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TAPS Ghost Hunters – Proving the Skeptics Wrong?

TAPS Ghost Hunters is one of the most popular paranormal research groups. TAPS is shorthand for The Atlantic Paranormal Society.

Its mission? To investigate paranormal activity including ghosts, poltergeists, EVP, residual hauntings, and other unexplained activity.

Sound far fetched?

Not at all.

Investigating the paranormal is totally natural to the TAPS team. So, what do these ghost hunters do, exactly? TAPS gathers scientific evidence using electronic equipment, and then determines whether a particular location is truly haunted.

TAPS Ghost Hunters

TAPS Ghost Hunters Paranormal Investigation

TAPS Ghost Hunters first became popular in 2004, when the founders, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, were featured on the Sci-Fi Channel in a TV show called “Ghost Hunters.” Since then, TAPS Ghost Hunters has attracted thousands of followers and admirers. Due to the show, interest in ghost hunting and the paranormal has exploded.

TAPS Ghost Hunters – Investigating the World’s Most Haunted Places

TAPS Ghost Hunters has investigated some of the most haunted places in the world, including The Stanley Hotel (featured in Stephen King’s famous novel, The Shining), The Bird Cage Theatre, Shawshank Prison, The U.S.S. Lexington, Eastern State Penitentiary, Race Rock Lighthouse, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and numerous private homes.

Skeptics argue that ghosts do not exist and that all paranormal activity can be explained scientifically. However, TAPS has proven otherwise. TAPS has gathered scientific evidence of the paranormal, and the TV show has helped bring ghost hunting into the mainstream.

Thousands of viewers tune into Sci-Fi Channel each week to watch the TAPS team interact with the paranormal. TAPS proves (or disproves) a haunting using scientific research tools so that paranormal activity can be captured, analyzed, and better understood. The TAPS Ghost Hunters TV show is helping people to understand how ghosts interact with the physical world, and why they exist.

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