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114 Responses to “Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigation”

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my name is melissa and i need your help with some paranormal activity in my mom’s house it just recently started up again we lived there for about a year and our beds are shaking,berro’s are moving doors are slamming and objects are moving!they do it in front of anyone not very shy at all!!i hope u guys could come out and work something out.we need your help we can’t move they have to leave.thank you

It sounds to me like its not just one entity in your house but many that are controlled by a demonic presence. You should probly get your house blessed, stay away from quija boards, and never call it out.

You should get the house blessed. If you dont want to get the house blessed, just ask them some q’s about them and try to make them nicer than a antity. But when you are asking, dont talk about them leaving, it will make them angry. I have never seen a ghost but i know alot about them.

Members of TAPS. We have a house that may interest you. It is not a mansion nor is it an abondoned prison but it has a very strong presence that has great activity. Check out Anomaly Springfield and Anomaly Shadow Springfield. That is our house. We have infared film that had over 50 streaks/orbs in a span of two and half minutes. We had a group out of Peoria come in December 8th. They were the ones that caught the anomaly on film. I was a doubting Thomas so on the 15th of December I had a Private Investigator come in with his equipment at the same time the Peoria group came for the second straight saturday. I was beside the PI almost the entire evening. I watched him load his film onto his computer. There was no break in custody of the equipment. His film had even better orbs/objects flying around the room that what the Peoria group had. I have two CD’s with everything on it. If you desire I can mail you a copy. You can contact me at the address, email address or phone number below. This actual myspace page was used for a sting operation we ran earlier this year.

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Harmony
SFC (retired) US ARMY
[Editor’s Note: Personal contact details removed to protect Brian’s privacy.]

I am a big fan of t.a.p.s! I was so excited when we followed your van through moundsville wv. I was a little disapointed that yall didn’t find anything, but i have had some experinces my self. I love hunting ghosts, I had an experince my self when i was 12 and ive loved hunting ghost myself. But one of the reasons I am contacting you is because of a house in my area of Cameron wv. The house belongs to one of my friends John and his family. The experinces they have had range from seeing globes, seeing a human figure, finding pictures and letters, hearing a baby cry, things moving, doors moving, footsteps, someone pulling hair or clothing, moving dolls, and the worst is in Johns room someone wil come in and sit on his chest leaving him unable to move and talk. Most experinces happen in Johns room. But with this family they are like psychic. The reason i am saying this is because the moteher has seen things and had feeling I know she is kinda somethign cause she and john knew i was very sick before i knew. We were discusing this the other night on a school bus coming backfrom a trip and when i got off of the bus at my stop the others called me and told me that there was a blue globe in my seat about 5 min later. The globe moved from the seat to the top of the window and shot over to thr left and disappared. And the seat where i was once sitting and was warm from the long ride went ice cold. I have been having strange incounters and i think that ther might be a spirt folling me. I need yalls help. How can I get the spirts out of my friends house I have not yet had the chance to investagte it but i will soon hopefully and let yall know what I found and maybe request your help. Do you have any suggestions??

Hi Taps I love your show very much wonder
when you will do an investigation in Gilroy,Ca

I recently put another picture on my picturebucket. I also described what the sory was with it. Although the picture has nothing to do with the pictures I have already shared with U I think the story is interesting… If You have the E-mail of the picture with the ghost on my TV, please E-mail me @

ok we need help me my sister and her friend
we thought our cat ran into an abandoned
house and we looked through the windows and we
left because we found him at our house
we started seeing young seethrough kids one of
them started crawling out of the window im 12 my sister is 11 and her friend is 12 please help they are
watching us HELP!!!!!!

i need help now

hi im chris i live in london england i think ur show is briliant i cant get enough of waching it i havent got a favorite i do think kris is realy cute i love her smile eny way there is a park where i live loads of sightings of horses running to u and the lake has a realy bad story of a white lady who walks out of the lake with no head i have seen that but i was 14 im now 34 but u never forget what u c i hope u can email me its thank u chris

hi my name is teri i love your show i cant wait till wendsday to watch your show!!! i love grant and jays my favorite.i love his adittude.

My wife and I watch your show faithfully every Wednesday at 9:00 P.M.
I am a Disabled Veteran who was injured while serving in the Navy, and I would do it all over again, because I love this country of ours. If you ever want to hear some crazy unexplained experiences that will blow your mind, send me an e-mail and give me your number so I can call you. A lot of hauntings have taken place affecting me in my life-time, and I know you will find the storys interesting.
Your friend,
Anthony Stahmer

My name is Chandler Roberts and I am 10 years old,my cousin Kameron Roberts is also 10 years old.I live on a road that is on indian barrow ground and my great great great grandpa had slaves and kept them just about where I live now.My cousin and I go down to my aunts and look for any kind of spirit in her attic with thermal energy camera,audio recorder,and video recorder,we try to convince the spirits to show there self by saying coward or jerk and once we said that we heard COWARD! we were suprised that we could catch something then I asked were you harmed when you were a little boy and something sounded like it said go play or get away.After going over the evidence when we heard COWARD a red face that looked like a fish appeared.MY cousin Katie seen a little boy (see through) coming down the stairs then disappeared she also seen a shadow in the attic by the bed my cousin Kamerons dad said the same thing when he lived there.They found black candles upstairs when they moved there they thought maybe it was witch craft.around my house I see a white women in a gown.Just a month ago me and my cousin seen a blue face with a white body in the weeds at my garage at first I thought It was my imagination but my cousin was looking at it to.My road is very old and I think its haunted I would like you to come out here and I like your show!

submitted by,
Chandler Roberts
Phone:270-556-6918 or 270-994-8862

hi TAPS i love ur show i was wondering if you can give me the phone number beacause i think that my grandparents house is haunted weird things go on there.can u maybe come to il and do a few shows please. thank you

Hi, guys just wanted to say that my husband and I watch your show every Wednesday and absolutely love it. Although we haven’t watched it lately we’re not too crazy about the GHI we miss seeing Grant and Jason on there. Everyone on the show is great. I am a huge believer with a few of my own experiences actually kind of traumatizing in a way and haven’t had any since. Will we see more of the regular Ghost Hunter show on?




Hi my name is Ari and my aunt she has this house
in marco island but we leave in miami and that house
my be hunted theres alot things that has happen
see she rents out that house for weddings or just
vactions its house that its worth 3.5 million
can you help me

really would like Taps to investigate the Pine Woods Cemetary in Troy NY, it is suppose to be one of the most haunted cemetarys in the world

Members of TAPS, My son-in-law is in the Army
he is station in Germany.They have in with others
in the barricks. The building next to them used to
be where Hitler had his breifings during the
second World War. Him and others have had sightings
of paranormal noise,and have seen shadows. As you
go down further in the barricks you start to bars
maybe where used for inmates during the War.
If there is anyway that you can help him and other
men in this Army Unit. PLEASE DO….. Thank You, Rebecca Clark Jacksonville,Florida

My house is haunted an I need you to see who it is
and who it is??? HELP

We took our grandchildren camping up in the North Carolina Mountains in August, 2008. On our way out of the campground the kids ran up onto the porch of an old cabin. My husband took pictures of them on the porch. We saw nothing at all while we were there. When we looked at the pictures still on the camera, we saw what looked like 2 circles. Then we downloaded them onto the computer in order to make the kids a disc of their camping trip. That is when we saw much more than that. We would like for you to analyze our pictures to see what you think of them. We emailed them to you but we are not sure that you received them. We would be happy to send them to you again. We would also gladly discuss the specifics of everything though we would rather wait until you do your analysis. We hold no interest in the cabin or the surrounding area. We don’t own any property in the area. We were simply camping in the campground. I will tell you that this is a secluded area with no electricity or running water. From all we can find the cabin is over 125 years old. Please look at our pictures and we would appreciate hearing what you think about them. We can tell you exactly where this cabin is located. Please let us know if we need to re-submit our pictures and how to do it correctly in case we did it wrong the first time. Thank you,

I don’t know what “Awaiting moderation”. I don’t know if you will receive this comment. I am concerned about the pictures we took at an old cabin in the mountains. There are people and things in the pictures that should not be there. If you could let us know if you received the pictures we sent by email, and maybe give us a number to call, we would be glad to resubmit the pictures. We would really like for you to analyze these pictures. We can also tell you exactly where the cabin is located. We are reluctant to put that information out as we have no right to any part of the cabin or land in that area. We were simply camping at the campground there. Our getting these pictures were simply by chance and we don’t understand why we got them.

you guys should go to translavania draculas castle i know you dont go to romania but it would be cool to see if something is really in there his name was vlad the implaer he killed millions of people ther you guys should go or ghost hunters international should.

we can check out your house where are you located ?

my names antonette & i took a pic. & i found & saw something that looks like a orb. i dont now if it was a orb or a family- dad was seeing things in the mirror in his night mirrors that were evil that felt real.& my mom is like angry & moddy.we had problems in the a different place & we hope u can help us.we also experience other things.please contact us because the whole family is worried. please contact me at 408-600-6978-or 408-677-3652.

hello my name is jessica i need help in my house every night i go to bed and my closet door opens and closes all by its self and every thing i put on my tv it ends up all the way bye my closet and if u go outside u can hear a little girl crying i am afraid to go down in my own basement cause when my family first moved hear i put a big round boncy ball in the middle of the basement and it was bouncing all by its self my mom or dad and sister doesn’t see the ghost i do and my cat got thrown across the room can u help me please!!

I would like to join your group and possibly help you guys out with anything you may need in Arkansas. Do you have any members in Arkansas?


Connie, What part of Arkansas are you from? I do alot of research in Arkansas and Oklahoma and could possibly use another researcher in AR.

iv got ghosts here would like you to come to see me

dudes the dolphin hotel in new york is haunted by at atleast 50 ghosts in that very room,room 1408 there have been mutilations,killings of all sorts and very strange happenings and there have been sightings off apparations jumping out off windows and coming after them,there have been loads of reports of people in the room hearing desembodyed sounds and horrifing screams and a littel girl has been seen,this is a big jump if you guys go in there be extremly careful becaues these ghosts dont full around!!

hay guys it me Christian and i have a very good investigation for you but it requires you coming back down to new jersey to a place called Batsto historical the village consists of a lot of paranormal activity from fullbodied apperitions to disembodied voices but the most recent is in the photos that i sent you right before you went to Delaware city Delaware for the fort Delaware investigation if you can and do go to Batsto give me a call at 609-678-6522 but the thing is thats my moms cell phone number

After viewing your show on the Copper Queen, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Bisbee and spent a night in Julia Lowell’s room. (See Clip Above) We caught 4 hours of video while we were sleeping and believe we may have caught some paranormal activity at the foot of our bed as well. The next morning while I was taking a shower and getting ready in the bathroom, I set up a recorder next to my boyfriend who was still sleeping. We caught a strange noise we could recreate or explain even after sharing it with some of the hotel staff and guests. I was wondering if TAPS would be interested in looking at the video clip we were able to put together of our movements before the activity and after the activity. We believe that neither one of us could have created the movement but because the story is that Julia does not come around with women present and the movement isn’t clear enough to be an obvious paranormal movement. We’re just curious about your thoughts.

Hi my name is Christian. There has been a lot of paranormal stuff been happening in my home. I have heard banging coming from my attic, I have heard small conversations at night, and my TV randomnly turns on by itself, it has turned on by itself 12 times. I have heard footsteps coming from my top floor. Please help TAPS!

you had a investigation wed march 11th on sifi the place had a spirit of a little girl whos name was unknown well her name is aubri dauron she was 9 this may seem wierd to you but since i was a child i have been a magnant for spirits im not a psycic iv just been very close to death as a infant and i can tell you certian things i watch ur show almost every week and can confirm some things if you would like just send a e mail and ill get back to you

hello i am 9 and my dads friend nick ithink you know him.i live in adams mass and i was taling to a ghost and i want to become a ghost hunter someday the ghost is nothing freaky because ghost are my live and the ghost told me that she is 70 and a grandmother she is my step brothers grandmother and i want to tell you that there has been hangings all over adams

I also need help. We lost our home in the flood of ’08, bought a new one in september. Within the first 2 days I knew we were not alone. We have 3 children living in the home. The entity has targeted my oldest. She was walking past french doors they were open, and one glass pain shattered and cut her. In all the photos I have the orb is by her and in the same heigh position. Most of the activity is in the finished basement where my sister and her boyfriend live and have both been physical pinched and poked.Drew even was talking to the ghost thinking it was my sister.(it was dark)My oldest daughter has not been the same since we moved in. She hates herself, and says she wants to die.I have her in therepy, but think there is something underlying causing this.Not saying she is possesed, but has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression.Shodows are very common, and things will be moved constiently.There was a grade school teacher that had lived here. He went crazy, I don’t know when he lived here or not. He had held girls captive in his basement and went to prison for it. Could of happened here? I need help.

my name is carrie,i think i have ghost in my house one day when my frend was at my house and she thout smeone slapd here on the arm

in thw 1800s a wonen had died in my house so this wahat happend.i was siting in my room and i herd someone say ”help me”. i recored it on my cell phone i tuned out i had herd it on my phone too .It did not soud like my mom or any other of my family members. the women that deid in my attic so i went up there and i saw a black shadow and i was the onley one up there. i am 13 years old and that is my story

Hi. Love the show. But, why, oh why, would a ghost have footsteps? Maybe they can cause some physical things to change (temp, electrical fields, etc), but they wouldn’t have weight themselves, right?
Thanks for any comments.

My name is Tiffany Scoggins and i am 13 years old. and i have always had an interest in ghost, when i was 8 i ahd a paranormal event happen to me and it made my interest grow. I have a question who do i talk to about being a ghost hunter when im older. please email me at It would be greatly apperciated! Thanks.

Hello!my name is dayana and I would like to say that what
you guys are doing is great!I love the show! my husband and I are seeing thing’s at the house in one of the bedrooms the drawers fly open and everything comes out we took pictures and in one of them you can see a man .the other day my cousin was taking pictures in her house and in one of them a girl comes up against her face nice and clear her eyes are closed in the picture and she looks very tired with bags underneth her eyes. the weird thng is that the camera was centered to her my cousin’s face and in the picture only like a quarter of her face comes out and a full shot of the girl. Apparently the photo that was taken in the camera is gone it has been erased completely! the other action that has been gonig on is in the basement we use to have a work out room and out of no where in the middle of the night the equipment would start raddling. there is more activity please contact me i don’r feel comfortable with everything going on there I have a little girl and i do’t want anything to happen to her.

i am 13 so one day i was just wachin T.V and i was the onley 1 up in my room, am i saw a shadow just walked on the wall

il need your help i have been personally attacked for several years by something im not so sure of at first i thought i was half asleep and half awake something gets on top of me and it feels like im paralyzed i cant scream or move and i am awake when it happens. i have two little boys and in worried about something happening to them as well whatever is in this house has been here for a long time it seems to only attack the women who have been here can you give me some info or help please because i feel like im going crazy but im swear im not needing help in cali…:{

check out myspace mobile pics marcojoanna4

Hi Taps, in one episode I just watched, the man in New Orleans I believe who said that when he brought women over the ghost acted jealous. All you caught was the door opening and closing twice, noting that their was no shadow under the door or in the mirror the first time, but if you look in the mirror the second time it opens 1/2 way, there is movement in the mirror. Just something to maybe be double check. You guys have a great show. Looking forward to your next season and hope GHI also returns.

all the best,

hey mom love u uy and would love to go on a hunt with u guy soif u wuld get ahold of me at 1 309 371 4116

I have been trying on my phone text to get ahold of the taps team. There is a place that I’ve heard of that I would LOVE if they could get permission to go in, that they would go and check it out. This place Is in St.francisville house, There is a man called charles there who called the cops{but he was Dead!}4 people went to the pysch ward after going into this house!And is still there supposivly. I seen this other program when I found out about this house. unfortunitly, I can’t rember the name of that show. But they send different people in these different houses and explain what happens to them after the show. I have also had a few experinces and would like to talk to them about this also, But would like to hear from them on this place and what they think, on it first. Do they read these? If they don’t do you know another way for me to reach them? Thanks.

hi guys im dean baillie from nuneaton in the uk.I love watching the episodes and the work you do in fact i would say i envy you.the paranormal is so interseting even just to help somone over come there fears is a gift that you all bring to others to help people understand whats going on and to put them at ease.So well done and keep up the good work ill keep watching and pass the word on about you all thanks deano.

I have had encounters with the dead. I am a Christian and I wonder, if these encounters are demons appearing as the departed dead to misguide those who are living. I have seen angels, and demons alike. I would much rather see angels. I do not talk about these things to people except for my children. I believe in the Bible, and it says we go to Heaven or hell. But how soon we go is an answer I have yet to find. I have this gift, if that’s what you want to call it, or a sensitivity to the other side. I don’t believe in borrowing trouble, or going to haunted sites, because you might bring something back that you will regret. People are ignorant in this field, and I am one of them. But I do know that you need to think carefully, and pray carefully for there is evil out there, and it’s waiting for someone stupid to show up. Demon possession is a real thing, children should stay away from this ghost investigation, for they are ready prey for demonic possession and oppression. Thanks for reading.

This might sound odd to the members of “taps” ghost hunters.My name is russell and I think I can see & feel ghost around me.Is this posable to do and how can I findout for sure.I like to talk to the members of taps about this and see if they can help me findout if this feeling is real or not.

russell im not from taps but i do hunt ghosts what you should do to fid out if the experience your have s true or not just ivestigae at night ask and see if anyones there if you have any questions email e t

i don’t see any phone number come on my house needs you taps i need grants or jasons call 2800144

taps i need you my kids need are 9 and 3 and gage the 3 year old has ruff time at night and he is talking at night to someone at night and the i hear is tommy and chasity is seeing faces in mirrors and is affecting her at school she had to talk to her schools cikiatrist theres a family named gorge-dad olivia-mom mandy-daughter billie-son and somone keeps pocking her at night and she has bite markes all over her legs and we have 2 dogs but one sleeps in the canel at night and one sleeps in the sun room.and the bite markes don’t even look like canine markes more like human markes and chasity already texted you guys already so plaese help

HEY grant or jason i was jw the new movie that is out PARANORMAL activity is real becauae if it isnt that producer was a really good 1 that was the scariest thing i have ever seen and cant get any sleep hardly because of it thanxs very much

how can ya investagate ghost while sitting down dont ya need to be ready for anything the accameny wach them thay sit then hear something then look and get up by then the sperit if there was a thing or something would be gone i expect the unexpected

bad experiences noted from my patients at work same images for years from many patients for yrs but worse its of a man in black a nurse in white n kids that r cold n have no jacket or adequate clothing

Members of TAPS, my son has a friend that has a child “girl” ghost that is seen on a a regular bases.She arrived when his family a bought a baby grand piano and put it in their basement. She is known to bang on the piano and on occasion move objects and put them on top of the piano. And of course… there is never anyone down stairs when this happens. What gets me is on your show it seems to be hard to get a full view picture. And I am told she is completely seen all the time ,but you can see straight through her. My sons friend is very matter of fact about it ,and does not sound bothered by it. Any advice?

Thank you I am going to pass it on for now… but I will get back to you!!! I did not mention that my son is 22 years old and so is his friend…(they are not little kids). I believe my son has said that when his friend sees this little girl (she”stands” right in front of him)He talks to her…..I will investigate a little further ..Thanks again Evelyn

Hi : I Have a problem My wife ordered the Taps paramagazing for me back on november 19th and we have never recieved any magazines or have never recieved any emails back. The phone number for paramagazing is always busy. Were starting to wonder if this is a scam and if we lost our $30 please Let me know something I cant get ahold of anyone through email of phone from Paramag. Thanks Matt

Me and my 2 friends went to a cemetery last nite. As we were walking I was takeing picture.. There is some dots or so call orbs, in 2 pics you can see a mist. I just want someone to look at them and tell me what they are… thanks

Me & my friend wanna become ghost hunters but dont know how please tell us how yall did it

hey jay grant and kris my nae is theresa and i do some ghost hunting myself tonight im going to the ladd school is it ok to go in there without permission

Hello,my name is Deridre i need your help i have activity in my home.My 11 daughter is affected as well.We see children and adults black shadows.Lights turning on and off.children running through the house.Waking my daughter at night to play.Lots and lots of noises blankets being pulled off me in bed. We hear talking, laughing im worried about my daughter.Cant sleep well at night.Hope to hear from someone that can help thank you Deridre

hey I dot know if yall have ever heared of the hunting of little texas in eldrage alabama but it is were i grow up. My moms house is the one in the story.The house was bulit when the civle war was going on they say every hollowen 4 brothers look for the mom and the headless brother. Daylight in Eldridge, Alabama is exactly equal to daytime anywhere else in the USA, but this place has a decent number of spirits. Cabinets travel about, voices coming out of no-place. Folks who have never stayed for the night in this municipality will tell you it’s superstition, but the ghosts of Eldridge are out tonight trying to locate a person to scare.

These are some of the spooky things that have happened here recently.

A man with a big hole through his torso is every so often observed at Jays Lake Dam at the stroke of midnight sniveling. Anyway, this spirit unquestionably is chilling; one that you wouldn’t want to encounter at midnight.

A man with the head of a leprechaun has purportedly been perceived on many occasions in a trailer in close proximity to Eldridge. It’s been declared that this particular ghost is probably the undead ghost of a local person who used to reside here in Eldridge.

A somewhat decomposed human corpse can from time to time be seen attempting to express something
by Allen Creek. In any case, it’s a menacing ghost that you shouldn’t go searching for.

A female burning, holding a fuel bottle was spotted surveying the scenery from the pinnacle of Seamore Mountain very late at night. The ghost didn’t seem to be anxious by the bystanders.

The ghost of a youthful air force pilot came into sight in an Eldridge area shoe store, staggering the aisles. The ghost nodded to the viewer. According to what the locals claim, this ghost is the undeceased spirit of a former Eldridge resident.

there also ghost storys of the town next to us carbon hillAt the Old Pisgah Cem. in Carbon Hill AL. a tall black figure will walk out of the woods and then turn around and walk back in the woods in the south corner of the back, you have to sit for awhile before you see.
Submitted by anonymous
Categories: cemetery, figures


While the sun is up the local residents in Carbon Hill, Alabama do their work just identical to anywhere other, but if you are easily startled, you’d better keep your distance to this town in the night time. Some of the passed away don’t want to stay underground in this municipality. A number of people who live here declare these reports are untrue, but menacing things indisputably take place here in Carbon Hill during the dark hours.

hi i was woundering if a sprit can get in your dreams and if so what can i do to help it… and i have been smelling alot of smoke around me and no one smaike in my house or friends.

my name is avry and is an old high school that everybody thinks its hunted and my friend saw a figure in the window and the blinds were moving he got so scared i dont know how to put this put he went insane about it and he was acting so weird so please come check it out it is at bangor, WI and just ask for where the old high school is my email is

dear michelle,we understand alot of orbs are dust and moisture. what do taps consider real and true orbs? we get alot of orbs in pictures.Does taps show clients orbs that they find? Is it good practice to show orbs to clients?

We moved into a old home built around 1901.I have heard my name called,walking at night on the hard wood floors,smell of perfume,Lights come on and off,Knocking 1 time on my headboard and from a closet beside my bed.My sister saw a women in the mirror in one of the bathrooms.I have taken the mirror down and there is no longer on in that bathroom.The voice was a mans voice that said myu name the person in the mirror was a women with black hair.Can you help me I do not want to move!!The house is a 3 story we do not even go to the 3rd floor.The dog will not go to the 2nd floor if we pull him up the stairs he leaves a trail of pee and and run back down.

To entire TAPS team: I need to know how to reach you by a phone number because I need your help with an investigation in my home. Please help. Thank you

i have to ask how do i get in contact with you like an email cuz i have some questions and things to tell you that i have had happen to me… so plz email me back at

Hello. I am currently working for WV Division Of Protective Services in Charleston, WV at WV State Capitol. We are 24/7 Capitol Police and Security Operation. We currently have over 400+ cameras on CCTV in Command Center. WV State Capitol is loaded with many sorrow history. My co-workers and I share similar experiences of what we call “paranormal” experiences. We provide security escorts for many individuals, because they are frightened by the sounds, eerie feelings, and witnessed apparitions. I had experienced sounds and feel like I am being followed while I am in the building or per say buildings. I have to be honest, it would take you and your team 2 days to complete the investigation, because it is located on 55 acre Complex. I believe you guys will enjoy the place. If you are interested to investigate our West Virginia’s beloved Capitol, please feel free to contact me by cellular: 304-543-4306. I will fulfill you with informations. Thank you.

my name is rebecca and i dont know if my 8 year old daughter is seeing things or not. We just moved to Ca from Montana she said time and time again that she sees something. She thinks that what ever it is has came with her from Montana. My 10 year old boy is scared as well he hears things in his room at night. As well as my 12 year old boy. my 12 year old has seen something blackish gray and is scared at night. I dont like to see my children so scared. They cry all the time my daughter will wake up in the middle of the night screaming. I will go into her room and find her in her bathroom in a ball on the floor just screaming. all of my kids sleep with the lights on. I have seen a few things but disregared it. Please help me what do I do? I have moved to another state and these things are not going away. I fear for my children. Is what they are seeing and hearing real? Please help us…

when is your halloween spl going to air? is there going to be one this year?


Hi Guys, My name is Lisa. The name posted is what you have on record although I changed my name.Back in approximately March or the spring of 2006 your team did paranormal research in our townhome at on Gadsden Ave Lancaster, CA. I was very impressed with the equipment used and the professional approach. Your team was the 2nd investigation, the 1st done by a one man-show ith only EVP equipment. You did the investigation all night with cameras, monitors, wires, EVP and many other devices and while there were some personal experiences with your team, especially in the garage area it could not be determined that there was a definite haunting. We were supposed to check the website for details of the investigation but never did. I was so freaked out that I didn’t do it. I’ve been watching your shows on SyFy and I enjoy them now that I am not invloved any longer in hauntings. I am really curious to see what the results were of our investigation. It was with my former husband myself and our two toddler sons. Can you please email me the results or send me a link to the investigation? The initial reasons for the investigation was a new camera that took a shot of a ghostly figure on our bed (which I still have that photo on my hard drive–FREAKY!)and the camera never worked again after that shot! Our doors were unlocking and opening and a cigarette butt on the ground that did a 360 right in front of me. We saw shadows and there were strong orders that came and went without reason. One of the investigators said that they believed that my ex-husband seemed to be like a a portal possibly allowing these things to come through. I left him and have had no further haunting activity since. I am really interested though in the information from back in 2006. Please help by allowing me access to the investigation. Thank you so much for your help.

I would like to become member of your team.I have had experience with spirits but not of proffessional investigation. How does one such as myself have opportunity to become member of your team and explore occurrances of the unknown thats known.
Rene’ Thomas

i saw a ghost at the REMINGTONS MANSION…EONS AGO!!!She has white hair and white victorian dress sitting in a white rocking chair white chair…taps has seen her but does not recoginze her.i can see her and photographed her.


we love to learn how to investigate ghost can you send us some ways on how to and what we need to do it .
MY wife and I would to learn to investigate these ghost and why they are here. and try help them cross over if we can .
thank you

William Nielsen

Hi I need you guys help. I took a picture of my cell phone of a house where I live at. there is a ghost in the window.

HI Taps/Ghost hunters team,
I am writing because i have a friend of mine that told me the other day strange things were happening in her mobil home here in texas, There are three children that stays in this trailer, but she was wants to know if she has to pay for any services you all provide,
she doesnt have a phone, she has been using my cell phone, please let me know if you can help by contacting me at my number 1-409-273-0873. My name is Mary my friends name is Shelly. We live in Lumberton. she wants to know if she has to pay up in front before getting you in her home. I think it should be payed attention to. My Email is

Thanks very much
Mary Gilley
Lumberton Texas

can someone on the Ghost Hunters team please give me an update on how Donna is doing

Hello everyone, Check out the house that I am currently living at with some friends. It is located in joliet, Il They have a website
the home was one time a funeral home. They have several spirits that live here with us. They have had several ghost hunter groups come here in the past. Check out the website for pictures. There is also alot of halloween stuff. They do alot for halloween. Let me know what you think after you check out the website.

my name is steven p jr cook and will be going to the prison in philly this thusday 2011/25/oct P.S I ilke the shows

whats up taps Im actually from rhode island and I got a couple of spots that may interest you

my name is tonya and my family needs your help. our house is so scary that i cant sleep anymore. we have 8 children here i’m a mom and a full time college student, i cant concentrate on living my life taking care of my kids and getting my school work done when i hear and see things day and night. im not the only one either, my boyfriend was messing around one night after being woke up by something and started recording himself talking to the “ghost” and when he started playing back the recording we heard a deep mans voice on it saying very volitile things. im terrified in my own home but i love this house too much to move and in our area its the only house big enough to hold all of us we dont want to move, please help us.

guys you are all fantastic mi name is Orazio from Sicily, but I’m in love with cris, she is so sweet

dear taps
my name is matthew tackett, me and my friends (robert bertholf and fience’ nakesha artis) all love your show.we think you rock. we are watching your marathon on on the scifi channel. we find it interesting upon how you do your investigations everywhere you go. we live in dayton OH. where we believe that our apt building may be haunted. i am an impartial or medium who in certain places are able to feel spirits in my building and othere places. my fience’ thinks its weird. rob think ghosts are cool/fun. again you rock.
matthew tackett

hey whats up… im rob and i just wanna say that i think what you guys are doing is very cool and respectable. i think what you do is right on with what gose on out in the real world. i know that some of the places i lived is haunted including where i live now. but dont stop what your doing. keep going on with everything you do. rob

hi my name is kylie, i live in warren michigan. and i think ive watched ur show a few times. but i recently have found that alot of strange things have been going on around in our house, things like cold breezes that come out of noo where that give me the chills. im quite a night person soo i stay up pretty late and some times ill see things out of the corner of my eye but i didnt really think much of it. but one night i was sleeping and woke up and i tryed screaming but icouldnt breathe i went to reach the light but i couldnt get up enough strenth to turn the light on but i seen a dark figure standing right beside my bed it wispered somthing to me but i couldnt make up what it said. not even a month later i went to fall asleep and i seen somthing in the hall way that i didnt remember putting there soo i go up and turned on the light and i seen a person it was full figure staring at the wall buy the door and it turned at looked right at me, it made like a weird noise i couldnt really explain, but i can remeber it like it was yesterday and its still scareing me alot. please reply!

i would just like to know if you guys would do a live episode with wwe superstars KANE and The UNDERTAKER?

i am a regular watcher of ghosthunters in england (great program )
i have had what i call a paranormal expirence ,i take a lot of photos in my area of nature ,and the other night i was taking pics
of a wonderful sunset from me back garden in christchurch dorset
i was not using a flash and there was no other lights in focus ,when a large orb appeared in my view and through the lens i took 6 pictures of it and zoomed in each frame i would like to send these pics to you but cant find an email address for ghosthunters can you give me one please so your experts can look at them they are fantastic pic david woolcombe in uk

TAPS i need your help desperately. My room may be haunted by a little girl spirit. It happened 10:30 pm on Jan-29-12 and i was in my bed because could not go to sleep. all of a sudden i here a indescribable voice that sounded like a little girl mumbling. I was so freaked out i hopped out of my bed and ran to the hall way. the house was abandoned for 5 years and now we live in this house.It happened again today at 7:30 pm. I just told my guardian because my mom is deployed to Afghanistan.They said i would be fine but i’m so scared right now. Yesterday i thought it was just the figment of my ten year old imagination…. so i did not tell any on please help me!!!
So Freaked Out,
Paige Miller

I’m trying to get in touch with tap team from the ghost hunter. my son and his girl freind and his .son and her son. has experience ghost in there home 860-329-5542 I would like to talk to one of the ghost hunter from the tap team please call . Thank you.

I’m having a hard time with my daughter and was wondering if maybe you can point me in the right direction.We just moved in this house 2 years ago,its big and old built in 1924.
Ever since we moved in we hear noises, foot steps in the attic, lights flickering, cold spots but last week my daughter was comming up the stairs and at the top there’s a mirror, when she looked into it standing behind her she said the was a figure of a lady with dark strait hair but no facial features.when she turned around there was nothing there.
This has freaked her out so bad that she will not go upstairs alone, has not slept in her own bed and says she doesn’t want to live here anymore. I just know what to do buy tring to reasure her that there’s nothing to worry about.

Sorry my last commet was cut off. I just really could use some advice
I would appriciate anything you could do for us.
Thanks for listening.
Rikk Atkinson, Westland MI. 734-812-3544

Hi my name is Esmeralda. I really need your help my sister lives in texas and there has been shadow voices footstep in her home. were very concern for her 8 year old son that has been saying he heard his name called and has seen a man on his room his been telling my sister all this weird stuff since the age of 4. but know his really freeking out.people that has slept in her home. has made coments of hearing stuff and seeing shadow. and are afraid of sleeping there. we have not made coment to anyone but yea the do tell us what we already know. please help us!!

Hello Taps Team, first off thank you for bringing all your knowledge and great adventures to people like my self that can’t get enough of the show. Where can i send you-all my resume in the hopes of joining your team. I would be asset to the team. Thank you for your time. Barbara L Rogers of Happy Valley Oregon.

+ love watching Ghost Hunters I find it very interesting, I have had my paranormal experiences and that is why I am fascinated with what T.A.P.S does during their investigations and I also liked watching G.H.International as well. Jean Smith

I’d like for TAP to come and investigate my mother’s house…. I’m notable professional or nothing but I can sit down stairs and you can hear foot step upstairs and things drop but there ain’t nothing up in the room that the sounds r coming from

Hi T.A.P.S, our house is a very old house, built in the mid-to-late 1800’s. Doors will slam shut and open then slam shut again. My sisters and i find it very hard to sleep upstairs where most of this activity is happening. Also, “Someone” running up and down the stairs is a big one. I personally have had an experience where i will wake up and find my lamp knocked over, chair will be folded up laying on the other side of the room, things on the dresser will be knocked off laying by my bed, and my blankets will be thrown off of me and my bed. Actually, about a month ago the cat got locked in one of the rooms upstairs. i woke up about 6am and heard “my dad” walking up the stairs slamming all the doors shut. He never wakes up at this time so i found this very unusual. i open my door (i sleep with it closed out of fear for this very reason) and find the door to our storage room opening a good 3/4 of the way and then slamming shut. What i thought had been my dad slamming the doors closed had been going on for about 1minute. So altogether about 2minutes. I was the only one up there at the time. No windows were open, no air conditioners were on and its hard to shut the doors with our carpet. On April 14 i had my birthday Party, My friend looked at me and said ” Chey, when i was walking down the stairs the door closest to me opened alittle.. i didnt think anything of it but look at the door now..” It was closed and no one had been up there. She asked me what the room was and i told her it was for storage. She walked over to open it and it wouldnt budge, the handle wouldnt even move. About 5minutes later she walks over and turns the knob, opens right up.. we tell my sister and her friends what had happened ( her room is the closest to the storage room) As we are standing outside of her room she says “whatever. you are just trying to scare us. Stop!” i tried to explain but i was distracted by the door that was opening by itself right in front of us. We have woken up with scratches that we don’t remember too. My grandfather has been in that room to work on our computer before it became our storage room and has felt someone watching him. A couple years ago My sister and her friend had done a seance to try and contact her grandmother but instead had both thought ” Boy, 7years old, Sam” Back when our house was built, the children had smaller doors for their rooms. The storage room is the smaller room with a smaller door. Was this “Sam’s” room? Apparently there was a maid that lived in our attic. It has a tall thin door. Maids had different doors than the family to show the family more respect. Is the maid doing these things to my room? We are so scared that we cant sleep upstairs anymore. We need your help because this is happening consistently. My friends wont come back over because they are afraid of our house. Please help us. We would like our house back. We don’t trust whats in this house.. Thank you.

daniel downey79@

We have been co habitating with three entities for the past 20 years. They don’t bother us but can sometimes be annoying with turning off the tv s,stereos, etc. one is a boy around 6 yrs. old, an 18 yr old female from the 1900 s. my son saw her and communicated with her, and a 30 to 40 yr. old man. both the man boy are wearing overalls, but none of them are related. The males are from around
the 1920 to 1930 era. I would like to know more about them but do not want them to leave or bother them. It started with hearing a white sound in the corner of the living room, which can only be described as hearing someone else’s radio playing at a long distance away. You know what it is, but can not understand the words. The cats and all the members of the family have seen something shoot through a room. You see something out of the corner of your eye and you look in that direction. In the past 5 years, they have been playing with my husband and playing with the closet door in the foyer. He makes it a point to close it securely, but within 5 minutes, it is open. He was a non believer until the past 5 years ago. We live in a historic area, and it was very active here during the Revolutionary and civil wars. We do not want any notoriety or to upset them, just some answers.

I live in Fairbanks Alaska and I have visited one of the gold dredges that is a sitting duck. I believe in spirits and I have the feeling of being followed and watched. it is said that men have lived there and fought and even killed each other. I would like to know if this place is haunted.

plz call me as soon as you can i have i question number- 14794272823 not durring the hours of 7am to 4pm

My name is Alexis, I do work with foreclosure homes. We have one home in Ft. Myers, fl that has major activity. nothing negative right as of yet but would like to have your input on the situation. Figured it would be a nice change of scenery. Thank you for your time.

Hi my name is Marissa Brewer. I live in Spokane Valley WA. I heard ghost and spirits of my grandma and she passed away Feb 6 2011. I feel like she was pulling my hair and tickling my feet all the time.

Jillyane and payge: we need you guys to come down toi oakley mi we have a badly spirited house. you can feel the activity right when you walk on the drive.and this is not our house but we drop by trying to see whats wrong. there are people buried in the woods next to th house, 2 old people killed themselves in the house, and 2 little kids died at the house one of a balacony an one drown, a dog also died. you can here knocking, talking, ticks, and barking.the house is locked but you should get all the activity in the yard. were hoping you can get rid of the spirirts so the house can be sold. there is a cemetery next door, so i dont know if that is half of the problem we just need some help. contact 9893237192 or

I need your help!

There have been a lot of strange things going on. Doors are shutting when my kids arent home. tv is turning off and on. some times I can here talking. please come and help! And we are probably going to move becuz its so bad. my 9 year old wakes up in the middle of the night crying. she had a huge claw mark on her back. please come help. I cant afford another house. please come and help. my twelve year old is going crazy. she sits on her bed at night crying and shaking. she wont even look in a mirror or she will run and say that she needs help. I know that this isnt puberty becuz im a girl and that didnt happen to me. please come and help us. we are freaking out. we have been turned down by many people and we had a priest in my house. he said there are negative forces in my house. please im crying as I write this. I need your help.

Have donna or Jason call me at 8643059924

hey T.A.P.S my name is Daniel and i’m 15 year old and my house 100 year old and i cant sleep my bedroom and i seen my Uncle ghost and i see i’m wan i’m sleeping my Uncle name is David Seabolt

I may have something interesting for TAPS to investigate. I just picked up my 20 yr old son from job corp in White Swan, Washinton. On the drive home, he mentioned to me all calm that the Job Corp is on an Indian burial site. i had to ask if he’s seen anything. And he told me that after watching a movie in another kid’s dorm, he had a burning sensation on his shoulder blade. He took off his shirt and there were scratch marks, or like a burn in the shape of a v sort of. We have a pic of it. A lot of other kids have had some sort of physical experience similar or worse than this. Others have just had sightings, and some have had both. Might be fun to check out.

Hello TAPS, I need your help ASAP…. I am from the small town of Andrews, South Carolina. My aunt bought this older house along with her husband and two kids and they did not know that in may 25, 1941 a girl with the last name Camlin was drowned along with her friend in black river right across from the camlin girls home… But my aunt captured a picture on her phone of her son with a face beside him in the background that looks pretty scary… And upstairs the lil girl and boy have separate rooms. each room has this small lil door with a light in it and they complain about it opening and closing and the light coming off. my aunt has seen the spirit in all white behind when she was alone upstairs one day…. And she got to speak with one of the camlin family members and they said the girl drowned in a white dress…… And now my aunts new car unlocks and locks on its on, her new phone randomly dies and beeps at random times too for no reason at all… Ever since she took that picture and we need your help ASAP to help us out because my aunt and her kids are scared. I want you to come and investigate it ASAP if possible. Call me 843-325-0923

I have recently moved into my father in laws house and we have several pictures with unexplained things in them. we hear things and feel things all the time. our dog will not stay in the kitchen alone. he runs out really fast. sometimes even if we are in there… Would love someone to come verify that we aren’t crazy 🙂

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