues? What of the demonologist twins why aren’t they around anymore? Please let me know.

Thanx 🙂


I am working in a house right now that has activity. My husband and i have had a business for just over 32 years and once in a while you will run into some thing that aren’t quite right. The place that we are at now; is a ranch here in southern California. it’s a great place. the main house is made of adobi blocks in fact most of the ranch is. They have a house that was on the property that has a history from the Mormans. But, getting back to the story, We’ve been in there for about a month & a half. There has been walking toilets flushing. I have had things moved from one place to another. I was cleaning one of the bathrooms when i heard someone behind me,i said “if you need to use the bathroom let me know” when i went to put something in the container i used for trash it had been slid away from the door and down the wall. Another time i could hear some walking and a mans voice when i check there was no one around. i can feel something touch me when i am working by the kitchen counter. but it doesn’t scare me at all. I have seen and heard things since i was a small child. Our house is the same way there is a lot of things that go through the house.My boys are as open to it as i am and have always seen things as well. I is more interesting to me and my boys than anything i guess. Everyone else is kind of scared of the things that happen. Me I’m more excepting of them.

how can we join the team?

Hello my name is katelyn washenfelder. I live in port neches, texas. I would like to have a team of ghost hunters to investigate the rumor or story about sarah jane road. Heres how the goes. Im not sure what year that it happen but i know it was a long time ago there was a lady and her baby who live either at the down or the upper stream of part of the neches river. She was also married at the time of the event. The woman and man and also there baby live in a cabin they started fighting and arguing shes been brutualy beatin she escape with the baby in tow and hide the baby under the bridge right she replace the baby under the bridge she went back to the cabin and decided to go back for round but this time she had a knife in her hand sneaked behind her husband and stab her behind her non loving husband. After the stabbing she went out to get the baby that was underneath the brige.when she got there she all over around, under and all over the bridge area right she found out that her new born was she was depressed, sad and also crazy she went back to the cabin find some rope and hung her self. Couple of years later the long road that is named sarah jane hauntes the road and the bridge. Some say they saw her with lattern in hand flikcering like a candle in the dark of the night of the full moon. They also say she only com on friday the thirtenth and october the thirty first if the moon shines on one of those days. Citizen of port neches said when they went down sarah jane road they said that you can here saying “wheres my baby.” thats the story about the sarah jane road and herself. So if theres any way i can the paranormal team come and investigatethis haunting that would be great. Oh and i dont mind about the cameras and all. Thank you and i hope to see when u can. Customer Katelyn Washenfelder

So did Sarah Jane get her baby from under the bridge or not? I didn’t understand some parts of your story. I guess she hung herself because she didn’t have her baby and because she killed her husband?

Hello I was laying in bed and got to thinking about when you did your first Halloween Special at the Sorrell Weed House in Savannah GA. I’ve been there also back in august of 2007 on a ghost tour they do there most every night. I have two pictures I thought that you might be interested in and would love to know. Who is the lady in the white dress. Looks like a wedding dress. Both pictures were taken on 8-17-2007 and have not been altered or doctored in any way. I left them completely original. However they were taken with a camera phone in a very dark room so the quality is not the best. Dying to go. Back to the house. Would love to see if she would talk to me. I just wanna know who she was. Will need a different email address to send them to please. This site doesn’t give me the option to attach a file

guys you are all fantastic but I’m in love with cris, she is so sweet

I sent an e-mail several weeks ago about activity in my house. Could you let me know what you think. If you did not get the e-mail let me know and I will send it again. Thanks Jill P

I really enjoy the ghost hunters program. What I want to know is how to go about researching land my house sits on and how I go about getting someone to investigate it. We have heard footsteps up and down the hallway at 5 am, heard music late night when everything is shut down and have even taken pictures of mists and tons of orbs outside the house in our yard. We live in the country so everything is completely dark at night when pics are taken.

Have you ever been to Minnesota?

Just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to the whole gang at TAPS.. and can’t wait for the new season to start…..

Hi Taps,
I’m a huge fan…..I watched almost every episode so far. My name is Lisa. I want to know how to get a hold of you, because I would like to see if you would investigate my Grandpa’s house and farm. I also want to be a ghost hunter when i graduate highschool. Please get back to me soon. Thank you.

Hi my name is Larry Metcalf. As far back as I can remember I have been experiencing extreme pharanormal experiences. The older I got the more define and consistent the experiences became. I have labeled around 15 of the things that I regularly see and or hear. As well I became very sensitive to knowing when things are present yet cant be seen. I have been touched pushed screamed at whispered to. I frequently watched and touched items as they moved or were pushed towards me. I stopped being afraid in my twentys. I believe I would be a valueable asset to your team.

why doesn’t TAPS investigate the house on AMITY VILLE?

for over a year now i have been waking up at 3am every night doesnt matter ware i go . i am being haunted by something and ive been scrached bit , and pinched. doors open only when im at my daughters and at others daughters i hear stomping ive got pictures of ghost full people and i have a picture of a deamon flying toward the camra. im scaired have bad thoughts from time to time .and very strange things happen around me .i have been to a mind docter and they said nothing is rong with me mentally .i woke up meny times with three scratches on my chest.when i get to ware im praying to god alot i end up with sores all over my body. please help me please im 53 years old and ive been so scaired at times i feel like i could have a heartattack. i was on my youngest daughters porch one time and this red orb the size of a basketball formed right in front of me the after one or two seconds it shot off into the woods that time there was no fear but it looked at me and just i dont even know how to explain it.,,,, another time i went to my oldest daughters house and me and my daughter was sitting talking and this shadow of this man walked in threw he door she asked me if i see it i said yes and it pointed at me and went back out the door.it was about 5 ’11 adverage built you could tell it was a man . and he stays with me all the time .ive seen him every time i least expect it. i hear my name wispered in my ear all the time when i look to answer noones there. please tell me what to do .help me i need help . . its not me it is a ghost.maybe more then one contact me plz 205-514-7517 this is my cellphone i got just for this help i need. plz i am so scaired and im very seriouse i promise.thank you very much for your time and if you can help me god bless you all.

grant please help me i posted my blog twice i am scaired and really need help i dont want to be on tv i just dont know what to do and i truely do need help. please read my blogs and see if you would please help me …… thanks for your time .205-514-7517 i got this cell just for this help . reach me at this number anytime please ….. thanks

I am so tired of watching everyone fumbler around it the dark saying …”did you hear that????’ or “did you just see that?’ either get better equipment or film in the daylight.

I have seen paranormal evidence in the daylight. If it is a real haunted location the time doesn’t matter.
Seriously your meters an gadgets are great but it’s way better for you to see it ( as the viewer) then have someone yell out did you….and you can’t see or hear what they supposedly saw.

i love your show and so do my friends. i was wondering if there was some way to keep in touch with y’all, or a least contact you

I know I should just simply wait until next wednessday, except tonight’s preview of it has me so concerned( not to sound weird or obsessive) I’m not. But, I have quite a bit of concern over what ever news is coming up for your viewers seeing Steve so upset!! It seems sad?! Please let us at least know if everyone on the show is ok?. That way it will be easier to “wait and see”.

My son tallks to two diffferent spirits, one is a little boy and the other is a man. and I am very concerned. I asked how they get into the house and he sais threw the hole under his bed. The man he talks to also tells him to put his blanket and pillow in a bag and to come with him. my son is only 3 and half. Canyou help! please!

hello scott. i am rossco. my personal advice would be to trade places with the child. trade rooms i mean. the spirit man is interested in your son. but he doesnt sound evil. so you as the father should place a ” gate” over the ” hole “. by this i mean sleep there and say to this man that this is your son and leave your son to you “scott” when the living dreams we open portals for the spirit world, if we the living wake before the spirit(s) goes back through they are traped here for a time until another portal is opened by a dream. when you dream of this man talk to him and tell him this is your son and you want to keep him ( your son ) with you. the spirit man probly went before his other son and misses his son. dreams mean more than most people realize. sleep in your sons place, be confident. that is the key to dealling with this type of activity. remember scott confidence has more power than just action or prayers alone. assert dominance and falter not. believe in your want to stop this.

Hello my name is Dave. I was wondering if you and your team have ever gone to Marlboro State Psychiatric Hospital in Marlboro, New Jersey. and if so did you film the event. I would like to know. Because I have a personal intrest in it. Could you please e-mail me back with a answer about this. My e-mail address is: bravodave1nine@windstream.net or you can call me at: 904.879.3907 Thank you,

ghost hunters never be the same with u .i was up set last night when u said u where going after 10 years dont go we will miss u so must i love the show never miss it but will u. hope u come back. good luck. darlene.


Hello my name is Heather. I have been able to see ghosts since age 8. Most of the houses I resided in throughout my life, were haunted. The place I’m living at the present moment though has been the most active. When I first moved in, for a whole week, I was having a reaccurring dream that was about the end of the world happening. I would startle awake each morning at 6 a.m. Pictures would move away from the wall. There is a white figure that always stands at my bedroom door. My daughter had her hair pulled and somethings moved on thier own in her bedroom. It seems to be getting worse…even after I had my house blessed. I was recording a tanturm that my son was throwing one day on my phone because no one believes that he could be so crazy sometimes. While listening to it I heard another voice with us…it was saying “I did that” or ” I did it” like it was controling my son! During the tantrum, I held my son down for a few minutes to get him to stop hurting himself and me and the ghost screams in a whisper “LET GO!” Ummmm What should I do?

My name is vermesha and im trying too get in contact with someone for parnormal activity because my daughter she keeps playing with the walls and she will sometimes cry and says a little girl keeps hitting her and cry at night time because of this little girl keeps hitting her then this one time my daughter came running down the hall of my apartment and she falls out of no where and started crying and I asked her wat was wrong she would tell me the little girl pushed her so I have left my apartment and came too stay at a friends house because there is a patch in my wall and its an side image of a little girl head so I got scared and I don’t no wat too do i even took a pictur of this image if anyone could call me please my name is Vermesha my phone number is 803-391-0850 please

I think that your people, should were mini cams, one there heads! With these, people could see, what you are seeing. As far as I know, no other ghost hunters do this! It would make things more real! Your show Is the only one that we watch!
Thank you

How do I contact TAPS regarding a haunted place that has a great story and would make a great episode?

hi my name is Augustina Jensen and would like to talk to someone. i have two kids and i need to ask some questions. there is something in my house and it is not nice and i would like to know how to deal with it. it is every evil and i want it out of my house. i have seen it for the first time and to me it is like the devil and demon are one person together. but it is even more than that. it is like 7 different people in one. it has red eyes, dark and had a cape on his back. I would like to have some one call me please at 360 560 3827 thank you every much.

I like the old taps better, and please more investagating and less fluff. Take care Grant hope you can come back.

i have seen, heard, felt, and even smelled spirits all of my life. i know they are in many places we don’t normally think about. keep you home and family safe and don’t invite something you may not know what to do with. most are harmless, but there are bad things out there. learn as much as you can about what is in your space and think about how you feel about it. “it” already knows how you feel about it, so you must be honest with yourself. blessed be. from Bobbie Jo

Hi my name is Charity and me and my fiance were with my soon to be father-in-law going on our way to Memphis ,TN the other day on a back road through Monroe County in Arkansas. We passed by this old house that used to be a plantation house and my fiance went to take a picture the house turned upside down and flipped to the back of the house like he was standing behind it taking the picture. Then when we tried to look at it after it was taken it was just a black screen on his Iphone 4. His dad showed us pictures that him and his mother took a couple of years ago of teh house and then the two slave quarters that is beside the house and there is a lady standing infront of the slaves quarters. Then infront of the house there was a tree stump when you take a picture of the tree stump you see teh face of an old blackman and a baby in it and then there is a noose that appeared out of no where when it wasn’t even there. Then there have been claims from the contractors that the family who owns it tried to get them to work on it of tools flying at them, walls that just got put back up of them being pulled down like it was never worked on., then my cousin-in-law said that she got slapped on the hand when trying to take a picture of the house and something slapped teh camera out of her hands.and there have been cars that were parked on the property ended up getting into the middle of teh road when teh driver was standing on the property, and finally my cousins watch stopped when he got on teh property and phones and everything quit working until we got off teh property and back on the road. Please itw would be awesome if someone could get out there and figure out what exatly is going on and who is still there and why??

i would like to ask someone to get in touch with me i have a 1yr granddaughter who is i believe in danger from something not living anymore my daughter is 21yrs old and her boyfriend is being followed by someone or as i call the thing (it)and it is not nice at all.it has choked him and has been seen standing over my granddaughter as i type this there is an investigation ongoing it has asked for the baby many times i don’t want to know if it is there because that has been proven i want it gone Im just asking for HELP for it to be gone it is not human anymore Im scared for my granddaughter it has told her boyfriend that he wants my daughter dead and wants him to do it he is worried that it might do something my request is of the most importance and if it has the chance i do think it will hurt someone again

First if all I watch every episode and I’m sad to know that grant is leaving. Iwas watching the bube’s brewery episode and I notice that when Jason and grant was talking to the owner while in the first bar earea and behind them you can see the light behind them turn on and then turn off. Just go back and see that yourself please and tell me what you think bout it thanks.

We have a state hospital here in minnesota it was the third one built. The other two we destroyed so its the last one standing. It held almost three thousand patients. It opened in 1897 and closed in 2007. The historical society is doing tours because they are going to destroy it this fall but I have heard stories afrom all over town of hauntings. It is massive and just beautiful. I think they would love to check it out. The city owns the building now and they r open to let people in it anytime. It was designed by kirk birde and he designed many buildings plus over seas. It became a historical marker by the united states in 1987. So it is well known. I would do anything to help get them up here and get in.

I have seen your show and ghost adventures. Like every one else that searches for ghost believe there is life after death, You say ghost needs energy to manifest itself well how come in cities with all the power we do not see hundred of ghost walking around? So can someone who died and they have no more brain conscience come back and roam the earth.? Ghost have been around since man started walking this earth even Jesus disciples saw him walking on water thought he was a ghost Your trying to prove there is life after death and there is but not by your way of thinking, you say there demons than why when Satan fell from heaven he took 1/3 of heavenly host with him and that is a lot of bad angels or (demons)? Yes we hum,ans have souls but not spirits even animals have souls and that is are mind. I have heard them and seen them and if I think what they are I know they can”t hurt me until when it is time? You see even demons are controlled by someone than Satan.? So yes there are things who take residence old buildings and homes but again with all the millions of people on earth only a select few have seen them and have an experience of some kind? So my thoughts are, yes there things out there and yes they are not ghost. .

I have watched you for years and I am sad that Grant is leaving. Just wanted to say take care Grant you will be missed. Jason and the team keep up the great investigations.

I am writing u in regards to hopefully get some information or possibly some help for my 3 year old son. We moved into a house in columbia,pa last month and have been having unexplained activity happening. The past week especially my son aiden will not go to sleep in his room. we he is put in there after he goes to sleep he wakes up screaming no leave me alone and crys out for our dog to come help him. Over the past few days my son has been extremely scared to go in the room without someone being with him and refuses to sleep in there. He currently sleeps in my bedroom on the floor next to myself and his dad. He is very persistant saying there is a man monster in his room scaring him and he has not done this before the last few days. He also says the moster goes into his sister pattis room which is a room away. my boyfriend put a recorder in the room while no one was up stairs and u can clearly hear it say hey. also they were up in the room trying to talk and see if they can catch anything on the recorder today and they said they were not scared of him and u can hear u will on the playback. I am afraid for my son safety and would really like to get some ideas on what i can do or how i can try to get rid of this ghost before it tramatizes my son anymore. if possible can i please have someone contact me cuz i have not seen my 3 year old so scared in my life and i am worried about his safety if this continues. thank u please email me.

grant, we love your show. please dont live. you or all family to eacher auther. but most of all we all love your show. you and jason belong togather on these shows. i just wish we get more new shows from you all. the auther one i like a little. but you tow or truthfull to what you see and do. please come back to us.

hi guys love ur work on the ghost hunters…. their are lot of untouched spooky and haunted places in india too, why don u guys pay a visit.. it would be great

how much is it to hunt my home

I love the show on SYFY but I have one request. It seems that whenever someone on the team says “did you see that?” , the cameras are always on the team. I think that if you have the cameras behind the team looking in the same direction as the team, we probably would see a lot more, making it much more believable to those non believers and more exciting for all of us.. Also, I need to mention that I saw a full aparition. My at the time boyfriend’s father had just passed a couple hours before I arrived and his body was still in his bedroom waiting for the coroner to arrive. I looked down the hall, and there he was, as if he just slid through the closed door. He looked up the hall at me with a confused look on his face, as if he was saying “what’s going on”. And he disapeared. I still get goose bujms when I think about it. I BEILEVE !!!!

hey a friend of mine for a long time has 2 kids always complaining about a boy who is mean to them. the other day a photo was taken in there home and there is a little boy in picture who is wearing like a sailer suit and he is partially translucent. my friend showed his kids and they both commented about him being mean. the picture is crazy looking. they live in new plymouth idaho. what should they do to protect their kids?if you are the real deal you should see this photo.i personaly believe its a child that passed away in there home.

Hi my name is Dawn and I need your help for a friend she said she is being hurt my spirits she lives in an apparment that once was a hospital moruge please contact my asap

I would like to know how to get ahold of you guys to come check out my mothers house. we have captured ghosts on pictures and a face in a video and heard voices and other occurences. We have always wondered if it was all real or just our imagination. My mothers house was built in 1910 and she calls one of the ghosts sara. We do not want them gone or anything like that but would love to have the confirmation if they are really there. We live in ohio so i am not sure if you guys come out this way or not. But would love to talk with you guys about everything.

I love your show. I work in Biomedical Engineering. I believe that my Science background is as strong as anyones. I have spent my whole life trounbleshooting Electronic/electrical/hydrolic/pnuemantic/mechanical problems and I am not talking simple problems. I would love to be a part of debugging your situations. I believe I could truly draw a line in the sand as far as paranormal and what is not.

I really love your shows and I think I get a little bit upset when you don’t find anything on investigations along with you
any ways I have had quite a few experiences in my life as well
During my 17 years of life i have lived in 4 houses and the main house that i had lived in for pretty much most of my life was quite an old house that made creaks just like any other old house, but this time it was different i was probably about 11/12 when this happened and i use to have a little doorbell on my door like young girls like to have and it use to go off all by it’s self and e guessed that i could be the electricity jumping from one wire to another so we stuck it up on the wall and it didn’t happen again for another week or so and when it happened again i looked at my door and there was a grey man standing in the doorway, he was wearing a white shirt and a black waistcoat and long long pleated Victorian skirt and his face was distorted and he raised his hand towards his face and i turned around to my friend and said do you see that and looked back towards the doorway and he was gone, this full body apparition lasted for about 10 to 15 seconds and it was clear as day.
The second experience i had was when i was in the third house and i was about 13 to 14 had there was no body in the house my dad was at work and my two younger sisters and my step mother was both next door but one and there was only me and the dog in the house and i was running a bath and as i stood up to turn the water off i heard my name whispered quite loudly in my ear and i felt their coldness of breath on my ear i turned around and no body was there so i thought oh it was just my imagination and i just removed it from my mind then as i turned the water off and went to get some towels out of the cupboard and i went back to were i was standing the first time it happened, but this time the voice was more intense as if it was trying to get my attention and i turned around and yet again no body there so i dropped the towels and ran to where my step mother was and told her but she said that is was just my imagination but generally when it is my imagination playing up again it usually only happens once where as this time it happened twice in a short period of time
The third experience I’ve had is in my third house while I have been about 15 to 16 and I believe that this house is/was haunted by and old Victorian maid who only haunts the top floor of my house, before i found out that it was a maid I had named this ghost Geoffrey but when I found out that it was an old maid i couldn’t exactly change the name because it had gotten use to the name (I know I sound strange) when i found out that it was a maid was when I was staying in bed with my mother because my step fathers mother was staying with us and she was using my room and i had woken up one morning to see and old woman in a yellow dress with a blue apron and a white cap was leaning over into my mothers wooden drawers (and I don’t mean as if she was taking something out, I mean her body was inside the drawers as if she was cleaning up something up that may have been there during that time when she was alive) and i saw her stand up and walk out of my mothers room, she was quite a big lady and had grey hair, another experience i’ve had in this house is when I have come home from school and i walk upstairs the television is off downstairs and there no television on any where else in the house and from behind my closed bedroom door i could hear a conversation but i could only hear one voice i couldn’t exactly hear what they was saying all i remember is that i know someone was talking from behind my door, another experience is i have been lying in bed talking to my friends on the xbox 360 and i have heard three very loud scratches coming from the corner of my room where my bed is and it didn’t come from outside my bedroom because it was too loud to be outside and you couldn’t make the same noise with the same volume from outside, also one night i felt like someone was stood at the bottom end of my room watching me and i never use to get a feeling like that before and i couldn’t sleep for a long while that night but then after all these experiences have happened i started watching your shows and i heard you say to someone that they need to take charge and tell that spirit that they are the ones living there now and not them so it’s either they move on or they live peacefully with them and that is what i did i basically said to my spirit in my house “Look Geoffrey, this is my house now, i live here, and i don’t like you being here so i would like you to leave and after that i’ve had no paranormal experience
So yeah thank you guys for giving me advice on what to through your shows it has been really helpful and it’s a shame you don’t work over here in england cause i love your shows and i would love to be apart of it all
Thank you so much
Paige Heather Watkin

Just wanna say that I think TAPS should come visit Scotland’s most haunted locations and I don’t just mean the Edinburgh vaults, as they are supposed to be haunted, Scotland has a lot more haunted locations than it let’s on, Inverary is a great location for ghost hunting plus there’s castles upon castles, hotels, woods/forests even the bonnie banks of the famous loch lomond, culloden battlefield,…. From Glasgow to Inverness and beyond to Aberdeen all of which are haunted and I’m sure Scotland wouldn’t let’s TAPS down….. So please come hunt a ghost in Scotland… If you dare………

hello its kathryn here yes i do believe in ghosts and i love hearing about ghosts because its sounds really spooky
thanks kathryn

My cousin and her Mum and dad have had some erute things happeing at theta home,, not long ago My cousin got physicly pushed up in her sleep and got thrown back down, my uncle got slapped in his sleep, and it wasn’t my aunty who slapped him, the other day we I was round there for a bit and her floor upstair on the landing sounded as if some1 was walking around up there, no one was there apart from me and my cousin, it was the top of the stairs we thought we heard someone walking, and the floor boards creack when someone walks over them but they only creack if someone to walk acros them, then my aunty got up one morning 2 go 2 work and she went into the living room and she saw a bread knife sticking out the side of the sofa! She thought it was my cousin playing a trick but when she askedy cousin she said she didnt put it there and she could’t of Because I was with her all night, and it wasn’t there when we went up 2 bed. I slept there not lon ago before this happened and I got my bedding thrown off of me, ever since then we never sleep upstair if I sleep round there, my cousin and her family are starting 2 get worried and wanted some information or help

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